May I Come in Madam 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju and Khiloni meet at the milk stall. Sanju says Kashmira’s friends have run away seeing my ugly face, she shouts seeing me. Khiloni says even madam will scream seeing you. Sanjana and Cherry come there. She screams seeing Sanju and asks what happened, why does he look so horrible. He tells the honey bee sting story. Cherry jokes on him. Sanju says I got injection from Khiloni’s shop and this is the reaction. Sanjana says I don’t want you to come office, only if you feel good, you come. She goes with Cherry. Sanju scolds Khiloni.

Sanju takes auto to go office. He guides the auto driver. The driver irritates Sanju and sings songs. Sanju shouts to him to stop the auto. Sanju drives the auto and makes the driver sit back. Sanju drives in high speed. The driver

says its my auto, not a plane. Sanju says brake is not working. He hits a police constable. Constable follows Sanju.

Sanju runs and comes office. He throws liftman on constable and goes. Constable asks liftman to tell way to go upstairs. He slaps liftman. Liftman shows the stairs. Sanju removes shirt and turns ugly to fool constable. Constable says I will catch him this way.

Sanjana comes and asks why did you catch him. Constable says I m doing enquiry, a man has hit me and run. She says that’s horrible, catch him and hit, so that he doesn’t run. Sanju says leave it, maybe he was helpless. She says its a crime, hitting can be my helplessness, but why to run, catch him. Constable says yes, I will catch him. He goes.

She asks Sanju about his shirt. Sanju says I have in bag, its too hot so I removed, I will wear it here. She asks what’s with your face. He says I got fine, constable caught me and the germs affected me. She says please don’t come in my cabin till this gets fine. He agrees.

Sanju comes home with ugly look. Bhupesh argues with him. Mummy asks Kashmira to take Sanju inside room. Kashmira asks Sanju to come. Sanju asks why, I will sit anywhere in my house and eat. He scolds Bhupesh.

Bhupesh and mummy leave seeing Sanju’s ugly face. Kashmira asks Sanju when will this get fine. Sanju says it will get fine. Kashmira does Sanju’s bedding on ground. He refuses to sleep on ground. Sanju says we will sleep on bed, I will lie as statue. She says fine, I will go and sleep with mummy. She goes. He says now I will remove this teeth, I will sleep well, no one will come now. Constable comes and says now I will hit you. He drags Sanju. Sanju shouts leave me. Kashmira comes and asks did you get mad to shout, sleep quiet, else I will shut you in storeroom. She goes.

Sanju says I will sleep with teeth, constable can come. Its morning, Sanjana and Cherry play carom. Sanju comes and greets them. She asks did his allergic reaction not get fine. He says you can say that. She says you remind me of a beggar. Cherry jokes on him. Sanjana asks him not to be so mean. She says I was just seeing the sweet beggar in Sanju. She makes Cherry do charity and pay Sanju. Sanju gets annoyed and leaves. He gets scared of constable and goes home.

Kashmira does not let Sanju come inside the house and asks him to sleep outside. He says its my house, open the door. She says don’t shout, else Dadi will come. Chedi comes and enters the house. Sanjana calls Sanju to know his welfare. He says Kashmira made me leave the house. She asks him to come her home. He gets glad and thinks he wants to settle there forever. He says its blessing in disguise, I will go to madam.

Lalwani shows the product to Sanju. Sanjana hears them. Sanju uses the product.

Update Credit to: Amena

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