MATSH: Love is life (episode 1)


Guys I’m back again with my ff love is life
This is just to brush ur memory

Ishani and ranveer husband wife
Janki or Janu and mayank their 4 years children

The episode starts with ranveer ishani planning to celebrate their children’s birthday. Ranveer was with ishani and says to her this year janki too is cured(she had problem of legs) and this time I have no business tour so we will throw a party. Ishani says even I was thinking that. Janki overhears n says birthday party but of whose? Ishani change the topic and says baby ur homework is incomplete first complete that n then do whatever you wish. Janu obeys.

Ranveer taunts her and says u have inculcated nice talent in u of changing topic. Ishani says I follow healthy diet and I drink a glass of bitter guard juice and today u too have to drink it! And she leaves. Ranveer says I have u for this. Ishani says but I love you. Suddenly the secretary of society calls ishveer and few more parents to complain about their boys playing cricket and breaking glass of windows and playing cricket here is against the society rule. The children apologize. Ranveer was about to says something where Ishani signs him no.he then stays silent. Then they go home. Ishani scolds maynak for misbehaving.

Ranveer says it is his childhood let him enjoy if not now then never he will enjoy. Ishani says u always take side of him when he does something wrong. Ranveer syas u just unnecessarily scold my child. Ishani syas what is my child?? Even he is my son. Ranveer says when I scoold him for his good u have problem and they argue. Janu at a corner blows a balloon and then blasts it has a big sound was created. Ishveer goes to her and says whatsvwas that! Janu cutely replies from when ull are arguing and creating noise. I thought even I should join ull.

Ishveer smiles and hold their ears and says sorry my sweety. Mayank saye from now won’t play cricket here. Janu says papa I’m more disciplined than mayank so this time for our birthday I want an extra gift. Mayank says papa there should be equality. Ishaani records their video. Ranveer asks why. Ishani replies when our kids will grow I’ll show it to them. Ranveer says I remember even u used to make my video in childhood. They say to each other and I love you and screen freezes

Precap:—guys ull suggest the precap and even tell me whether I should continue of no and guys plz do commnet yes or no

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