MATSH : Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 6 & 7 [ MAHA EPISODE]


Scene 1
The episode starts with Disha ending the call and telling that Ishani now I’l see how you and Ranveer marry. Naina is shown outside Waghela Mansion saying I will get my Ranveer back. She calls someone and says I have come. Disha comes outside and meets Naina and says now you can go . I’’ll give you keys of the house. She gives it. She leaves. In Ranveer’s study , Ranveer calls Nitin ( remember Ishani’s dad) and says uncle I am inviting you for my and Ishani’s marriage tomorrow as you are her father. He says butV Ranveer I cant face her . Ranveer says you will have to do her kanyadan. Ranveer says please uncle come tomorrow morning. He agrees. At Naina’s house, Naina says tomorrow I will exute my plan . kal ka din Ishani ka sabse bura din hoga aur mera sabse accha din.

Scene 2
Its morning, all wedding preparations are going on. Baa and Ambaa are very exited.In Ishani’s room, Ishani thinks today finally me and Ranveer will unite. She gets ready and goes downstairs. Downstairs, Nitin has come, Ishani asks him uncle you. Before he says anything Ranveer comes and greets him and thanks him for coming. He tells he is very happy to see him here. He tells Nitin that I think it’s the time we should tell the truth to everyone. Ishani asks what truth. He says Nitin uncle is your father. She and everyone are shocked. Tears roll down Ishani’s face, and sudden smile comes on her face and she hugs Nitin and calls him Papa. Mere papa song plays in background. She says why din’t you tells us earlier. He says because I thought u would be angry and won’t accept me as your father. She says I know you left us alone and that time Baba (Harshad Parekh) was with us ,He gave me so much love that I never felt the pain you gave me . I never thought of you, as my Baba was always with me. He always supported me. He fulfilled all my wished. He never made me feel that I wasn’t his daughter. He fulfiiled all his duties towards me as a father. I was happy that my own father left me and I got Baba . But today I can see the same love , care, pain in your eyes for me. I want you to stay with me. Its my marriage today. Pls do my kanyadan. My baba died my maa died, now you being my papa are there for me. I want you to be with me, support me in my decisions like my baba did. Please don’t go papa. She hugs him again. He says yes I will be with you. I will do your kanyadan. All are emotional when Shikhar comes in says kya hua koi family movie dekhi hain kya ,kyun ho rahe ho. They all laugh. Shikhar says I am very happy for you , you have got your father back and says don’t cry , save some tears for your bidaai. They all are happy. Shikhar says I have found a girl for me just like Ishaani. They all seem surprised. He says her name is Kaira (Mouni Roy). They all are happy hearing this. Abhi tak pakki nahi hain, lets see. Ishani says chalo mere is handsome se dost ko koi toh mili. Ranveer says Shikhar ko toh mil gayi , Nurbhay tumhara kya. Nurbhay says don’t worry about it. All are shown happy.

