May I Come in Madam 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana saying I m missing Sanju, but I lose to myself, Sanju had come, I kicked him out angrily. Sanju comes and threatens her to hire him back, else he will die. She says I will shoot you. He says I will die. She asks him to die, but he will not hire him again. She scolds him. He cries. Her inner self asks Sanjana to keep Sanju back on job, he is your fav toy. Sanjana says he has pinched my ego. Her inner self says its me, you call him, I m fine. Sanjana calls Sanju. She hires him back and asks him to stop crying. Sanju gets glad. She says it was a king hearted moment.

Sanjana comes office. Sanju follows her. He compliments her. She says I m dying by tension. He asks whats the matter. They get inside lift. Sanjana says Bua ji is getting a guy, and believes

he is best life partner for me. Sanju says no. Liftman cries. Sanjana asks what do you mean. He says you are my boss, refuse to her. Sanjana says I can’t say a word to her, I don’t want to do arrange marriage, I want to fall madly in love. He says I m trying to get some ideas. She goes. Liftman cries. Sanju scolds him.

Kashmira and mummy find the girl for Bhupesh. Sanju comes and asks whats happening. Kashmira says I m finding a girl for Bhupesh. Sanju says anyone mad will marry him. Bhupesh comes and hugs Sanju. Sanju says who will marry him, see his face. Sanjana and Chedi come. Sanjana says I will do. Sanju asks what. Sanjana says this is best idea to get rid of Bua ji, I will say I m married, Bua will go after 2 days. Sanju says no, idea is good, but guy is wrong. Sanjana says Bua knows you are married. Bhupesh says you can take me. She asks him to pack bags.

Sanjana asks Bhupesh to hurry up. Bhupesh rushes. Mummy dances. Mummy and Chedi flirt. Bua comes home. Sanjana hugs her. Sanjana surprises Bua by getting Bhupesh. Bua asks who is he, servant. Sanjana says no, my husband. Chedi praises him. Bua beats Bhupesh and gets angry. She asks when did marriage happen. Sanjana makes story.

Kashmira comes to Sanju. He is worried as Bhupesh is with Sanjana. She says Sanjana is not a kid. He says thats the problem. Bhupesh takes juice for Sanjana and spikes it. She says no thanks. He says then how will my plan work to make your face glow. She says sure. I want glow, I will drink this juice. She drinks juice and gets dizzy. Bhupesh says bird got trapped. She shouts for help and calls Sanju. Sanju comes there and beats up Bhupesh asking him to leave madam. His imagination ends. Kashmira shouts on Sanju and says I feel my house can get ruined. He says its time to save madam. He goes to Sanjana’s house and enters by washroom window. Bua catches him and beats. He says its me. She asks why did you come this way. He says I came to meet you, I respect you, bad thing is happening. Bhupesh is with Sanjana in room. She says he is her husband.

Sanju says if son in law stays here, what will he be called, he has become ghar jamai. She says he is just here for one night, why did you come. He says I m bearing him since years, I m your well wisher, Bhupesh is bad. She asks what to do. He says send them back to my house, I will manage, my name should not come. She agrees. He asks shall I go by main gate. She slaps him and asks him to get out same way.

Bhupesh sings and dances with Sanjana. Sanju tries to hear them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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