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May I Come in Madam 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana looking for men’s pregnancy on net. Chedi asks do you doubt Sanju. Sanjana says it will be big issue if its true. He says I also doubt now, Sanju will never do such thing which happens first. She says I did not get anything interesting. He says first gent to become pregnant. He laughs and takes laptop. He goes.

Sanju goes to room. Kashmira gets angry on him. He asks what happened. She asks whose baby is it. He says ours. She says how can this be my child. He says its my mistake, I have sat on Lalwani’s pregnancy injection. She says how can this happen. He asks what did I do. She says I don’t know and goes. He finds her foolish to believe her foolishness.

Its morning, Sanju goes to office by fixing a small pillow at stomach. Sanjana comes.

He greets her. She says I think you had much breakfast today. He says this is my baby. She asks what, so soon, baby bump, how is that possible. He says it was not possible that I get pregnant, I wish my child and I don’t catch anyone’s bad sight. Liftman tells Sanjana that lift is not working, she has to go by stairs. Sanjana and liftman take Sanju. Liftman plays song Jai Jai……. Sanju acts to fall. Sanjana holds him. He smiles.

Sanju eats fruits in his cabin. Bhupesh asks him to give some fruits. Chedi and Bhupesh make fun of Sanju and laugh. Sanjana comes and hears them. She scolds them. She asks Chedi not to make Sanju work. Chedi says who will work then. Sanju signs Bhupesh. Sanjana says give all the work to Bhupesh. Chedi gives all files to Bhupesh and goes. Sanju thanks her for saving him. She asks her to explain Kashmira, she is doubting on me and did not let me sleep. Sanjana says fine, have the fruits. Sanju says they both were taunting me. Sanjana scolds Bhupesh.

She asks Sanju to come to her if he needs help. She goes. Sanju plays with dolls. He tells Sanjana that he thinks he has twins, he learnt everything about holding baby. She corrects him. He asks her to practice along. She says keep me out of this. He emotionally blackmails. She agrees. He says we will take dolls on a walk. He plays with doll and makes it fall. He says its fine.

Its night, Kashmira makes Sanju have fruits. She asks him to have good talk and thoughts. He taunts on mummy. Mummy asks for baby name. Kashmira suggests Dadi and Dada’s names. Sanju says they died, why to keep their names. Dadi comes and Sanju apologizes. Dadi suggests names. He says its very old names. She slaps him and says its my Dada and Dadi’s names. She says she will not beat Sanju today as he is pregnant, and will beat Bhupesh. Bhupesh apologizes. Dadi beats him. Sanju smiles.

Its morning, Sanjana meets doctor. Doctor says why did you come, I was sending Sanju’s reports by Khiloni. She asks from where did he do his MBBS, maybe his college gets name and he gets nobel prize, she wants to do his ad. He says no, this story will be gone. She says I want to make you and Sanju famous. She says don’t get me in this, I don’t want to become famous for wrong reason. She slaps him and asks will you say truth, or shall I call police. She gets Kashmira’s call and asks her to come inside doctor cabin.

She says doctor accepted he lied. Kashmira slaps him and asks why did you lie. Sanjana scares him of jail. Doctor says Khiloni is my friend, so this happened on his saying. Sanjana says alright, now you will do what I say. Kashmira asks him not to tell Sanju and Khiloni. They leave.

Sanju asks Kashmira to get breakfast. Kashmira says he is fooling me, see what I do now. She adds some medicine in milk. Sanju asks Bhupesh to get toy for baby. Sanju likes breakfast and says I will not have milk. She asks him to finish milkshake, I was thinking to do shopping for baby. Sanju says let baby come, then we will see.

Mummy says we will buy gold chain and bangles for baby. Kashmira agrees. Sanju says your demand is increasing. She makes him drink milk and says don’t get angry. He drinks milk and scolds Kashmira. He leaves.

Sanjana says I love you, I m in love with you since you got pregnant. Sanju asks what did you say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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