MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 9 { In Paris}


Scene 1
The episode starts with Parul and Ishaani together packing bag. Just then Ranveer comes in and says bhabhi aur nanad mil ke packing kar rahe hain. Parul says yes bhai, waise apko kuch kaam tha kya. Ranveer signals Parul to leave. Parul tells Ishaani that she has some work and she shall leave. Ishaani says ok , by the way our packing is done. Parul leaves. Ranveer holds Ishani from front and tells her that he has got something for her. She asks what? Ranveer gives her a pendent ( a heart shapped with diamonds all over) , with R and I scripted on it. Ishaani asks what does R and I stand for? Ranveer says R for Ranveer and I for Ishani. Ishani says wah mere Mr Waghela , yeh kahi romantic tha I’m impressed. Ranveer thankyou Mrs Waghela for your compliment. They both laugh . Ranveer makes her wear the pendent, Ranveer puts his hand on her face and says we have united after so much time, I am very happy. I love you Ishani. Ishani says I love you too. They both say to each other Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi.They both hug each other.

Just then they hear Ambaa and Baa calling them, both of them get back standing. Ambaa says chalo Ishani , Ranveer late nahi ho raha. Baa says Ambaa samjha karo do no ek doosre ke saath waqt bita rahe thein. Ambaa says Paris mein toh wahi karna hain. Chalo jaldi. Ishani says haa Maa I’ll change and come. They leave. Ishveer get ready and go downstairs. Downtairs, Ambaa tells Ishveer , have fun and always stay happy. Baa and also says the same. Chaitali get perfume for me, Mitesh says Chaitali they are going on honeymoon . Don’t trouble them. Chaitali says Ranveer can get a perfume for me. Ranveer says why not Kaki I’ll surely get it for you. Nitin tells Ishveer, stay happy and come back soon.

Parul says abi toh honeymoon shrub hi nahi hua hain aur itni excitement bhai.. All laugh . Just then Shikhar comes and tells Ishani , Paris ja rahi ho aur mujhe bataya tak nahi, Not done Ishani. Ishani says mein na bohot busy thi toh time nahi mila. Shikhar says abh kahan time milega , Ranveer ke saath hi rahogi pure time. Ishani says sorry baba. Shikhar says majak kar raha tha. They both hug. Shikhar wishes both of them luck. He says mere dost ko wapis sabhal ke lana. All laugh and are shown happy.

Scene 2
Ishveer reach airport. They board the flight. In the flight, Ishani and Ranveer sleep leanig on each other.The air hostess wakes them up saying they have reached Paris. Ishveer wake up and thank the airhostess. They come out of airport. Ishveer walk hand in hand. A man holding a cardboard with Ranveer’s name is shown. Ranveer sees him and asks him whether he is from the hotel Four seasons. He says yes. Ranveer introduces himself. The man takes them to the hotel. The hotel manager tells them that there is a honeymoon suite booked for them. Ranveer says fine lets go then. The manager shows them their suite and tells them that can come to the restraunt in the evening as there is some games and music for the coples today, and leaves. Ranveer holds Ishani and says abh toh hum honeymoon par hai. Ishani says abh nahi. I need to rest now , And she rests on bed. Ranveer says fine and rests beside her.

Scene 3
Its evening. Ranveer and Ishani get up. Ishani stands and starts to leave when Ranveer holds Ishani’s hand and says Ishani where are you going. She says we have to go for dinner. Ranveer leaves her hand. She goes to bathroom. Ishani comes in a hot pink gown. Ranveer wearing a black suit is mesmerized. She goes near the mirror and wears diamond earings and puts sindoor. Ranveer tells Ishani chale madam. She nods yes and puts her hand in his hand.
They reach the restraunt and take a table holding each other’s hand. Just then the manager comes and tells I hope you enjoy sir. He nods yes. The host ( The one who is organizing the game and party) tells who would like to sing a song for their loved one. Ranveer tells I. Ishani says Ranveer tum. He leaves. On stage Ranveer sings dil ko dukhana kise kehtein hai ( the on from ek hasina thi.) Ishani smiles seeing Ranveer on stage.

PRECAP: The song tere haat mein mera haat ho plays in bg. Ishveer are shown……

Credit to: Palak Lunkad

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  1. The episode was so nice Palak I really liked it waiting for the next episode very excitedly pls update the next so soon ?

  2. Fantastic episode Palak darling!!!! I loved it! The pendant part, Ishveer sleeping on each other in the plane, and the dinner and song was amazing!! You are a superb writer!!!

  3. Wow superb episode. Loved it
    Pls add subtitles for hindi words as I can’t understand hindi. Pls it’s a request

  4. Very romantic dude

  5. Yes Sumaiya sumi i will do it. Thanks all of you

  6. rookey rookers

    yes palak deari agree with sumi . so pls translate it to eng.

  7. Superb episode palak?

  8. jasmine Rahul

    Ranveer giving ishaani a heart shaped diamond pendant with R n I n their dialogues were romantic.In d fkught they sleep leaning on each other.too romantic.Ishaani in pink gown impressed Ranveer.Ranveer sang 4 romantic

  9. Wow such a romantic & cute epi

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