May I Come in Madam 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju talking to Kashmira on phone. He asks Kashmira not to trust Bhupesh. Sanju jokes on mummy. Kashmira gets annoyed and goes. Khiloni wishes all the best to Sanju. Sanju and Khiloni go to zoo. Khiloni says its dangerous gorilla and gets scared. Sanju and Khiloni go in gorilla’s cell. Sanju takes the book from gorilla and says its really good and calm gorilla. Gorilla beats both of them. Sanju and Khilni run out from the window. Gorilla also runs out with Sanju’s hoe.. Sanju tries to get the shoe and looks at Khiloni.

Sanju comes home, wearing just one shoe. Sanju says it feels great that family waits for a man who comes tired from office. Kashmira asks about his shoe. He lies and tells some story, taunting on Bhupesh. Mummy argues with Sanju. Kashmira asks

how did you get hurt. Bhupesh calls Sanju a devil. Kashmira asks Sanju to answer. Sanju says I will say, why to tell private things infront of them, you can punish me alone. He sends mummy and Bhupesh.

Sanju sits to hypnotize Kashmira. She looks in his eyes. He says sink in my eyes. He says I was not stuck with Sanjana in lift, Bhupesh is lying. He goes to romance Kashmira. Someone rings the bell. Sanju goes to see. He sees Sanjana and rushes to Kashmira, saying I have surprise for you, sit and look in my eyes. She says I know your eyes are beautiful. He says just look into my eyes, you will feel true whatever I tell you.

He says Sanjana does not exist for you, she can’t see, hear or feel Sanjana. She nods. He goes out and locks mummy and Bhupesh. He opens the main door. Sanjana asks why did you shut door seeing me. He says I was tired, I m sleepy. She says come, I will give you a nice massage. He says no need. She says its hot here, we will go to your bedroom. She greets Kashmira. Kashmira does not see her. Sanju says Kashmira is sleeping, she works in sleep. Sanjana romances with him. She says I have just come. Sanju asks her to go, its late. She says yes, its late, why did I not meet you again. Sanjana dances on Raat akeli hai……… Sanjana tries to send her. He hugs Sanjana and sends her. He locks the door and gets relieved.

Its morning, Sanju waits for the lift. He greets boss. Boss says I m trying to forget lift incident. Sanju says me too. Boss jokes on Sanju about the mark on his neck. Sanju says even humans are animals. Boss tells about a man getting in gorilla’s cage and made gorilla run. Sanju says how disgusting. Sanjana comes there running and hugs Sanju. Boss gets angry. Sanjana asks her dad to go by stairs, and stares at liftman. Liftman and boss stand outside. Sanjana and Sanju go inside the lift. Boss slaps liftman. Everyone come there and wait for lift.

Sanju talks to Khiloni on phone and says I have to de-hypnotize Sanjana. Khiloni says it can all go wrong. Sanju scolds him. Boss comes and shouts Sanju…. Boss says you are fired, you have trapped my innocent daughter, I have to cut your feathers, go home. Sanju says I have to do something and de hypnotize madam. He goes to Sanjana and asks her to see him with lovely eyes for the last time, then…. Boss is there and asks what after then, I m your boss, you were my employee, I have sent Sanjana home. He asks Sanju to leave, send your mum in law to collect your salary cheque. Sanju says listen to me… Boss says I have seen a lot, this is my last decision. Sanju says look into my eyes. Boss looks in his eyes.

Kashmira asks did Sanjana come yesterday. Sanju asks who. Bhupesh says your madam. Sanjana comes there dancing. Sanju gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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