May I Come in Madam 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju getting scolded by his inner conscience. Sanju feels bad and agrees that Kashmira is true support. His inner self asks him to leave the job and value Kashmira. Sanjana watches the movie in her cabin. Sanju comes and sees the movie playing. Sanjana asks him to come and watch movie. She says I m sorry to leave you midway yesterday. He says I have come to leave job midway. I m leaving this job. She gets shocked and stops the movie.

She says I left you midway, so you want to leave job. He says there is no reason. She says okay, then my heart says I will accept your resignation. He gives her. Chedi gets coffee. Sanjana says Sanju resigned. Chedi asks what. She says yes, I accepted it. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. He asks whats the matter. She asks

him not to ask. Chedi says Sanju is old employee, how can he go. Sanjana says many like him come office. She gets angry. Sanju says I m leaving the job and going. She says hello, you are not leaving, I m throwing you out, don’t pass by our lane. He says its common way. She says I don’t want to see you. He agrees. She deletes his number from her phone and asks him to delete her number. She asks Chedi not to get between this. She says ask Bhupesh not to wear your shirt, get out. Sanju goes. Chedi says I will keep coming your home. Sanju says I will send mum in law to your home and goes. Chedi asks Sanjana why did you insult him. She says he insulted me by resigning. Chedi goes.

Sanju comes home happily. He jokes on mummy. He tells Kashmira that he has come to her forever. Mummy asks him to say clearly. Kashmira asks what do you mean. He says I left job. Mummy says we will die hungry. Sanju says I love Kashmira a lot. She asks why did you leave job. He says boss was a girl, so I left job, I did not wish to get trapped by any girl. Kashmira gets glad.

Mummy asks Sanju what will he do now. Sanju says I will find new job where boss is man. He flirts with Kashmira. Chedi asks Sanjana to come and have dinner. She comes angrily. She says I m not hungry, my mood is off. She says how can Sanju resign, I want to beat him. He stops her. She asks what shall I do, I always treated him like family. She gets mad.

Sanju goes to drink with Khiloni. His inner self says I was wrong to give you advice to leave job. Khiloni sees Sanju talking to himself and gets worried. Sanju says I left my job and lost madam. Its morning, Sanjana says why am I missing Sanju. Sanju comes. She gets glad. She acts annoyed. He apologizes for resigning. She asks him to go away. She scolds him. Chedi comes. She asks Chedi to kick out Sanju. Sanju argues. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. He makes Sanju leave. Sanjana gets angry.

Mummy does shayari. Sanju comes. Mummy taunts him. He asks her to do something, talk to Chedi for my job. She says no, I can’t. He requests her. Kashmira comes. He says I m telling mummy to talk to Chedi. She asks why. He says yes, I will leave this job when I get new job. Kashmira asks mummy to talk to Chedi. Mummy agrees and calls Chedi. She does shayari. Sanju says she is romancing. Kashmira asks mummy to talk of work. Mummy asks Chedi to keep Sanju on job. Chedi says I can even give life, but I m helpless, Sanjana has all rights of company, she is stubborn. Mummy says it means you won’t keep Sanju on job. He apologizes. She says its fine. Sanju says nothing can happen and goes.

Sanju drinks with Khiloni. He scolds the mirror and sees his inner self. His inner self asks him to blackmail Sanjana and get job back. Khiloni looks on.

Sanjana says Bua ji is getting a guy, she thinks he is my best life partner. Kashmira says I m seeing girls for Bhupesh. Sanjana says I will do drama that I married Bhupesh and Bua ji will leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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