May I Come in Madam 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baba meeting Sanju. He says I know you want your madam to dance on your fingers, its my work to help you. He gives a magical doll and asks him to cut madam’s hair and put in it, then after 3-4 days, she will do as you want. Sanju says if this happens, I will be indebted to you. Baba asks for 10000rs. Sanju looks at the doll and Khiloni.

Sanju goes home. He sleeps. Kashmira, mummy and Bhupesh try to apply that lemon on his forehead and make him drink mantra water. Sanju wakes up and gets shocked seeing them. He asks what are they doing. Kashmira says you were murmuring in sleep, so I got scared and called mummy and Bhupesh here. Sanju asks them to let him sleep.

Its morning, Bhupesh thinks to make Sanju drink this mantra water. Sanju says this is not

field that you got this vessel. Bhupesh says its for drinking. Sanju says you could have got bottle. Sanjana comes and Sanju says Bhupesh got lizard in this. Sanjana says I will fire Bhupesh if gets in lift with lizard. Bhupesh says you will burn me. Sanju says she will remove you from your job. They get inside lift. Bhupesh gets angry and says I will make Sanju drink this water.

Sanjana asks what type of guy is this Bhupesh. Sanju says I could not know till now. He gets scissor and imagines Sanjana cutting his shirt by it. He looks at her shocked. His fantasy ends. She goes from the lift. He says I lost good chance.

Sanju sits working. Bhupesh comes and they argue. Sanjana comes and tells Sanju that he is in this office for few days. Sanju recalls the baba’s words and goes to cut her hair. Bhupesh looks on and comes to cut lemon on Sanju’s forehead. Boss comes there and asks Bhupesh what is he doing in Sanju’s hair. Bhupesh says Sanju’s hair has dandruff, so I was cutting lemon. Boss says even my hair has dandruff. Sanjana asks them to get files and goes. Boss asks Bhupesh to get lemon and wait for him. He asks Sanju why was he cutting Sanjana’s hair.

Sanju says her hair is silky that’s why. Boss asks do you think she is your wife. Sanju says no, how can this be. Boss says this should not be. Sanju asks don’t you trust me. Boss says I trust you, not but Sanjana. He goes. Sanju calls Khiloni and says I could not get Sanjana’s hair, it will be my last day here, tell me some idea, I will see if this works. He thinks by which excuse to go to madam’s cabin.

He goes to Sanjana and talks to her. He sings lullaby to make her sleep. He falls asleep. She shouts and makes him wake up. She says you are keeping in office, you lied that you made this jingle, its limit, you sung and slept. Sanju goes out and talks to Bhupesh.

Peon says Sanjana has headache. Sanju goes to do hair massage and cuts her hair. He thinks to put hair in doll. He looks for doll and snatches it from mummy. The doll gets torn. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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