May I Come in Madam 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira asking Sanjana to help her, Sanju has become dog and barked all night. Sanjana says we will do something, come. Sanju scares Bhupesh. Sanjana reminds Sanju that he is human. Sanju says yes, now I just think I m dog, let me be as dog. Kashmira asks Sanjana to explain Sanju. Sanjana asks Sanju to give that ball, now catch it. He goes and fetches the ball. Sanjana says I don’t know what to do Kashmira, take Sanju home, and get this dog out and kill it, just you can do this. Kashmira asks how. Sanjana says I leave this on you, handle it. Kashmira says I won’t let Sanju become dog and takes him.

At night, Kashmira puts tape on Sanju’s mouth. Sanju goes and ties mummy in his place. Kashmira asks where is Sanju. Mummy says I don’t know, I was sleeping,

then I felt like Sanjana’s dad was waking me, then I don’t know how I reached here. Sanju goes to Sanjana’s house at 6am. Boss asks Sanjana to come for walk. Boss thinks milkman came and thinks to get two litres for rabdi today. Sanju greets Sanjana and says I was missing you, I will come with you on jogging. Boss asks him to leave. Sanju argues and runs to bite him. Sanjana says leave Papa. A man comes and injects Sanju. He says I got many complaints of him, I came to catch him. Sanjana says he is human, not a dog, he is not going anywhere. The man leaves.

Sanjana calls Kashmira and informs her. Sanjana drops Sanju home. Bhupesh asks did Sanju die. Kashmira slaps him and asks him to shut up. Sanjana says he got strong injection and fainted. Mummy says I wish the dog in him dies. Kashmira says yes. Sanjana says be positive, he will be fine. Bhupesh says I will call dog catchers. Kashmira slaps him.

Sanju wakes up. Kashmira asks how is he feeling. Sanju says I m feeling like human now. Kashmira says you got fine. Sanjana says congrats, he has become human. Manohar calls Sanjana and asks her to make company staff as donkeys, as donkey is loyal and simple. She says fine and smiles seeing Sanju. Sanju gets shocked.

Its morning, Sanjana comes to office. Sanju smiles seeing her. He compliments her hair. She says I can see whats going on in your heart. He says no, I m not thinking dirty. She jokes. A man comes and Sanju scolds him. The man says madam has hit him, why are you defending her, are you her brother. Sanju gets angry. The man asks are you her BF. Sanju calms down. The man says I will complaint in police. Sanju gives him money to buy new cycle and sends him. Sanjana says you gave him money. Sanju says yes, I can’t see anyone misbehaving with you, I can spend much money for you, I m saying truth, you can test me. She thinks he is boasting a lot, I will see him.

She cries and he asks whats the matter. She says I did a big mistake, its embarrassing. He says you can’t do this. She says I was drunk. He asks what happened. She says someone shot my pics and asking for money. He asks her to tell truth. She tells about some stormy night, me and my friends were on picnic, it was raining, I was afraid and went close to him. He asks who. She asks how does this matter, I don’t remember what happened then, but it should have not happened. He says oh God and drinks water. She asks are you okay. He says yes. She says I m not okay, now he is blackmailing me for money, how will I give money, if I take money from company, Papa will know. He says you should have not done this, fine I will pay money. She says that man needs 5000rs. He says I will get it. She says don’t tell this to anyone, else I will lose my name. He says don’t worry, I will solve this problem. She says thanks, you are a nice man. He hits the table and gets angry.

Sanju goes home and asks Kashmira for ATM card or cheque book. She asks why, whom do you want to gift. He says no girl, I have to give money to Khiloni. She asks why. He says his uncle is ill, his kidney failed, he needs 5000rs. She says sorry, you should help your friend. She gives his ATM card. He says I will just come. Khiloni comes smiling. Sanju signs him. Khiloni asks what, and greets Kashmira. He asks Sanju why did he not come to drink today. She asks will you drink in this state. Sanju says he will forget sorrow by drinking. She says I don’t see sorrow on his face.

Khiloni looks at Sanju. Sanju says he wants to win over his happiness. Khiloni asks what sorrow. Sanju signs about his uncle in hospital. Khiloni nods and cries, saying my uncle is in hospital. She asks what happened to him. Sanju signs Khiloni. Khiloni says he met with accident. She says but Sanju said he has kidney problem. Khiloni says its kidney’s accident and makes a story. He cries. Sanju says enough, why did you ask him Kashmira. She says we should see uncle in hospital. Sanju gets worried.

Sanju sings Kuch to log kahenge…. And wipes her tears. The money falls down balcony while he dances.

Update Credit to: Amena

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