MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 20


Recap: Ranveer and Ishaani’s nok jhok continues. They enter the airport and board the flight. Ishaani sits and Ranveer sits beside her.

Scene 1
The episode starts with Ranveer and Ishaani boarding the flight. In the flight Ishaani and Ranveer sleep.

Scene 2
Ranveer and Ishaani reach Mumbai and come home. Ambaa does their aarti.Ambaa says abh meri bahun agayi hain ( MY daughter in law has come). Ishaani seems sad. Ambaa notices it and says sorry meri beti aa gayi hain ( She says sorry my daughter ahs come). Ishaani smiles and hugs her. Ranveer says yeh achaa hain beti aa gayi toh beten ko bhool jao ( Your daughter has come that means you forget me). Ambaa Smiles and hugs both of them.Ishaani asks where is Baba and Papa( KAILAS AND NITIN).Ambaa says they have one out for some work , they will come in some time . Ranveer says hum aye aur who gaye( WE came they went).Ishaani smiles. Ranveer and Ishaani enter the house and Baa hugs them. All are happy. Manas and Parul come from behind with Krish. Ishaani hugs Parul and congrats her. Ranveer congrats both of them. Chaitali asks Ranveer whether he got the perfume. Ranveer is about to answer when Mitesh kaka says abhi toh aye hain dono saans to lene do, aate hi shuru ho gayi ( They have come now, let them breathe, don’t start it now). Ranveer says its ok kaka and I have brought gifts for all of you. Chaitali seems excited. Disha is not very happy. Devarsh and Krisha hug Ranveer and Ishaani and asks Ishaani to tell her everything . Laxmi kaki tells Ishaani abh tum aa gayi hon a toh bas abh hum milkar Parul ki shaadi ki tayari karenge ( You have come now so we both will do Parul’s wedding preps together) Ishaani smiles and hugs her.Ranveer goes to Ambaa and says mujhe aapko kuch dikhana hain. Ambaa says haan dikhra kya batana hain ? Ranveer is about to say when Ishaani puts her hand on his mouth and drags him upstairs. All are surprised to see this. Krisha says lagta hain Ishaani ka Romance abh tak khatam nahi hua. All laugh.

Ishaani takes ranveer to room and makes him sit on the bed . Ranveer pulls her and they fall on the the bed with Ishaani on top of him …the serial title song plays in bg( the slow one). Ishveer are lost in each others eyes. Ishaani breaks the eyelock and says you broke the challenge and were going to tell maa about it. Ranveer says which video . I was going to show maa our photos why did you drag me here. Ishaani says toh tumhe batana chahiye the ki tum kya kar rahe ho mujhe kya sapna ayega ki tum photos dikhane wale ho( You should have told me that you were goin to show pics to ma would I get a dream that you were do it). Ranveer says wahi toh kar raha tha tum mujhe aise sab ke samne khich kar layi, sab kya sochenge ( I was doin that only Ishaani, you did not listen and got me up , what will all of them think). Krisha and Parul come from behind and say that wahi sochenge jo sochna hain ( They say that we will think what should be thought). Ishaani says matlab ( Meaning). Ranveer kisses her cheek and says matlab yeh ( he kisses her and says this is what it means). Ishaani stands in surprise as to what he did in front of Krisha and Parul. Krisha says humne kuch bhi nahi dekha ( we din’t see anything). Ranveer says tumne nahi dekha achaa wapis se dikhata hoon and kisses her cheek again ( He says you did not see anything I will show you again, and kisses Ishaani again). Ranveer smiles and says did you see now. They nod and say continue your romance we don’t want to come in between. Ranveer smiles looking at Ishaani as she is surprised as to what just happened. Ranveer picKs Ishaani up and says meri pyaari si wife tum kitni cute ho ( YOU ARE REALLY LOOOKING CUTE ISHAANI). Ranveer takes her down and she smiles looking at her.

I ‘m sorry guys I will not be able to post for the next 2 weeks as my exams are starting from the 22nd August. So will post my next episode on 3rd September. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the support from all my fans and readers.
I hope u like the episode. Thanks for reading.

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  1. it was fabulous dr….liked it a lotttttt….ishveer scenes were sooo cuteeee…can’t wait for the next epiiiii….anyway keep rockingggg…..n all d best for Exammmzzz…

  2. Palaklunkad

    tnx arya and i are u knew

  3. Hi Palak I am very happy that you updated it and ya I can wait till your exams ? but pls update it after ur exams will get over ?

  4. Palak loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking… r u ..I guess u remember me …and all the best for ur exams

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  7. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    its k, do ur xams well , all the best bro

  8. Maya-Shelly

    Fabulous epi dr
    All the best for the exams
    Vl miss ur ff
    Keep smiling
    Take care

  9. i am not bro i am a girl

  10. Jasmine rahul

    As usual ishveer scenes were nice

  11. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Really Loved it. Ishveer scenes were just so cute and AWESOME. By reading this i really miss my ishveer. All the best 4r ur exams may i know in which std u r in?

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