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May I Come in Madam 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Sanju to wear dog’s collar. He says later. She says no, I will make you wear this. She makes Sanju wear the collar. They dance on Patta patta…. Sanju acts as do. Sanjana asks him to bark now. Sanju barks. She laughs and says that’s so cute. They get inside the lift. Bhupesh gets shocked and says Sanju has become dog, now I have to call Kashmira.

Kashmira talks to her friend and says my husband is scared of me, all men are not dogs, my Sanju is very good person, he is proper man. Bhupesh calls Kashmira. He tells her to be strong, Sanju has become dog. She asks what. He asks her to come office soon. She says coming. Sanju says I feel strange doing all this, but I m coming close to madam doing this, she loves dogs, so I will do dog’s doings.

Sanjana and boss see Sanju and laugh. Sanjana says I think Sanju is loyal employee. Boss says you know I had dog years ago, I loved him a lot. She says yes. He reminds her that dog was very loyal.

She says you got ill and doctor came to give you injection, you screamed. He says you know Rocky has bitten doctor. They laugh. Boss reminds what Rocky did, I thought to get Rocky married to female dog. She says that was your fault, his tial got burnt while taking rounds. He says I hate dogs since that day, I mean we should not trust Sanju, we should test him. She says Sanju is human and I m convinced he is loyal. He says I will take his test.

Boss goes to Sanju and puts a bone. He asks a biscuit and asks Sanju to come, calling him Tommy. Sanju thinks peon is acting a lot, I will not leave him. Boss asks him to come. Sanju jumps on him and bites him. Boss asks why did you bite me. Sanju says you should not trouble any dog.

Sanjana sees her dad bitten. She asks Sanju why did he do this. Sanju says I was sitting quiet, peon came to me. Boss says boss came to you. Sanju says yes. Sanjana says even then you have bitten him. Sanju says he was teasing me by showing biscuit. He barks. Sanjana says its okay, calm down. She asks boss to get treatment. Boss goes to get 14 injections. Kashmira comes there and sees boss bitten. Sanjana asks Sanju to have biscuit and he jumps like a dog. Kashmira comes there and asks Sanju whats happening. Sanjana signs Sanju. Sanju goes. Kashmira asks Sanjana. Sanjana says I m trying to make Sanju loyal, dogs are most loyal, I want to revive the dog in Sanju, you will have loyal husband. Kashmira asks shall I also behave Sanju and treat him like a dog. Sanjana says yes, go.

Sanju goes home and calls Khiloni. He asks him to come and he will join. Mummy calls Sanju as Tommy. He gets angry. Kashmira asks him to get ready, they will go on shopping, Bhupesh is sleeping by taking painkiller. She shows the biscuit and says I will buy a good collar, chain and branded biscuit for you. She calls him Tommy. Mummy says he did not become dog completely.

Sanju and Khiloni sit drinking. Khiloni calls him dog. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni says you are a fool, become real dog for one day and they all will get sense. Mummy talks to some tabla player. Sanju comes there and barks, scaring the man. They all get shocked. Kashmira asks him not to joke. The man runs away as Sanju bites him. Sanju says I had dog’s feeling, I feel like biting sasumaa/mummy now. Mummy runs. Bhupesh jokes.

Sanju goes to Sanjana’s house and barks. Boss says I know him, he is Sanju. Guard says he is wild dog, he will bite you. Boss says he is human. Guard says he barked and made everyone wake up. Boss asks guard to go, I will handle him. He asks Sanju why are you barking here. Sanjana comes. Sanju goes to her. She says calm down, why are you doing here at night. He says I came to meet my owner, where will I go, I will sleep in your feet. Boss asks whats this misbehavior. Boss reminds him that his body is of human. Sanju says dog’s heart should see, you are misbehaving, did you forget where I have bitten you. Sanjana asks Sanju to agree to her. He asks her to call him balma. She calls him Balma and asks him to go home, I will get biscuits for you at office. Sanju thinks fine, I won’t let you get peace at office tomorrow. He bites boss again. She asks Sanju to leave. Boss says thank God for the pillow. Sanjana says Sanju is troubling.

Sanjana and boss talk to Manohar and say your idea was very idea, we tried to make Sanju a loyal dog, he has bitten all the staff except me, he has become wild dog. Manohar says I think his inner dog got awakened. She asks how to make that dog sleep. Manohar asks her to manage,I m psychiatrist, not dog’s doctor.

Sanju tells Sanjana that he will come with her on jogging. Boss asks Sanju to leave. Sanju bites him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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