MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 8


Scene 1
The episode starts with Ambaa telling Ranveer that we will talk later first make Ishani wear the ring. Ranveer makes Ishani wear the ring.
All clap . Baa says we all are tired, and all rituals are done so everyone can go to rest. She tells Ranveer to take Ishani . Nurbhay tells Ranveer you will have to pick Ishani in your arms and take her. Shikhar tells yes Ranveer you should. He takes her in his arms. They both reach to their room. Ranveer makes Ishani sit on the bed and he too sits near her and just a cracking sound comes from the bed and Ranveer removes the bed sheet and he sees Papad laid on the bed . Ishani sees it and laughs. Just then Shikhar, Nurbhay, Naina and Kaira come in and say Ranveer tumhein kya laga tum itne easily Ishani ke saath romance karoge woh bhi hamare hote hue. Nurbhay says aaj toh tumhari achi band baji. All of them laugh. Ranveer says acha toh yeh sab tumhari planning thi, Ishaani says haa hamari planning thi. Ranveer says Ishani you and runs behind her. She hides behind Shikhar. Ranveer holds her and says now where will you run. Shikhar and Naina cough, indicating about their presence. Ranveer tells them abh toh akela chod do. They all leave. Ranveer turns back and sees Ishani asleep on bed. He caress her face and kisses on her forehead. He goes and sleeps next to her.

Scene 2
Its morning ,Ishani wakes and sees herself in Ranveer’s arms and says Ranveer tum soothe hue kitne sweet dikhtein ho , she kisses him on his cheeks. Ranveer just then wakes up and pulls her towards him. Ishaani frees herself and says you cant catch me and goes in the bathroom. (I have changed Ishani’s look in the ff ,she wears boat neck stylish blouses and beautiful saris with her mangalsutra and earings. ) She comes out dressed in a beautiful sari and goes to the dressing table to wear bindi and earings. Ranveer makes her wear bindi and earings. He turns her face towards him and opens her tied hair and says you look pretty in open hair. There is an eyelock between them when Parul calls them for breakfast. Ishaani gives Ranveer towel and says go for a bath now. Parul says bhabhi kya hua kal. Ishani aisa kuch nahi hua tha jaisa tum soch rahi ho. Till then they reach downstairs. Ishaani sees Nitin and says Papa aap, he says yes . I have a surprise for you, call Ranveer. Ranveer comes says what happen. Nitin says take this envelope. Ishani says wat is it. Nitin says open it you we will come to know. Ranveer opens it and tells its an honeymoon package to Paris. Ishaani says what was the need, Nitin says you need a vacation, after so much time you have united they agree. Nurbhay and Naina tell Ranveer that shall go now. Ishaani tells them that they could have stayed here for more days. Nurbhay says I have some work over there. Ishaani tells them that they will have to come back soon. Nurbhay and Naina say yes and leave. Ambaa tells them to have breakfast as they have to do packing also. They all have breakfast.

Scene 3
Praul comes to Ishani , Bhabhi you will wear saree over there. She says why not. Parul says bhabhi ap bhai ke saath honeymoon par jaa rahe ho, kuch western pehno. Parul gets some western clothes and says bhabhi you will wear this. Ishaani says ok baba yahi pehnugi. Parul smiles.

PRECAP : Ranveer and Ishaani reach Paris. There is some romance.

Credit to: Palak Lunkad

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  1. Awesome episode Palak!!! I loved it! It was cute with the wedding night prank and I love how ishveer will be going to paris together!! I cant wait for your next episode!

  2. Very nice Palak the episode was so good eagerly waiting for your next episode pls update the next soon ?

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So cute episode.loved it palak.

  4. rookey rookers

    super palak

  5. jasmine Rahul

    I missed d maha epi.2day only i saw it.
    Ranveer invited nitin n informed Ishaani that he is her real father.surprised n happy that ishaani accepted nitin as her dad as she saw d same luv her foster father had in his eyes.loved that emotional scene.Ranveer united father daughter.Ishveer got!The most famous couples of tv as came 2 create probs.Durga aaliya shikar caught her.But Ishaani handled her with her advise n naina backed off her evil plan.did naina rly change or is she pretending?The ring ceremony was cute n romantic.
    Ranveer kissing d sleeping ishaani,ishveer morning on d bed,ranveer making her wear bindi earrings n opening her hair were so romantic.Nitin sending them 4 honeymoon.Ishaani will wear modern dresses 4 honeymoon.Cant wait 2 c ranveer’s reaction.gud that u gave ishani stylish sarees n blouses post marriage.

    thank u very much 4 bringing back Nitin on my request.

  6. Very nice epi

  7. wow it’s very nice.waiting for precap

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