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The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Mr Gupta why did he give his ad to rival company, why are you saying our staff is very loyal, tell me, we can solve it. Boss comes and says Gupta gave ad to other company. She asks him to do something, we are losing big clients. He gets a psychiatrist Manohar there and says I think we are going back. Manohar says I think your company is sinking. Boss asks who did this. Sanjana says let him complete.

Manohar says if staff is not loyal, company can get shut, you make staff loyal like dog, inshort make them dogs and they will turn loyal on their own. Sanjana asks boss what do you think, whom should we make dog first. Boss says the one and only Sanju. Sanju plays game on system. Sanjana comes there and sees him playing game. He gets shocked seeing her.

She says sit down, you are working hard, I m feeling good, I m so proud that our company has such talented employees. He says I feel work is worship. She says I can see, how you are working, I regret that you do work as worship, others play games on PCs. He thinks even I do this. She says our company is having big loss because of such employees. He says I m with you.

She says I want to play a game on you. He asks what. She says if you are owner of this company and want to save it. he says I can give my life. She says come, we will do one social experiment. He thinks what will she do now. She asks him to sit outside cabin and inform her, stop office staff here, I will instruct how to deal with them, you are really smart, I m really impressed with you. He thanks her. She goes. He thinks what madam wants me to do, I accept it.

Bhupesh comes there and asks Sanju what is he doing outside madam’s cabin. Sanju says madam gave me special powers. Sanjana sees cctv footage and calls Sanju. She asks him not to show we are talking, I can see Bhupesh is beside you, I want you to sniff him. Sanju gets shocked. She says come on. Sanju sniffs Bhupesh. Bhupesh asks why are you sniffing me like a dog. Sanju thinks whats madam making me do. Sanjana asks Sanju to lick Bhupesh’s hand.

Sanju licks Bhupesh’s hand. Bhupesh gets shocked and asks what are you doing, I think a mad dog was bitten you, I will go to madam and complaint. Sanju stops Bhupesh. She asks Sanju to bite Bhupesh. Sanju bites Bhupesh. She looks on and laughs. Bhupesh asks what did you do, you have bitten me, I think you got mad, you have bitten me, now I will bite you. He bites Sanju and runs. Sanju says whats madam making me do, Bhupesh is saying right, all these things sign towards dog. Sanjana comes and says good job, and cuddles him like a puppy. He likes it and smiles.

Its night, Bhupesh tells mummy and Kashmira that Sanju has become dangerous, he has bitten me. Mummy says we will need 14 injections. Kashmira asks is Sanju a dog. Bhupesh says Sanju has sniffed me then licked my hand, then bitten me. Mummy says I have just one son, save him. Sanju comes. Mummy says tommy has come. Kashmira asks Sanju why did you bite Bhupesh. Sanju says he has also bitten me. Bhupesh says he has bitten me first.

Sanju makes excuse of some horoscope. Mummy asks why did he not bite anyone else. Bhupesh says else bitten mummy. Sanju says I can’t do that, she is fat. Kashmira says stop nonsense, Bhupesh told me everything. She takes him to room.

Later, Sanju sees Kashmira sleeping and says no time, that’s why we are not having children. Sanjana calls Sanju and asks him to come fast, I m outside your home. He goes out and meets Sanjana. He asks why did you come. She says I have pain in my life. He asks what problem do you have. She says I m missing Balma. He says you did not say you have any Balma. She says that’s my dog’s name. He laughs and says its strange name. She asks whats your name and laughs. She says Balma and Sajan mean name. He says yes, where is Balma. She says Balma has run away with a lady dog, I hate him. She cries. He says don’t cry for a dog.

She says he was my life, I had feelings for him like a GF. He asks what. She says yes, you know if I could, I would have married Balma, when I see you, I see Balma in you. He asks what are you saying. She says I feel you are Balma’s rebirth, your face matches with him, its true, he looked like human, I will show his pic. He gets shocked seeing Balma’s pic and says he looks like me, I m lucky that you see your Balma in me. She asks will you become my Balma. He says how can I, he has four legs. She asks him to jump around, bark like him. he thinks I can get madam’s love by becoming dog, there can’t be better chance than this, I will become dog. Sanju sits on his hands and legs, like a dog. She laughs.

Its morning, Sanjana walks in office. Desi girl…..plays………… She calls him Balma and says I m missing my dog Balma. Bhupesh hears them and says madam’s dog’s name was Balma. She says I have a gift for you and shows the dog’s collar. Sanju says its good. Bhupesh asks whats happening, madam got dog’s collar for Sanju.

Bhupesh calls Kashmira and says Sanju has become a dog. She gets shocked. Boss asks Sanju to come and calls him Tommy. Sanju gets angry. Sanju jumps to him and bites. Boss screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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