May I Come in Madam 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Kashmira how did you come here. She says we can’t be friends, I was seeing what will you do, you are gone today. He says this is cheating. She says Sanjana was with me to expose you, how did you think Sanjana will date you. He says this is cheating. Sanjana asks were you doing good thing. He says I was playing game, when romances ends between husband and wife, such game is played to make wife jealous, I did all this drama so that she loves me again. Sanjana asks are you saying truth. He asks when did I lie till date, I always say truth, I never lie, I don’t think about anyone else, Kashmira has hurt me, its fine, I m going, don’t stop me now. He goes. Kashmira runs after him.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana. He does not see her. She asks

won’t you look at my side. He says you cheated me. She says you cheated me to lie about fake romancing. He says it was true. She says I applied new lipstick today. He sees her and says its old one. She says caught you, you know my lipstick shades, how to believe you went on fake dates. He says you will call Kashmira and tell her, she will beat me. She says it was not my mistake, let me explain, I was genuinely dating you. He says you helped Kashmira. She says Kashmira involved me in her plan. He says it means we are still dating, whats the plan. She says I want you to concentrate on work, I wanted to experience to date unusual man, I got what I wanted, now I want you to go and work. He gets sad. She says you are not that bad. He smiles and goes.

Pandit checks kundli. Kashmira asks where is problem in kundli, Sanju’s prosperity is nowhere. Pandit says till new member does not come, prosperity will be stopped, if there is a child, then good fate will come. Mummy jokes. Kashmira asks what shall I do. He says coming two days are auspicious, stay close to your husband. Sanju comes and says pandit ji has come today. Kashmira tells Sanju what pandit said. Sanju says I also want a heir in this house, else mummy and Bhupesh will take everything, get breakfast and kesar milk too. Pandit asks for dakshina. Mummy gives him money. Pandit says I will call on shubh mahurat and goes. Kashmira gets shy seeing Sanju.

Sanju gets a call from someone. The man says I m your Bobby uncle. Sanju says you thought of me after long time, I always missed you when I saw a bear. Bobby laughs. He tells about his business. Sanju says you would have got rich.

Bobby asks how is my bahu. Sanju says she is good. Bobby asks is she educated. Sanju says yes, she has many degrees. Bobby says great, you made my heart happy, you know we don’t have any educated women in family. Bobby says I will give you 3 crores, I will come home to meet bahu for some hours, you send my address. Sanju agrees. He tells Kashmira that his uncle is coming, he taught me in childhood, his dream was my wife to be educated, I lied that my wife is highly educated. She asks how did you lie. He asks do you have 7th class result, Bobby uncle is coming to meet you tomorrow. She worries.

Sanju goes to Sanjana and sees her meditating. He asks will you become my wife. She asks have you lost your mind. He says I did not mean that, my uncle is coming, he called me, he said he is going to give me 3 crores, his wish was I marry a highly educated girl, I lied to him, Kashmira does not look educated, uncle will go in an hour, will you act to be my fake wife, please, don’t refuse, its matter of 3 crores. She says no, I m not going to do that. He says fine, you forgot when your Bua came, I became your BF and helped you. He counts his favors and begs her to help him. She agrees.

Sanju thanks Sanjana for the favor. Kashmira asks why are you troubling Sanjana, why did you lie to uncle. Sanju asks her not to use mind, its matter of 3 crores. Mummy says I think its fraud, no one is rich in Sanju’s family. Sanju says he is really rich. Sanjana asks where is your uncle. Bobby uncle comes home. Sanju opens the door. Kashmira, mummy hide. Bobby hugs Sanju. He sees Sanjana and says this is my bahu. Sanjana greets him and tells her name. Bobby says Sanju told Kashmira in phone. Sanju worries.

Sanju and Kashmira romance. Bobby uncle knocks the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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