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May I Come in Madam 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira asking Sanju why is he wearing prisoner’s clothes. Sanju says its office’s new uniform, we get jail feeling here. Mummy asks him where is Bhupesh. Kashmira says make us talk to Bhupesh. Mummy says we have to talk about dowry by showing his face. Sanju says how shall I tell you. Sanjana says I think we should not hide this truth, its time to break their heart. Kashmira asks why are you saying this, whats the truth.

Sanju says Bhupesh can never come back now. Mummy does not understand. Sanju says how shall I explain you, Bhupesh got killed. Kashmira and mummy smile and act. Sanju says I m saying truth, I killed Bhupesh, I m cheap and a sinner. Kashmira asks how could you do this. Sanju says I will miss Bhupesh, he won’t come back. Kashmira scolds


Sanju says storm came inside me, I know what I m going through, I could have got Bhupesh back, but its not in my hand, if he came back, I would have loved him. Bhupesh comes and says I m here. Sanju says I m seeing him everywhere. Bhupesh says its because I m here. Sanju says no one will see Bhupesh.

Bhupesh says they all can see me. Sanju asks how, I killed you. Bhupesh says you feel you can kill me. Sanju says I killed you infront of madam. Sanjana laughs and says Bhupesh did not die, we planned this to teach you a lesson, the knife had a spring, Bhupesh came to me and complained me about you, so we did this to make you value him. Bhupesh says we will say sorry and end this matter. Sanju angrily goes to beat him.

Sanjana sees her dad committing suicide and stops him. She asks him what is he doing. He says its your mum’s birthday, I miss her, I m incomplete with Sheela. She says its been many years now, atleast think about me. He says yes, I have raised you, now you have grown up, I have no duties now, what will I do here, I wanted to tell Sheela that I love you, I want to go to her. She says no, try to focus somewhere else.

She asks him to read book on GK, promise me you won’t do this, committing suicide is a crime. He says I wanted to talk to Sheela once, but this can’t happen. He sadly goes. Sanju comes to Sanjana. He reads the jingle for ad. She likes the line and gets an idea. She says you are a genius. He thanks her.

She asks did you get any pure soul in you. He imagines to get her soul. He says no, I did not. She asks how will it be if such thing happens. He says great. She asks are you ready for that happiness. He says yes, I m born for that happiness. She says then tonight at my house. He asks what will happen. She says a pure soul will get inside you, my dead mum’s soul. He says what are you saying, I already have Dadi’s spirit at home. She says relax, its my mumma’s birthday and Papa is depressed, just act that my mumma’s spirit came in you, talk to my Papa, he will be glad, that’s done, come on do it, else he will die and I will die. He says no, I will do this.

She asks him to learn and react as her mumma. He says don’t worry, I will act well. She asks him to see Bhojpuri movies and check the ladies, my mumma used to react like that, I will message you my mumma’s character, go through it. He agrees and goes home.

Everyone smile. Sanju asks Bhupesh is he leaving home. Kashmira asks him to get ready fast. Sanju asks where do they have to go. Mummy says we are going to restaurant for dinner to have Chinese food. Sanju says I don’t like Chinese, and thinks he has to go to Sanjana’s house. He refuses. Dadi comes and Sanju runs to get ready.

They all go to restaurant. Sanju’s mood is very bad. He asks them to order food fast. They delay a lot. Sanju orders food. Sanjana calls him. He says its Khiloni’s call and goes. He tells Sanjana that Kashmira was insisting and he got family to have Chinese. She says my Papa is having poison here, when are you coming. He says sorry, we had food, we are leaving. She asks him to hurry up. Bhupesh is unable to eat noodles. Sanju asks them to have food fast. He feeds noodles to Bhupesh. Bhupesh says we will have soup after this. Sanju says why drinks soup after having food, just finish this. Mummy asks him to go if he is in hurry, we will have soup and go.

Sanju says Khiloni called again and attends Sanjana’s call. He lies to her and makes story. She asks him to come soon. Sanju goes to Kashmira and says we should not have soup now. Sanjana calls again. Kashmira says who is calling. Sanju says Khiloni. Sanjana asks where are you. Sanju says on the way, I m coming. She asks when will you come, hurry up, I will not forgive you if anything happens to my Papa.

Boss drinks poison and says I m dying. She says wake up, I added peppermint instead poison in that bottle. Boss says that’s what I was thinking, I m not feeling like dying. Sanju thinks how to go now, there is just one way now.

Boss asks Sanju to sit close and rides bike while applying breaks. Mummy is at veg stall and sees them. She gets angry and crushes a tomato.

Update Credit to: Amena

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