matsh : a life with u (Intro and Episode 1)


Hi guys ,I am really excited to write ff on matsh

RANVEER belongs to big family studying in st. Joseph college
ISHANI : Also belongs to big family ,she also studies in same clge
Falguni: mother of ISHANI
Karthik: brother of ISHANI ,senior of ishveer
As the clge reopens, RANVEER and ishani is same class ,they dono each other bt ishani’s frnd purvi knows ranveer ,she intro ‘s ranveer to ishani . They said hai and ishani ask purvi to come nd sit.
Rithvik is ranveer’s frnd ,as ranveer and rithvik became to chat with each other ,karthik comes to ishani ‘s class nd cals her

Purvi and ishani goes ,ranveer asked rithvik who he is? He says our senior and ishani’s frnd
Karthik ask him to be carefull with karthik as he is president .
ISHANI says bhai ! Wat hapnd? Karthik says u left the lunch box in home ,so I came to give ,ishu says thanks nd leaves

At lunch
Ishani,purvi was sitting and havng their lunch ,rithvik and ranveer came there ,purvi calls rithvik y they r roaming. Ritvik says no place and purvi ask ishani shall they sit as 2 seats r free ,ishu nods k and purvi ask them to seat

As ishani looks at ranveer ,he too looks and she ask wat ? RANVEER says nthg and looks down

ISHANI Puts colours on ranveer’s face as it is holi, karthik looks

Plse comment if I lyk

Credit to: naveena

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  1. supr yaar..all d bst for continuing a ff..plzz make it daily yaar

  2. Woah….I wanted to save ishveer college life……………..Thanks yaar. And just love it……

  3. Love the introduction.

  4. I mean see…

  5. Ya new track naveena ,keep going yaar,youthfull story i l like it

  6. ishveer in college life …. suuperb

  7. superbb.. Pls make it daily

  8. College life of ishveer superb.

  9. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    awsomeee i think ranveer again falll 1st in love with ishu i love it………..keep going superb……from start……..

  10. Very nice start keep it up

  11. very nice ishveer collage life.

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