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May I Come in Madam 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju lying that he was missing his mum, so he came to mummy. Kashmira smiles. Sanju says we are staying since so many years, did you love me as your son, I always wish my mum was here, she would love me as you love Bhupesh. Mummy gets emotional. Sanju asks can’t I sleep in your lap Maa. Mummy cries and asks will you make me cry now. Sanju says its your wish, I will sleep in your lap. Mummy asks Sanju to come and sleep resting in her lap. Kashmira says sometimes Sanju gets lovely, and I feel like crying. Kashmira and Bhupesh leave. Sanju lies to mummy and thinks I got saved, Lord return my eyes, I won’t drink even water without asking.

Sanju comes to office. A man drops him to Sanjana’s cabin. Sanju asks Sanjana why did you call me. Sanjana asks him

to come to balcony. He says no, I m scared to go under open sky. She says suicide was your plan, if you really jumped, it would have been an accident. He says I know I overreacted. She says yes, I also scolded you a lot, maybe you really did not see me.

He says yes, I was lost n thoughts, if there is maha entertainment, my focus does not move. He asks her to forget everything and value him. She says yes, thank God Bhupesh got in between, you got saved, you are lucky, how did you jump. She says I slipped. He says I m feeling bad, let me makeup to you, shall we go to new water park, I bought a bikini and I m dying to wear it, you see me and say how do I look. He says I will try to not praise you a lot. She says sweet. He thinks I can’t see madam in bikini. He says we will go after 1-2 days. She asks why not today, I know how men think, come. They leave.

Sanju waits for Sanjana and wishes his eyesight gets fine. He puts soda in eyes and screams. Sanjana comes there and says I have worn bikini, I m feeling shy. Sanju says don’t be shy, I can’t see anything, my eyes are closed, you come. She asks why did you wear hat. He says its my picnic hat. She says fine, open eyes now, how do I look, He says really nice. She asks is this two piece suiting me. He asks did you wear two piece. She asks have I put on weight. He thinks how to see her and regrets. He calls her perfect. She says no, I think you are just saying this to please me. Sanju thinks Lord has did injustice with me.

Sanjana says I m jumping, look at me He says don’t do this, you are embarrassing me. She says you have to come on water rides with me, I will do pool dance for you. He says I missed it and is frustrated. He says go, I will see and enjoy.

She calls him boring, how is he refusing to her. Sanju says sorry. She asks him to drive on return. he says I could not see anything, not fair, now madam is giving me responsibility to drive.

He says I m drunk, you drive. She drives. He thanks her. She says I won’t come to water park with you next time. He says sorry, I will do everything next time, we will hear some song on radio, your mood will get fine, air is coming from radio. She says that’s AC. He says sorry, I don’t know this car’s system, you play radio. They hear about a mad man on loose. The mad man is in their car. Sanju tells the mad man about the news. Sanjana says I will leave.

Sanjana asks Sanju to help. Sanju says I m drunk and can’t see anything. The mad man aims gun at Sanjana and says I will kill her. Sanju says no, just go, we won’t tell anyone about you. The mad man asks them to play, and keeps apple on Sanjana’s head asking him to shoot apple and get free. The man asks Sanju to shoot. Sanjana asks Sanju to shoot apple, not her. Sanju says I should see first. His vision comes back. Sanju says I can see madam. Sanju shoots and its water gun. Mad man says I fooled you. Sanju scolds him. Mad man run. Sanju says I will drop you home, come. They leave.

Sanju says Chedi is donating everything, madam will come on road, where will we go. Mummy tells Kashmira that we will go to Chedi’s house, as he is naming all property to me. Bhupesh dances.

Update Credit to: Amena

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