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May I Come in Madam 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju imagining to hypnotize Sanjana and making her do what he likes. He asks her to dance. Sanjana nods and dances for him on Maiyya Maiyya……. He hugs Khiloni. Sanju goes home and sits reading the book. Kashmira romances with him. He sings lullaby to make her sleep. She falls asleep. He sits reading the book again. Next day, Sanju goes office and says from today, I will become madam’s boss.

Sanjana asks what was he murmuring. He says I was practicing what to tell you. She asks really, don’t waste time by doing pointless things. She says sorry, if I was rude, I was having a really bad day. He says you can say anything, and do anything, I m broad minded guy. She says good to know. He says I have perfect thing to make your mood good, this is beautiful stories

book, its tiny book, but stories are interesting, I will read one story for you. Sshe says mumma used to read stories for me, why don’t you be my mumma. He says fine, you have to listen carefully, its tricky. She says no problem, I m all here. He asks her to look in his eyes, whatever I tell you will look true. He starts hypnotizing her and asks her to sink in his eyes. He asks can you hear me. She says yes. He says you love my eyes, my doings, you are attracted to me, you don’t get sleep without talking to me, you get restless if you don’t see me, you like me a lot. She looks at him.

Khiloni comes to meet Sanju at office and asks whats happening. Sanju asks what do you want to have. Khiloni says I want that book, owner’s wife is coming, she loves me and lets me stay at her home. Sanju returns the book, and says I will test this on Kashmira tomorrow.

At home, Kashmira finds Sanju very happy and checks his shirt. Sanju and Kashmira argue. Sanjana calls Sanju and asks him to keep talking. He thinks madam is hypnotized. She praises him and says I won’t get sleep after talking to you. He says you always used to scold me, and today you want to hear me. She says yes, I want to hear you, just wish me good nights and sweet dreams. He flirts with her. She thanks her for his wishes. Kashmira comes. He says its wrong number. Sanjana says that’s interesting. He ends call.

Kashmira asks Sanju to whom was he talking. He says with my past, why did I marry, were you spy in last birth to doubt on everything. She argues. Its morning, Sanju waits at the office. Sanjana runs to him and hugs him, saying I missed you. She asks lift guard to get out. Sanjana and Sanju get inside lift. She stops the lift. He asks what are you doing. She flirts with him. He says we have to do work. She asks him to spend quality time with her. He says its about job, what will people think. She plays radio. Song le le chumma…..plays………….. she gets close.

Sanju gets away. Everyone wait for the lift. Bhupesh asks peon what happened. Peon says lift is working late. Bhupesh asks where is lift man. Peon says everyone is not hardworking like us. Bhupesh drinks tea, and peon says this was special tea for Sanju. Bhupesh asks why, is he your son in law. Peon wears goggles and turns to boss. He asks what were you saying. Bhupesh says no, I was not saying anything. Boss says my daughter is valuable to me. Lift man comes and tells boss that Sanjana is in lift, Sanju is stuck with her. Bhupesh asks him to get them out. Lift man says they are stuck by their wish. Lift opens. Sanjana asks them why are they staring at her, I m fine, I m very happy. She asks Sanju to come, and not get shy, come in my cabin, I want to spend more quality time with you.

Sanjana blushes and goes. Sanju comes out with lipstick marks on his face. Boss, Bhupesh and lift man get shocked seeing him. Boss asks whats all this. Sanju says madam slipped on me and this happened. Boss scolds him and says I m watching everyone. He makes liftman sit and leaves. Bhupesh stares at Sanju, and goes.

Khiloni comes to meet Sanju and asks whats happening, you are using my book well. Sanju says I m dancing like a monkey, my state is bad, madam has burst like cloud on me, I have to dehypnotize madam, give me that book. Khiloni says forget the book, I don’t have it, we went to zoo and took selfies, and gorilla snatched that book. Sanju says I have to make madam fine, its about job and marriage, we have to solve this for good. Bhupesh comes and hears them. Kashmira calls Sanju and asks him what was he doing in lift, come home, I will see you.

Sanju and Khiloni go to take the book back from the gorilla, and get beaten up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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