Scene 3
Its evening, all preparations are done. Zain and Aaliya (Beintehaa), Abhi and Pragya ( Kumkum Bhagya), Dev and Durga ( Ek Hasina Thi) and Raman and Ishita ( Yeh Hain Mohabattein) come to the venue. Baa and Ambaa welcome them. They ask where are the bride and groom , Baa tells them the groom is up in his room and the dulhan will come with the baarat, she tells toh tum soch lo tumhe kiske saath rehna hain. Durga and Aaliya say that mein dulhe ke saath hoon , Ishita and Pragya say mein bhi. Zain, Dev, Raman and Abhi say hum dulhan ki taraf hain. Baa says toh chalo. All of them say waise hume karma kya hai. Baa tells the families are exchanged. All of them give a surprised look. Baa explains, jo dulhe ka parivaar hain who dulhan ke saath hain aur jo dulhan ka parivaar hain who dulhe ke saath. All of them give a happy and jolly expression. The boys leave for the hotel ( where Ishani and others are there) . The boys come to hotel and meet Ambaa , she says I am happy that you are on are side . So lets leave. They say yes. On the otherside, Aaliya and all girls come to Manas and Pratik and say kya tumne kuch socha , hum Ranveer ke joote ladike walo se kaise bachaige. They say no. Girls say patta tha hume zaroor kuch nahi socha hoga. Nurbhay comes from back and says socha hai. They say what. He explains the plan in mute. They scream yes. In the hotel, Shikhar comes with Kaira and family,he introduces Ambaa , Kailash , Laxmi , Parul and the boys to Kaira . He tells her that Ishani is my best friend and I am very happy for her. Shikhar takes her to Ishani’s room . he knocks at the door she says come in. Shikhar comes in with Kaira , Ishani is wearing a beautiful golden and red lehenga with red blouse and a golden dupatta with diamond ,ruby gold jewellery. Ishaani says toh tum ho who jisne mere friend ka dil chooraya hain, Kaira says meaning . Shikhar sighns her and Ishaani says matlab kuch nahi. She says tum kaira ho, she says yes. Aur aap ishani , Shikhar ki best friend. Ishaani says bilkool sahi . They all smile. Boys come and say cholo late ho raha hain shaadi karni hain ya nahi. Ishani says shaayad nahi and laughs, all laugh. Everyone leave. Outside Ambaa does aarti of ishani and makes her sit on the horse. They all dance as the baarat proceeds. Shikhar and other boys dance on Mere dost ki shaadi hain…… They reach Waghela Mansion. Naina hides outside. As they come , Ishani gets of the horse and Baa does her aarti and pulls her nose. She says it’s a ritual. All laugh. They all go inside. Naina enters inside as old lady with grey wig. Inside, the garland wearing ritual starts, panditji asks for garlands. Shikhar gets it from Ishani’s side and Nurbahy gets it from Ranveer’s side . Zain and Dev pick Ishani up when Ranveer just makes her wear the garland. He can’t make her wear it. Nitin tells Pratik and Manas to pick Ranveer up. They pick him up. Ishveer exchange garlands. All clap and are happy. Meanwhile, Aaliya and Durga take the shoes and hide it Abhi and Raman see this . Abhi tells Raman yeh ladkiya apne aap ko kuch jaada smart nahi samjti. Raman says who toh hain, abh hum unko apni smartness dikhayege. They move to take the shoes and suddenly Pragya and Ishita come and put their hands around their necks. While panditji says there is some time for pheras . Nitin tells Ishani that in some time you and Ranveer will get married and I want you both to be happy and supportive towards each other. Ishani hugs Nitin. Where as Aaliya and Durga doubt on Naina ( being an old lady). They tell their doubts to Zain and Dev. Zain goes and picks up Naina’s wig. Everyone look at her with shock. Nurbhay tells Naina how did you come out of jail. She says she never went to jail, she ran away and the police could not trace her. He tells how can you stoop so low. You can’t improve ,you are still the same. She says I loved Ranveer , but what did he do , he betrayed me for that Ishani , I did not deserve it. And they are marrying happily without thinking how will I feel, I can’t let this happen. Nurbhay raises his hand to slap Naina but Ishani stops him and tells Nurbahy I will handle the matter. She tells Naina I know you love Ranveer but you know the way that you want to express your love is wrong . Love means to live for someone else . To live in other’s happiness . To share his sorrows not to get him by hook ar by crook.Ishani tells what will you get marrying Ranveer if he doesn’t love you. You will be his wife but his heart will be connected to me. Think peacefully nor you or Ranveer will be happy. Please understand we are going to unite after a long time . Please let us marry. Naina starts realizing her mistake and tells Ishani I was fool not to understand that you both are made for each other. I am really sorry. Shikhar says chalo shaadi karni hain. Panditji calls Nitin for Kanyadan. He does it. Parul does the gathbandan. And panditji says stand up for pheras . They stand up. The pheras start. Ishveer take promises in their mind in each phera. They hold each others hand while taking pheras. Everyone are happy seeing the pheras. The pheras get over and panditji asks Ranveer to fill Ishani’s hairline with verimillon and make her wear the mangal sutra ( the mangalsutra has single chain on both sides with a big diamond in between, the one she use to wear earlier.) He does so. Panditji says marriage is done. All clap and Shikhar and all boys along with Nurnhay screm in joy. Aaliya and all others too do the same. All are super joyed happy.

Scene 4
Aaliya , Durga , Pragya and Ishita tell Ranveer that you don’t need to pay them nake. Raman, Zain, Dev and Abhi say why so , if we have the shoes then we should get the nake, ( they show the shoes) . They are surprised when Abhi says you thought you would fool us and we won’t come to know. When you were romancing us and we had sensed something wrong and so we told Shikhar to get the shoes. All look at Shikhar. Shikhar says why are you making me the centre of attraction, it was done by Kaira. Kaira explains how she took the shoes and gave it to Shikhar. They all ask Ranveer for the nake. Ranveer looks at Ishani, Ishani says why are you looking at me give nake to them. Shikhar laughs and says Ranveer Ishaani tumhari wife hone se pehle who hamari friend hain. Zainiya, Ishra,Devga and Abhagya leave. Ishveer thank them for getting involved in their happiness . They smile. Naina calls everyone and tells there is one more ritual left. Baa asks what. Naina says ring finding ritual. Baa says oh haa hum toh bhool hi gaye the. Ambaa says no Baa I did not forget and gets a bowl with milk and water mixed. She removes a ring from her finger and tells Ishani that it is the khaandani ring , I’ll put in the bowl and one of you have to find the ring. She puts the ring in the bowl. She counts 1 2 3 start. They both trie to find ring .Shikhar and Ambaa cheer for Ishani and Nurbhay, Naina and Baa cheer for Ranveer. Ranveer finds the ring, and just then Ishani gives a flying kiss to Ranveer. He leaves the ring and Ishani picks it up. She shows it to everyone . All clap. Ranveer says its cheating. Shikhar asks what cheating. He realizes what he was going to say and keeps quite. They all are shown happy.

Guys the precap is a surprise. I will update my next on 18 th may. Thanks all of u for ur support. Specially Reena di, Neelam di, Jasmine rahul and Prince.

Credit to: Palak Lunkad

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  1. FANTABULOUS EPISODE DARLING!!! It was soooooo gud! You are a superb writer!! This episode left me with no words..❤️

  2. Thank u so much reena di. Its because of ur support. Thanks a lot . I wanted to ask whether u writeany ff. I know i should not ask but what is your age

    1. Hi Palak sis! I write the Love Withstands All ff and I am 15.. How old are you?

  3. Marveloustic story dude

  4. Thanks prince for your comment. Actually I might on a holiday so can’t publishe. THanks for urgent support

  5. Wow…… Dear Palak it was sooo nice episode and you used the old mangalsutra of ishani I also like that more than the new again it was really really really awesome

  6. Sorry guys it was a dictionary mistake

  7. nice palak and now I get to know what we say sindur in English and thanks forimproving my vocabulary,

  8. Palak dear fantastic epi.

  9. Tnx all of you for your lovely comments.

  10. Didi u forgot my name just kidding really very good episode and thanks for long one

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