May I Come in Madam 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju and Sanjana getting inside the lift. They have a talk. Guard plays song In Ankhon/beep ki masti mein…….plays………… Sanjana goes. Sanju looks at the guard and goes. He asks peon to get tea and scolds him. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss. Boss asks Sanju why are you shouting, you have to drink tea with me anyhow. Bhupesh comes and greets boss. Sanju asks peon to get tea. Peon says I will get it. Sanju gets Sanjana’s message that she wants to make a topless painting. He gets glad and goes to washroom. He calls Khiloni and asks him to listen. Khiloni says you sound excited, did you get madam. Sanju says no, madam wants to make my topless painting. Khiloni says I would have come. Sanju says its my cheerharan and you are joking. Khiloni says painting

is excuse, madam wants to see you, she will come close to you getting excited seeing you.

Sanjana asks Sanju to sit and makes him turn. He imagines this. Khiloni asks where did you go, I have shown trailer. Sanju says movie is good, but the problem is…. Six packs abs are necessary to get painting. Khiloni says you have much tummy, if you were girl, there would be news that you are pregnant. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni gives him tips to lose weight. Sanju says don’t give me nonsense ideas and ends call. He says idea is not so bad, there will be difference. Bhupesh sees Sanju and says whats this idea to pull tummy in. Sanju says to kill you.

Sanju comes home and sits. Mummy asks Bhupesh why did Sanju get one hour walk. Sanju says I came by walk, not by bus. Bhupesh says if you did not had fare, you would have asked me. Sanju asks did you get much money, I came by walk to lose weight in two days, I will not eat sugar, I m on diet. Kashmira gets some sweets. Sanju says I will become elephant. Bhupesh asks Sanju to have it, as Kashmira made sweets with love. Mummy laughs and jokes on Sanju. Kashmira asks them not to fight. Kashmira tells the heavy diet she planned for Sanju. Sanju says I m healthy, I don’t want to lose weight. Mummy says girls are scared to get fat. Sanju says I m also saying for girls, I mean can’t men get equal to women, they are so fit. He tells Kashmira that he can’t have it now, and will eat sweets after two days.

Sanju comes to office by walk and tells peon that he is making his body. Bhupesh asks whats the use, Kashmira likes you. Peon says I think something is cooking for another girl. He asks Sanju who is she. Sanju asks what nonsense and scolds him. Bhupesh asks peon to get tea. Sanju asks Bhupesh to be in limits, is becoming healthy wrong. Bhupesh says no, I m seeing you are working a lot. Boss comes and says Sanju I heard you are making body to impress someone, who is she. Sanju says no, I don’t have time. Bhupesh says it means if you had words, you would have an affair. Boss says shut up, don’t use cheap words. He asks Sanju who is that girl. Sanju says I swear on you, no one. Bhupesh says Sir, you were a nice guy. Sanjana calls Sanju to her cabin. Boss asks Bhupesh what do you think who can she be. Bhupesh says once I know, I will tell you and Kashmira, Dadi will come, then you both kill Sanju. Boss punches him and goes.

Sanjana calls someone and talks saying I have sent you message that I will make your topless painting, what, you did not get message fine, you come. Sanju comes. Sanjana says I want a toned and attractive body, I like painting, don’t be late. She screams seeing Sanju topless.

She asks what is this. He says I was showing sample for painting, I m making body and working out. She asks are you mad, you know what I can do for this thing. He thinks I know, with this hope I came here. She asks him to just leave. He says sorry and goes wearing his shirt. She says how did Sanju know about painting, did message go to him by mistake. She smiles and gets some idea.

Sanju bribes Bhupesh and asks how does my body look. Bhupesh says not like any heroes, you look elephant’s son. Sanju takes money back.

Sanjana comes there and asks Bhupesh for files and works. Bhupesh says I already did work. She says I have to discuss something personal with Sanju, please get out. He goes. She tells Sanju that models don’t have those feelings that ordinary man has, I wanted a fresh face, I think I got my model. You won’t go home after office tomorrow. He agrees. She asks him to get ready well and come, we can start painting. He takes file from her. She goes. Sanju gets glad thinking of time with Sanjana.

Sanju asks Sanjana not to make his topless painting. She says I will make your painting, I want you to go there, close to nature. Sanju removes clothes and gets shocked seeing Kashmira. He struggles to hide and run away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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