May I Come in Madam 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming office. Sanjana sees him and says wow, I m going to click a picture. His imagination ends. She asks what’s wrong, why are you hiding face, sorry, lawyer Dayal is going to come here, he is going to fight for you. Dayal comes and greets him. Sanju says your face is like me. She says yes, same thing happened with me last year, the black color did not get off till now. Sanju says what, come with me, I have to talk. Dayal says say in front of law. Sanjana says right.

Sanju says I don’t want to fall in problem. She says show some courage, I m with you. Dayal says you could be with law too. Sanju says there is no scope for more face blackening, I m worried that my future will get dark, don’t put me in this. She says its about my dad too. He says

you deal with me. She says stop crying, you can’t leave supporting me. Dayal says law can support you.

Sanju says I will get divorce notice, please don’t put me in this. She says fine, go. Sanju goes to Khiloni’s house and gets his blackened face. Khilonu says come, we will sit inside, we can’t go out. Sanju asks how did you get face blackened, those men are doing this all week, we will sit and drink. Sanju jokes on him. He says Kashmira is not creating problem, madam is adamant and want to file case. Khiloni asks him to drink and go home, apologize to Kashmira. Sanju asks if she does not agree then. Khiloni says then Kashmira will see. Sanju gets leaving and says I m going to apologize to Kashmira, did I refuse to your idea till now. Khiloni says I was mistaken.

Sanju goes home. Kashmira screams seeing him. She asks what color did Chedi put. He says I need to talk. She says tell me. He tells everything what happened. She says it means you lied to me. He says I was helping madam, she was upset and lonely, so I went, else my job would have gone. She says you lied to me, leave from here. Sanjana gets Sanju’s call and says I think you are right, I m dropping the case, I hope that makes you happy. He says yes, very happy. Dadi comes and asks why so happy. Sanju gets shocked. Dadi beats him up.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana and greets her. She sees his old pics and says look at you, I wish we did not have this employee and boss wall. He says I will break all walls. His imagination ends. She asks what was this. He says I wanted to check termites. She sees album and calls him dump.

She asks him to see the pictures. She shows her judo title winning pics. She says I wish I could relive those moments. Sanju says you should play judo again, you are so energetic, young. She says I don’t have any friend like that, lets get back to work.

Sanju comes home. He sees Kashmira upset and asks what happened, why are you annoyed. She says I have no value here. He asks her not to get angry. She asks him to ask why is she sad. He jokes and asks her. She says I get bored at home, I want space to fulfill my wishes. They argue.

He says Sanjana and you have no comparison, I mean she can’t cook well. She says I will not cook today, go and cook. He says I m tired, tell mummy to cook. She threatens him about Dadi. Sanju cuts onions. Khiloni comes. Sanju tells how Kashmira punished him. Sanju imagines Sanjana. Haule haule…..plays……… His imagination ends. He says madam has black belt in judo, I wish I could be madam’s black belt. Khiloni and Sanju laugh. Khiloni says those who do judo with her will be lucky. Sanju says she does not have partner to practice. Khiloni asks him to become partner. He says madam just wants girl. Khiloni says you become girl and fight with madam. Sanju says what an idea. He hugs Khiloni. Kashmira comes and asks what’s happening, Sanju I asked you to cook. Sanju says I was making food for you. Khiloni goes. She asks Sanju to cook fast. Sanju says madam beat me, I want to get beaten up by you.

Sanjana tells Kashmira that Sanju’s thoughts are great. Kashmira says I m glad to get such husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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