May I Come in Madam 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju talking to Khiloni. He sees Kanchan and asks are you shifting. She says no, we are changing old things. Sanjana comes. Sanju asks why are you selling milk. She says I m doing part time business, as useless employees like you are not getting profit for my company. He runs and gets the vessel. She pours milk. He smiles. His imagination ends.

The lady asks him to get vessel. Kashmira asks Sanju what is he thinking. Sanju says I was imagining you, I see you everywhere. Kashmira gets shy. She sends the lady. She asks Sanju to see place. He romances. She goes. He says someone should learn this from me to fool wife. His inner self scolds him for cheating his wife.

Sanju goes office and meets Sanjana. She shows the nail polish. He says its nice. She says

just blow some air and dry it. He blows. She asks him to say shayari on her beautiful nails. He says I will try. He does shayari. She asks is this compliment or bad thing. He says no, I was just rhyming. She says I thought you were talented. He gets sad. She laughs and says you get upset so soon, I was teasing you. He says I m lucky that you are teasing you. She says I have a fantasy, close your eyes. She applies him lipstick. He sees his face and gets shocked. She says you look so cute, sing that rhyme for me. He sings rhyme. She says okay, back to work, go. He leaves.

Chedi goes to washroom. Sanju comes there to clean lipstick mark. His inner self scolds him again. Sanju argues and says you are insulting me, leave from here. Chedi looks on and thinks to whom is Sanju talking, he is getting mad. He asks Sanju what happened, why are you angry. Sanju scolds him. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. He asks what the hell. Sanju says nothing, I was washing face. Chedi asks why were you shouting. Sanju says I was acting. Chedi asks which acting. Sanju says Romeo juliet. Chedi says why will hero apply lipstick. Sanju says I m playing juliet, I like it. Chedi says wipe lipstick and come.

Kashmira calls Sanju and says mummy and Bhupesh are going for movie, come home early, I will make your fav food, we will spend time. He says I will fly and come. He says its been long time, I will make her happy. He gets Sanjana’s call. He says I m just coming. He goes to Sanjana. He says if your mood is happy, my mood is happy. She says boss mood is good now. He says its good. She asks him to which animal does he relate to. He says I did not understand. She says every person’s habits resemble animals, I resemble wild cats.

He asks why are you asking this. She says my friend’s theme party is wild, everyone has to become wild animals, have you ever attended any wild party. He asks where does it happen. She says party can start anywhere, it will run limitless, its craziness, you have to attend this party with me. He says I relate to …. and imagines bull. He says I did not think. She says I will get suitable costume for you. He says I will become anything.

Its night, Kashmira gets angry and waits for Sanju. She says I will till when he does not call. Sanju becomes monkey. Sanjana becomes wild cat. They are on the way. They make animal sounds. She gets her friend’s call. She stops the car and attends call. She asks what, you caught your BF with someone, its horrible. She asks Sanju to go home, get out, I m in emergency. Mummy and Bhupesh are on the way. They get shocked seeing Sanju as money. Sanju thinks what to do now. His inner self scolds him again. Kashmira sees Sanju and scolds him. He apologizes and makes a story of helping some orphan kids by entertaining them. She asks why did you become monkey. He says a kid has birthday and asked me to become monkey. She says you will be punished first. She believes him and gets romantic. He gets glad.

Sanjana says sorry to leave you. Sanju says I m leaving this job. She says I m throwing you out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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