May I Come in Madam 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju singing a song and taking the doll for a walk. Sanjana looks on. Sanju sings Yashoda ka nand lala and dances. Sanjana asks how are you feeling today. He says very good, my life changed by this mum’s feeling. She says this is start, once baby takes life, your life will open, I got maternity nighties for you, its comfortable.

He thanks her for the favors and says how will I pay for this favor. She says you can allow me to stay in OT when you deliver the baby, I would love to watch that moment. He says you have right to do it. She says I m in love with you since you got pregnant, I love you. He asks what. She says I just love you. He asks what did you say. She says I decided you will become Maa of my child. He says madam got et. She plays with the doll.

Sanju dances happily. She calls him out. His imagination ends. She asks why are you dancing.

He says I was taking care of baby. She smiles. He gets ache in his stomach and throws the doll. She says calm down, it would be baby kick. He says its aching a lot. She calls out Chedi and asks him to take Sanju to doctor. Chedi says I will take him in my car. They go. Sanjana calls doctor Yogi and tells him to do as she explained, tell that to Sanju. Yogi says I remember madam.

Sanju screams of pain. Chedi asks doctor to check. Sanju asks doctor to check him, he has severe stomach ache. Yogi sends Chedi out. He checks Sanju. He fools Sanju and says you are really pregnant. Sanju asks what, how can this happen. Yogi asks him to say. Sanju says this can’t happen. Yogi says maybe because of that injection. Sanju cries on Lalwani’s name. Yogi says tell Lalwani that this injection really works.

Its night, Khiloni meets Sanju. Sanju says I m really pregnant. Khiloni jokes on him. Kashmire stops Sanju from drinking and says alcohol is not good for kids. She scolds Khiloni. She asks Sanju to get ready and wear dupatta, its his godh bharai. Sanju says all this for me. She says its for baby, don’t worry, just special people are coming. Khiloni asks am I invited. She says no. She asks Sanju to come. Sanju asks Khiloni to see whats happening. Khiloni says yes, but you have to do the rasam.

Its morning, Sanju asks Kashmira why did she call guests. Sanjana asks Kashmira to make Sanju ready. Sanju says what was this needed. Bhupesh says yes. Kashmira says we prepared for this by heart. Sanjana asks them to start rasams. Kashmira does the rasam. Everyone clap.

They make Sanju wear dupatta and bangles. Bhupesh says I m getting love for Sanju and feeds him laddoo. Sanjana asks them to click pics. Kashmira says we will prepare for more rasams. Bhupesh asks Sanju to smile. Chedi and Ramwati flirt. Kashmira says Sanju will know what happens when lies turns. Sanjana says look at Sanju, where is real part of our plan. Sanju gets irritated.

Khiloni comes and talks to Sanju. Sanju scolds him. Lalwani says I m happy that fertility injection is successful and makes even man pregnant. Sanju gets angry and thanks Lalwani for this favor. Bhupesh says I announce that now we will start godh bharai rasam. He asks Liftman to play radio. Banno tera swagger…….plays……………. Bhupesh dances. They all dance.

Kanchan comes and stops the function, saying it is not Kashmira’s baby, its my baby in Sanju’s womb. Khiloni asks Sanju about it. Sanju scolds him. He asks what nonsense is Kanchan saying. Kanchan says I was your love till now, you came to meet me. Sanju says she is lying. Kashmira says I had doubt that this baby is not mine, I will take divorce from you. Sanjana asks Chedi to get papers ready. Sanju asks which papers. Sanjana says termination letter, I can’t bear unethical man in my company, you have crossed all limits.

They all talk about Sanju. Sanju shouts I m not pregnant, I did that drama because of work load, I have seen madam caring for pregnant friend, I thought I will get care, doctor said I m really pregnant, this is Lalwani’s baby, not Kanchan’s. Lalwani dances. Sanju says I mean by his injection. Sanjana says we know it, Yogi told us everything. Sanju apologizes. Sanjana says fine, if you do all staff work for 2 months. Kashmira says and of home also. He agrees. They forgive him. Dadi comes and slaps him, saying I did not forgive you.

Sanjana dances on Lat lag gayi….. Sanju smiles seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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