May I Come in Madam 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju getting ready to meet Sanjana. Kashmira asks shall we go for movie. He says I have meeting in office. She asks are you going on date, tell me, no need to hide from me, I will give you a good shirt. He asks will you have no problem if I go with any girl. She says no, who is that lucky girl. He thinks if I say name, she will make it my last date. She asks him to say. He says I m going on date with Sanjana. Mummy looks on. Kashmira slaps Sanju. He asks why did you slap me, you said you are my friend. Mummy signs no to Kashmira. Kashmira says change shirt and go, its not good to make girls wait, slap is fine in friendship, you also slap Bhupesh. Sanju goes to change.

Mummy asks Kashmira to see. Kashmira says you said right, Sanju’s truth is coming out. Mummy

says Sanju has many secrets in his stomach, have patience. Kashmira says yes, I will find out his cheap intentions. Sanjana stops the car. Sanju asks about cafeteria. She asks did you come on date or for coffee. He says coffee is fine even at home. She asks how do you feel. He says I m thinking how people feel in heaven seeing the fairies. She laughs and says you surprised me, your talk is interesting, no doubt your face is boring, I want to come close to your heart. He says when did I stop you.

She says you are very naughty. He says I can’t be dharmic seeing you, you are so lovely. Inspector catches them and asks them to come out of the car. He beats up Sanju. Sanju says we were just talking. Sanjana drives off. Sanju says she is from good family, let her go. Inspector says it means you are not from good family, you are romancing in the middle of the road, give some money. Sanju gives 100rs and says there is cash problem. Inspector takes Sanju.

Mummy asks Kashmira not to wait. Kashmira says why is he taking so much time, let him come. Mummy says calm down, find out what is he doing. Sanju comes home in beaten up state. Kashmira asks how did you get hurt. Mummy jokes on him. Sanju says police raided the place and beaten me up. Kashmira takes him. She massages his back and asks why did you go there. Sanju says Sanjana and I were talking in car, romantic talk. She hurts him angrily and asks what happened then.

Sanju says I did not get chance to do anything. She hurts him and says sorry. He says if police did not raided, I would have got good memories with Sanjana. She slaps him. He asks why did you slap me. She says you would have slapped such to inspector, I would have beaten him like this. She beats him. He says leave me, I m your friend, not inspector. She says I can’t bear it, I m getting angry. He says its fine, I will calm down anger and come. She goes. He says she got emotional in friendship.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana. He gets cold coffee for her. She says I don’t want. He does shayari. She looks angrily and scolds him. He asks is your mood bad. She asks him to be in limits. He asks what happened. She says we are different, we don’t match to each other. He says how can we match, we are lovers. She says think this is my breakup mood. She sings break up karliya and dances. He says love is not any game, you are breaking my heart. She says its done, you can go from office, if I see you every day, we both will be hurt. He says its my job, what about my kids, they will be delivered sometime. She says its pack up, you can go. He gets sad. She laughs and says breakup is part of every relation, I wanted to see how it feels. He says it feels bad. She says we are still dating. She asks him to do some work now.

Sanju gets ready. Kashmira asks company meeting. He says no, you are friend, what to hide from you, I m going to Sanjana’s house today. She steps on his foot and asks him to take her out. He says no one disturbs at home. She says you thought well. He says I m thinking to hold madam’s hand tonight. She twists his hand and says I m showing to hold hand with love. He asks her not to act like wife. Mummy stops her from getting angry. Kashmira asks him to get ready fast. He says I m ready, I will go. He goes. She gets angry and says I will catch him red handed and beat him up.

Sanju goes to Sanjana’s house. He calls out Sanjana. He gets shocked seeing Kashmira instead Sanjana.

A man calls Sanju and says I will come to meet bahu for some hours tomorrow. Sanju welcomes Bobby chacha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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