MATSH: Our Endless Love (Episode 23)

Naina stabbed ishani. Ranveer woke up and saw ishani.
Ranveer: dream only. Thank god. I wont let anything happen to my ishani.
Next day ranveer went to office early. Naina came to entrance of rv’s home. She cut the break wire in ishani’s car.
Naina: ishani you are over.
Meanwhile, Rithik got message from naina’s mom,” she didn’t come here.”
Rithik(to himself) : which means naina is here only. Omg what will she do now? I should alert ranveer.
He called ranveer, but ranveer didn’t attend, ranveer was so busy.
Rithik(in his thoughts) : I will go to his office.
He called naina. But she didn’t answer his calls.
Rv’s home landline rang. Ishani took it.
Ishani: haan bhabhi tell me.
Rithika: can we go out?
Ishani: where?
Rithika: to my friend’s engagement. Actually our husbands are so busy. So..
Ishani: okay bhabhi. I will come.
Ishani got ready and came out. She took that car key and opened the car door. Naina was so happy.
Naina(in her thoughts): ishani go… god is waiting for you.
Ishani sat in car. But car didn’t start. She came out.
Naina: damn what happened to this car?
Rithika came there.
Rithika: ishani lets go in my car.
Ishani: haa bhabhi sure.
Naina(in her thoughts) : my first plan failed. Let me follow her and do something. Oh my god I forgot about bhaiya.
Naina called rithik.
Naina: I am sorry bhaiya. I missed my flight. Don’t worry I will leave tonight.
Rithik: thank god Naina you changed.
He cut the call.
Naina(in her thoughts) : I never change bhaiya.
Naina followed them.

Afternoon ranveer became free and called ishani.
Ranveer: hi Mrs. Vaghela. Mr. Vaghela is free now. Can we go out for lunch?
Ishani: maybe Mr. Vaghela is free now but Mrs. Vaghela is really busy. She is not in home.
Ranveer: then where are you?
Ishani: in rithika bhabhi’s friend wedding.
Ranveer: tell me the venue. I will come and pick up you.
Ishani: no Mr. Vaghela I can’t leave bhabhi here alone.
Ranveer: then I will come with sharman. He is also free now.
Ishani: but….
Ranveer: don’t eat anything I will come and we will go for lunch. Bye. Love u.
Ranveer cut the call and went to sharman’s cabin.
Ranveer: sharman lets go.
Sharman: I am busy RV. You leave. I will come late.
Ranveer: you should come now. Work is work but family is important. Your wife is missing you so much. We will do this work later. First we should leave.
Sharman: rithika went to her friend’s marriage with ishani. So, she won’t miss me.
Ranveer: ishani is going to leave that place. So rithika will be alone right?
Sharman: why should ishani leave?
Ranveer: don’t ask questions. Just come with me.
Sharman: you planned to go out with ishani. But ishani don’t want to leave rithika alone. So you want me to accompany rithika. Am I right?
Ranveer: don’t you love your wife?
Sharman: if I don’t love her, I won’t come with you.
Rithika took food plates for ishani and her.
Rithika: ishani come we will eat.
Ishani: bhabhi I should not eat.
Rithika: why?
Ishani: I am not feeling hungry.
Rithika: okay. Then I will eat.
When rithika was about to eat, ishani hold her hand.
Ishani: you should not eat alone.
Rithika: I am hungry ishani please

That time sharman hugged her from behind. She turned and surprised to see sharman. She hugged him tightly.
Rithika: I missed u.
Sharman: me too.
Ranveer came and stand beside ishani.
Ishani: okay bhabhi you both carry on. We will leave.
Ranveer and ishani came out.
Ishani: ranveer I missed u so much.
Ranveer : okay lets leave.
Naina saw this and boiled in anger.
Rithik went to shivanya’s hospital. She was searching her id card in bag. Rithika showed her id card. Shivanya was so angry on him. He asked,” I am sorry”
Rithik: i hurted u badly. I am really sorry for that.
Shivanya: its okay Mr…
Rithik: Rithik singh. You can call me rithik.
Shivanya: okay Rithik thank you for your help.
Rithik: no thank you and sorry between friends.
Shivanya: okay rithik i will see you later.
Rithik: when?
Shivanya: when time comes.
Rithik gave his visiting card to her.
Rithik: if you need any help, you can contact me.
Shivanya: sure.
Rithik went to his office. He was thinking about Shivanya.
Rithik: why am I thinking about her? It may be sympathy rithik. So please concentrate on your work.
That time rithik’s pa came inside.
PA: sir pls sign these paper.
Rithik: I have one doubt. Can you clarify the doubt?
PA: sir you are my boss. You know more than me.
Rithik: I am going to ask something that is not related to office.
PA: okay sir ask me.
Rithik: suppose you saw a very beautiful man. You showed your anger to that stranger. After that you saw him and asked sorry too. But now you are thinking about him only. You are out of your control. What is the reason for all this?
PA: no doubt it’s love.
Rithik(in his thoughts) : I met her 2 times only. Then how can I love her?
PA: sir may I leave?
Rithik: haan.
Rithik was so confused. Screen freezes with his confused face.
Sorry for late update.

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  1. very nic but too short….pls next tym update soon….as soon as possible….

    1. Bhavani

      I will give long update tonight or tomorrow night

  2. Hi bhavani, how are u doing? After long time u updated. Thanks for updating. Happy that naina’s plan failed but she will not keep quite, her next plan is ready. Anyways waiting for ishveer moments and I hope they will be safe. Bye.. take care dear

    1. Bhavani

      sorry I am sick. so only I didn’t update yesterday. sorry

  3. hii bhavani i’m silent reader & i really like ur ff…..but sometime bahut long wait krna padta he….kabhi kabhi to lgta he ki apne yhi tk end krr dia…so pls update soon…bcos I really miss ur ff


    Great episode again…..this naina is so sick????…hate that girl…..hope IshVeer will be fine….naina should die

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