May I Come in Madam 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju saying Bhupesh is busy in ruining his future. Bhupesh says I have work, I report about you to Kashmira, I know everything, what Sanjana told you personal things by sending me out. Sanju throws his shoe on him. It turns out to be his imagination. Kashmira tells Sanju that she booked hotel for tomorrow, its Bhupesh’s birthday. Sanju gets shocked and thinks I have to be with Sanjana tomorrow.

Its morning, Sanjana calls Sanju and asks what is he doing. He says I was checking body. She asks did you get it then. He says I did not focus on my physique because of work, my friends used to call me Salman. She says I m your boss, you should just talk about work. He says sorry, I will just talk about work. She says you will be boring, if you want to share things then.

He says then I will tell my heart that you are my boss. She says how rude. He says I will share things. She asks what will you do then. He says I will do as you say. She asks what type of man are you, man is who does his heart. He says I remember, I m ready. She says fine, I will be waiting.

Kashmira asks Sanju to whom is he saying bye. He says Sanjana, she is my boss. She gives him badam milk with ghee. He says I m on dieting. She asks him to drink, and come in garden, its Bhupesh’s birthday today. He says I won’t drink this, I have to show off my body today. He throws the milk and Kashmira sees this. He gets shocked seeing Kashmira and says mosquito fell in it.

Sanju comes to office and meets Sanjana. He says I m ready, I did weight loss too, I m very excited. She asks him to calm down, stand there. She asks is this right what we are doing, I m making your painting. He says sure. She says I want to do something else than topless painting. He asks what. She says you want to know. He says I think this won’t be right. She says I won’t make your topless painting. He says fine, don’t make. She says I will make, not just topless. He asks what do you mean, all in all.. She asks can’t you do this for me. He says I can do anything and give my life. She says I don’t want life, but just clothes, no one will know its you. He says promise. She asks him to go near that tree, close to nature, take off clothes and stand there, you just promised, go. He goes. She smiles.

Peon comes and asks Sanju where is he doing. Sanju asks him not to make coffee and tea. He asks for orange juice. Peon goes. Sanju says madam makes such wishes that I can’t refuse, I will get ready, just for you. He removes clothes. A man says I reached ad agency mummy, I will call you after interview ends, bless me. He sees Sanju removing clothes and gets shocked. Sanju waits for Sanjana and looks at balcony of her cabin.

The man says mummy, I m coming back, they will use me, I won’t work here. He goes. Kashmira comes there. Sanju sees her and gets shocked. He hides behind the car. The car goes. Kashmira gets shocked seeing Sanju naked.

Sanjana talks to her friend and says we should get all local ads, I know someone here, who does his work sincerely. Sanju comes there. Sanjana asks him to take another branch work. He coughs and asks him to send Bhupesh or her dad. She says mind your own business, you will become that branch head. He thinks how will he see her if he goes to that branch, I will die but not go leaving you. He says I m lucky for this branch, since I came here, its all right here, don’t remove me from here. She says you lie convincingly, my dad said company just had loss since you joined. He asks why do you want to transfer me. She says don’t change my mind, you will become head there. He gets angry and she asks him to get anger outside.

Kashmira asks Bhupesh whats this. Bhupesh says he is Baba ji, he is magical, he sees face and tells truth, he saw me and said I m fool. Kashmira says anyone can say that. Baba ji says I can see you and say that you have doubt on your husband. She believes him. He says your doubt is right. She starts crying and says I m ruined. He says no one can ruin you till I m here. She asks some solution. He says I have solution. Mummy comes and asks what happened. Kashmira says he is Bengali baba.

Kashmira says Baba is saying Sanju will run away with someone. Mummy says I told you he is mean and asks solution. Baba says I have many solutions. Baba chants Mantras and says some remedy to Kashmira to make Sanju after her. She thanks him. He explains the remedy.

Same baba gives remedy to Sanju about cutting Sanjana’s hair and outing in doll, so that he controls Sanjana. Bhupesh goes to put lemon on Sanju, while Sanju tries to cut Sanjana’s hair. Peon comes and calls out Bhupesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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