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May I Come in Madam 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju and Khiloni fooling Kashmira. Dadi comes and scolds them. Sanju goes to office and sees Sanjana crying. He consoles her and sings Kuch to log kahenge…… he dances with money and money falls down the balcony. His imagination ends. He gives her 5000rs and says throw this on his face. She says he is my friend, don’t say this. She gets her friend’s call and says I arranged 5000rs, give my pics, no, this is cheating, I will not talk to you.

Sanju says you tell him you forgot everything and asks him to forget. She says no, I remember everything, how could I do this mistake, how did I go close to him. He says forget this, what happened that night, I mean you don’t remember, maybe nothing happened. She asks do you want me to give details. He says no. She

gives money back and says I will die. He says end this matter. She says he said he wants more 3000rs. He says this blackmailer is characterless. She praises her friend.

He asks her to keep money, I will get 3000rs, I will arrange somehow. He goes. Its night, Sanju is angry on that man who went on picnic with Sanjana, why did she go with him, she does not go anywhere with me, now she is trapped, she is asking money from me, Kashmira has debit card and cheque book, how to get money. He gets some money from Kashmira’s purse and hides in his bag. Kashmira wakes up and shouts thief. Bhupesh catches Sanju and beats him. Sanju gets away in darkness, and then comes back. He lies that he could not control the thief. Bhupesh says that thief has bitten me. Mummy asks Sanju why did he not save Bhupesh. Sanju lies and says leave it now. Kashmira says you don’t value money, I get discount from milkman and veg vendor, not for thief. He says sorry, next time I will catch thief. Mummy says we will file police report. Sanju asks why. Bhupesh says we will get peace when police beats him. Sanju asks why are you doing this for 3000rs. Kashmira asks how do you know.

Sanju says when I have caught thief, he told me to slap three times for each thousand, as he took just 3000. He goes. Bhupesh says I think I think thief is Sanju’s relative. Kashmira slaps him.

Sanju goes office. Sanjana asks him to come fast and give money, are you hurt. He says my eye got hurt. She asks how did this happen. He says two goons were teasing a girl, so I went to save the girl, goons has hit my eye. She says how brave, come here. He thinks madam will blow in my eyes. He walks to her. She hits on other eye and says you look like my kungfu panda now. His imagination ends. She says that’s brave of you, if you were not married, I would have made my driver’s daughter marry you. He gives 3000rs and asks him not to think anything now. She says I want to forget but that night was so…. He says end this now. She gets call and says what, you want more money, don’t do this. She says he wants more money, its getting too much, I can’t take this anymore. He asks her not to commit suicide, cowards do this. She says he is asking for more 1000rs, I can’t trouble you. He says I will be glad if I m useful for you, I will arrange it, don’t worry. She thanks him. He thinks how to get 1000rs.

Sanju as thief follows Bhupesh and stops him, asking him to give money. Bhupesh gives all useless things. Sanju asks for 1000rs. Bhupesh says I have just 250rs. Sanju says I will shoot you. Sanjana calls Sanju and asks did he arrange. Sanju says yes, I m taking money from ATM. Bhupesh says I think I heard your voice. Sanju says I have looted chocolate from you 5 years ago.

Bhupesh says wait, and gives him 800rs. Sanju asks for more money. Bhupesh gives money. Sanju says good. Sanjana calls him and asks did he arrange. Sanju says yes, atm got stuck wait. Bhupesh beats Sanju and holds him. Sanju pushes him and runs away. Bhupesh goes home and tells about the thief. Sanju comes home and says he is lying about thief. Kashmira tells Sanju that a goon has looted Bhupesh. Mummy curses Sanju. Sanju says stop it, maybe he was helpless. Kashmira asks why is he taking thief’s side. Sanju asks why to curse for some money. Bhupesh says I lost 10000rs. Sanju says you are making 1000rs as 10000rs. They all look at Sanju.

Mummy asks Sanju how does he know about 1000rs. Sanju says I guessed. Bhupesh asks how. Sanju says I can say that seeing your face. Bhupesh jokes on him. Kashmira says call police. Sanju stops Bhupesh. Bhupesh says we will get 10000rs. Sanaju says this is cheating. Sanju says Kashmira give him 1000rs and end this matter. Bhupesh says I will not get loss, as I lost 1000rs and was getting 10000rs. Sanju agrees to give him 5000rs and gets angry.

Sanju asks Sanjana not to say this, and gives more money. She says this blackmailing won’t end, I have to marry my friend to end this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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