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May I Come in Madam 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira asking Sanju and mummy why are they sitting in bathroom. Sanju says nothing, your Dadi came and spoke to Bhupesh. Mummy says Amma ji comes and beats Bhupesh, instead Sanju. Sanju asks why, I m not burden on earth like you. Kashmira asks them not to argue, else Dadi will work. Mummy dances and leaves. Sanju jokes on mummy’s dhaba and goes.

Its morning, Sanju asks Kashmira for food. She says sorry, Dadi came so… he says its okay, I married you and will keep marriage, I love you, give me some food. She gives him hot roti and his hand burns. Mummy asks Bhupesh to have food well. Bhupesh says Dadi comes for Sanju and beats me, why. Mummy says one day Dadi will beat Sanju so well that he gets sense. Sanju says donkeys get beating, not tigers. He argues

with mummy.

Kashmira brings the shirt and says its not the shirt I gifted you on your birthday. Sanju coughs and says its same. Kashmira says its not that shirt. Sanju starts lying and says I work hard at office and shirt color got dull. Bhupesh says liar, you have AC in your cabin. Sanju says Bhupesh just roams around in office, he does not know anything. Kashmira says you both doubt on Sanju. Kishore hears them and tells Kashmira about some cheap men coming at home at night. Sanju says people do mistakes, forget and forgive. Bhupesh asks Sanju why is he apologizing. Sanju says I mean Kishore should forgive. Kishore says fine, I will forgive as its first mistake, Kanchan is alone at home. Bhupesh asks really. Kishore asks why is he happy. Bhupesh says I mean Kanchan is alone and is like open treasure. Kishore asks mummy to manage her son. Mummy says he is innocent kid. Kashmira says you go for work, I will take care of Kanchan. Kishore says no, I can’t go now, both Sanju and Bhupesh are same. Sanju says I m leaving for office, are you coming Bhupesh. Bhupesh says yes, wait. They leave.

Sanju thinks what to tell madam about the lipstick mark shirt, don’t know where Khiloni has put it. Sanjana comes there. Gulabo…. Plays……..Sanju avoids her and gets inside lift. He gets tensed to answer her about shirt. She asks why are you scared. He says I have respect for you in my heart. She asks where is shirt. He says its in bag. She says I want shirt at lunch time. The liftman plays same song Tere chehre/beep se nazar se hatti………… Sanju looks at Sanjana. She goes. Sanju asks liftman to get radio repaired, its embarrassing.

Peon makes water fall on Bhupesh. Bhupesh scolds her. Peon is unwell. Sanju asks did you get drunk. Peon says I have gas and getting dizzy. Sanju asks him to sit. Peon says I will take leave for few days and goes. Sanju gets the idea and says I have stomach too. He holds stomach and goes to Sanjana. She asks did he get the shirt. He coughs and greets her. She says delivery is going to happen. He says no. She asks why are you holding stomach and screaming pain. He says I have acidity, there is much gas. He sits there and faints. She says oh my god, Mr Sajan, I think he fainted, he needs mouth to mouth respiration. Sanju shakes up and comes out of his fantasy. Sanjana shouts whats happening to you Mr. Sajan. Sanju holds his stomach and says this gas pressure. He sits on the chair. She calls Bhupesh there. Bhupesh asks what happened. Sanjana says give him CPR. Bhupesh says fine and holds Sanju. Sanju pushes him and says I m better. Sanjana says do one thing, you walk outside, you will feel better, Papa has same problem, ask him tips, get the shirt, client is on the way.

Bhupesh asks Sanju how did he get gas. Sanju pushes him. Sanju worries to get the shirt. Kishore comes there with the shirt and says I m sorry to misunderstand you, this shirt was at my home. Sanju says you are great man and kisses him, saying this is love, you came as Lord for me, you did not go to my wife first. Kishore says I went there, there was no one at home, so I came here. Sanju says don’t need anyone. Kishore says fine, what is this red marks. Sanju says red ink. Kishore says I think its lipstick mark and goes. Sanju goes to give shirt to Sanjana. Peon asks why is so he happy. Sanju says I m happy like avoiding death. He says he wants to get in someone’s heart, she is very beautiful and intelligent. Peon asks do I know her. Sanju says yes, very well. Peon says then forget her, I don’t want you to eye anyone I know by bad sight. Sanju scolds him. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss. He scolds Sanju and asks him to get to work.

Sanju and Sanjana get in the lift. She says our ad campaign with Lalwani is successful, I m happy. Sanju praises her in heart. She asks are you thinking something. He says no. She says you are lying, you are thinking about me. He says no. She says I was happy thinking you think about me, just think about work. He says fine. She makes lipstick mark on his shirt and says its not related to our ad, I wanted to make this shirt memorable. She goes. Sanju worries thinking of Dadi. He calls Khiloni and asks him to get blue shirt for him.

Kashmira watches same tv show. She hears anchor Kamini telling about men’s memory. Husbands forget wife’s birthday and anniversary after few years of marriage. She says if your husband’s memory got weak, then start worrying. Kashmira thinks does Sanju not remember things like other husbands.

Sanju asks Sanjana why is she crying. She says love you always, if you collect saree after leaving office and give me Monday, I will be glad. Kashmira wears Sanjana’s saree and he gets worried again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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