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Okay I actually hadn’t plan this. Now a days nothing happens as I plan though. A request from a writer friend. It is inspired or you can say morphed version of Jab We Met. Hope I will do justice to the story.

The empty railway station looked more crowded than his soul. He sat on a bench and buried his face in his palms. He was least expecting a tornado at the moment. Only if he knew his life is gonna change beyond recognition.

The train to Bhatinda stopped at the railway station of Chatrapati Shivaji terminal. He walked inside without thinking of the destination. He did not even bother to scan the people who were fast asleep around him. He just collapsed on a seat just to be greeted by a scream of a girl which jerked him and he finally landed in the real world.

“Are you blind” she woke up and looked at him annoyed. He did not answer her but instead walked to the door. She looked at him confused. He looked disturbed but only if she knew the reason.

Without listening to her mind which told he is a stranger and non trust worthy she walked to him listening to her heart which she always did.

“What’s wrong with you haa? You look disturbed” he just stared out of the train looking at the dead tracks as though they are talking to him. She looked at him keenly. He was about to jump off when she held his hand to drag him without realizing that he wants to end his life.

He looked at her shocked. “Chalo” she casually walked dragging him and made him to sit on the seat where she was supposed to sleep. He gave her a blank look not understanding why is she interfering in his life. “Tell me what is your problem” she waited placing her hands on her cheeks.

They say if someone just asks a person while they are thinking of ending their life the person will come out of the thoughts. And he never knew this talk is gonna change his life. He did not answer but stared blank.

“Don’t tell me you can’t talk?” she asked bending her head. “I can” he said and she covered her mouth with excitement. “Then why are you behaving like Madhubala of Mughal E Azam like in next moment you will be buried behind a wall?” she asked and did not get any reply.

“Hello I’m talking to you” she waved her hand and he did not answer but just walked away. As the train was stopped he got out of it. She walked behind him hoping he might turn but he did not. “Oye hello. You will miss the train” she screamed but he did not answer but just walked.

In the process of stopping him she hardly realized that the train was moving. By the time she realized and ran behind it. It was too late. She could only see the tail of the train.

“Oye hello” she ran to him and stopped him. He looked at her confused. “All because of you I missed my train. Now I have to reach my home.” he looked at her confused. “Did I tell you to get down?” asked he.

“How rude you are man. I tried helping you and leave thanking me. You are scolding me only?” she asked placing her hands on her waist.

He looked at her. She was wearing a white t shirt on a patiala pant. “You are crazy” he nodded his head and continued walking. “That I’m tell something which I don’t know” she turned him forcefully.

“Listen I’m not interested in your talks. Let me go” he tried getting out of the situation.

“And you think I will let you go. I’m from Punjab got that. Unless you leave me to my home safe I’m not gonna leave to go to hell also. I’m in this due to you and you are responsible for this” she fumed crossing her arms. He looked at her and in next moment started running out.

“Oye stop… Stop” she ran behind him. He got inside the taxi and she followed him. The driver who sensed them prayed to the gods before starting the taxi. She was annoyed due to his unnecessary God remembering antics when she had hardly much time.

Finally the driver started the car. And she sat back but to her dismay the taxi driver was in no mood to hurry. “Oh bhai. Please drive fast we have to reach the next station” she pleaded him. The unaffected man he was he did not give any heed to her talks and continued his pace.

She was annoyed as the time passed. He looked at her through the mirror and her annoyance covered face disturbed him. “Stop the car” he spoke. As the driver stopped the car he got down and walked to the driver. “Get out” he said and the driver looked at him confused. “I said get down” the driver hesitantly got down. He took the diamond ring in his hand and handed to the driver and sat inside it.

“Oh hello what are you doing?” the driver asked leaning to him. “That costs 20 lakhs. Keep the change” he started the car and drove it with the maximum speed before the driver could realize anything.

She leaned to him and patted his shoulder. “Wow man. You are a dare devil seriously” he still did not bother to reply her. She gave him a casual look and leaned back to her seat and closed her eyes. His eyes moved and he looked at her through the mirror.

She looked so innocent with her closed eyes. But when she is awake he couldn’t believe the same girl gives severe head ach.

He stopped the car and she woke up with a jerk. “Run run run” he told her and she ran. He followed her into the railway station. Luckily the train was still there. She sighed and ran. But she saw the stall and asked the vendor to give her a water bottle.

The vendor handed her a bottle. She gave him the money and gulped in the water. “You know how much tired I’m. Gosh. All the drinks at one side and water on one side” she said gulping more water and relaxing. She asked the change and he gave her two rupees less. “Oh bhai. Give me back two rupees” she told. “What madam for two rupees you are fighting” he complained. “Haa if it is just two rupees give back” she demanded.

He got annoyed and returned her the money. She drank more water. As the train had moved and only it’s tail was visible she realized that she again missed her train.

She ran behind it. “Some one pull the chain please” she screamed but alas the train just moved. She ran back out of the railway station to find him back but to her dismay he wasn’t there. She walked back to the railway station near the station master.

She walked out after complaining and listening his free ka gyan. She walked out of the station to get saved from the lustful eyes around. As she walked scared she found a back of the person whom she instantly recognized.

She did not take much time to run and hug him in a bone crushing hug. “Not again” he sighed. He turned to her and looked at the people who were following her. They disappeared like air finding her with a man. That was the sad reality of the Indian Society. The lone girl is like everyone’s property.

She could not explain the happiness of finding him. Though they were strangers they had instantly got connected to each other without their realization.

He opened the door of the car and sat and she sat beside him. “Hi” she spoke as if they just met. “Ragini” she said with a wide grin. He still did not give her any answer. “Arrey yaar curtesy ke liye hi apna naam boldo” she looked at him annoyed.

“Laksh” he stopped himself. “Oh wow what a tacky name” she said making faces. He did not bother what she thought about him. The night seemed as if it started just then. And their journey had just started.

Okay so when I just finished researching over the internet I found leap year movie with similar plot so basically this is combination of both.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    1st of all thanku so much 4 the raglak version of jab we met.u started it immediately after i requested u.double thanks 4 that.Laksh is just a stranger 2 ragini.still she cared 4 his life..saved him from suicide n ran after him to make sure that he is safe.Laksh watching her on the mirror was cute.Raglak introducing each other was nice.
    i have 2 requests-in the original movie there was romance only in the last scene.but in this SS plz show cute romantic moments.
    Plz add all songs of Jab we met in this SS

  2. Jasminerahul

    I liked the title very much.In this movie too there is a song its perfect 4 this story

  3. TeitokUn1718

    Thank You soo much for another FF on my favorite Raglak…
    I also want to request you to show cute romance in the last scene…

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    awesome Sally dear….loved it alot…After read ur title i guess it’s u…but guess s correct…omg our Sally s writing another ff…yoohoo…tkcr dear

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  26. Firstly thank you so much for another Raglak story ???? it’s really interesting dear ??? Raglak scenes are just amazing ??? naughty Ragini and cute Laksh ????? eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP. Love you dear and take care ???????????

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