May I Come in Madam 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming to his cabin. He says I did so much for her thinking she is madam, my dreams broke today, I was dreaming of a guy, chee….. Sanjana comes to him. She says I m feeling very lonely, please suggest me something. He asks her to try somewhere else. She says no, I want to see inside your eyes. He closes eyes. Sanju sees that guy and slaps him. He pushes the man and his imagination ends. Peon holds his cheek and gets up. He wears goggles and turns to boss. He scolds Sanju. Sanju apologizes. Boss goes. Sanju says you should have known Sanjana is a guy.

Bhupesh checks mobile and tells Kashmira that he can’t fix the phone. She gets angry. Sanju comes and she tells him about the phone. Sanju says its your mistake that you are his sister. Bhupesh says I

m talented man. Sanju says you are not, feel the insult and leave us. Kashmira asks Sanju to stop it. He asks her why did she get phone for repair to Bhupesh. She says I have to call Sanjana as I made her fav dish. Sanju says I will have it, leave Sanjana, no need to talk to her, be away. She says she is my friend, give me your phone. He thinks she can think spy cam app, and says I have low battery. She asks for phone. He tries to avoid. She asks shall I call Dadi. He gives phone. She asks password. He tells her. She calls Sanjana. Bhupesh asks Sanju what did he hide in mobile, if Kashmira gets anything, she won’t leave you. Kashmira asks Sanjana are you coming, I made tasty dish, come. Sanju takes the phone. Bhupesh says you got saved this time. Sanju says but you won’t get saved and throws plates on him.

Sanju goes out to khiloni. Khiloni sits drinking. Sanju says you don’t know what happened with me, my mind is not working. Khiloni jokes. Sanju says don’t joke, this is warning. Khiloni asks did madam call you Bhai. Sanju says no, she is a Bhai, she is a man in reality, not a woman. Khiloni says this is wrong. Sanju says what shall I do. Khiloni asks him not to take drugs. Sanju says I m not on drugs, and tells everything about spy cam.

Khiloni gets shocked and asks what are you saying, do one thing, make her setting with me. Sanju stares at him. Khiloni says don’t worry, I have solution, have a peg. Sanju says I can’t tell you how I feel and drinks. He asks did you add water in this also. He gets Kashmira’s call. Kashmira says come soon, Sanjana has come and waiting for you. Sanju goes.

Sanjana praises Kashmira’s cooking skills. Bhupesh jokes and Sanju scolds him. He jokes on Sanjana. It starts raining. Bhupesh asks Sanjana to stay in their house as its raining. Sanju says she has car and can leave. Kashmira asks what nonsense, driving car is not safe, Sanjana stay with me and Sanju will sleep outside. Sanju thinks how will I protect Kashmira from Sanjana. Sanju keeps an eye on them. Sanjana tickles Kashmira. They laugh. Sanjana compliments Kashmira. Sanju thinks every man is mean, except few, I will not let this happen. Sanjana hugs Kashmira. Sanju comes there. Kashmira asks did you not sleep. Sanju asks did we sleep early ever. Sanjana says we were going to sleep. Sanju asks her not to see in his eyes. Kashmira asks him to shut door and go to sleep. Sanjana asks Sanju not to worry.

Chedi comes home and asks why did you call me here, is your mum in law fine. Sanju says I called you for Sanjana, you are not asking about her, and asking for mummy. He asks her to take Sanjana. Chedi says I will meet Sanju’s mummy first as I have come for her. Sanju asks what will you have, tea, coffee…. He asks her to take Sanjana. Boss says I m thinking I can also spent night here. Mummy asks him to stay here, we will adjust. Sanju says I know what will you adjust. Sanjana and Kashmira come laughing. Sanju asks Sanjana to take her Papa and leave. Sanjana asks why, we are absolutely comfortable here, why do you want to send us. Kashmira says yes. Sanju says madam is not like she is seen. Sanjana asks what do you mean. Sanju says I mean you are not happy from inside, you like to sleep on kingsize bed, I don’t like this. Sanjana says I will see you soon and hugs Kashmira. She leaves with her dad. Kashmira asks whats your problem. Mummy and Kashmira go. Sanju says I know Sanjana will not leave me in office. He sleeps.

Sanju and Sanjana are in lift. Liftman plays radio. Aadmi ho aadmi se pyaar karta hoon…..plays……… Sanju worries and she smiles seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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