MATSH : Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 4


Scene 1
The episode starts with Parul informing everyone about their decision. All are happy and Ranveer brings sweet. They all disscus about Manas and Parul’s marriage. Manas and Parul say that they need some time. Ishveer agree and Ishani tells Parul that I understand your situation and I am happy that you spoke your heart out. Disha comes with a lawyer and says this marriage can’t happen. Everyone are shocked and Disha continues saying that she and Manas are not divorced . she says that she is Manas’s legal wife and he can’t marry Parul legally. Ishani says stop it , aur kitna natak karogi. I have the divorce papers . Ranveer says you thought you would hide the papers and we wouldn’t even know. He shows her divorce papers with her’s and Manas’s sign . Ishani says I know that Manas doesn’t know about it because you had made him sign it by cheating. Everyone is relived . Ishani says I know you are my sister and so for your betterment I want Manas and Parul to get married and Parul can take care of Krish. Disha tells please Ishani don’t show fake sympathy. She goes in anger with her lawyer. Ishani is upset Ranveer and others console her.

Scene 2
It’s haldi function . all family members come together along with Nurbhay and Mehra family. Ishani’s family says that they will do Ranveer’s haldi and Ranveer’s family says that they will do their Ishani’s haldi , Nurbhay tells that he is on Ranveer’s side and Shikar tells that he is on Ishani’s side. All family members are dressed in yellow colour dresses . Ishani wears a yellow lehenga with white blouse and yellow white dupatta. She wears flower made jewellery.
Ranveer wears a full yellow kurta paijama . the haldi function starts. Ambaa puts a yellow saree in between Ranveer and Ishani. Baa puts haldi on Ranveer’s face and Ambaa puts haldi on Ishani’s face. Next Chaitali kaki and Kailash puts haldi on Ishveer’s face. All put haldi to Ranveer and Ishani . At last Shikhar puts full haldi bowl on Ishani’s face and hands. Nurbhay and Prateek do the same to Ranveer. Everything goes well.

Scene 3
Its evening and there are preperations going on for mehendi and Sangeet. Ranveer thinks that its been a longtime since I have met Ishani. I want to meet her , but how? In Ishani’s room , Baa comes and tells Ishani that I have called a makeup artist for you. Ishani tells Baa there is no need to call a makeup artist. Baa tells there is a need , I want your marriage to be the grandest and you to look the best bride ever. Ishani smiles. Ranveer hears their convo and thinks now I know what to do. A lady enters in Ishani’s room wearing a long plazo and kurta with a dupatta on her head covering her face . She has put red lipstick and she wears a chain. Baa asks her weather she is the make up artist. She says yes. Baa asks her why is she so shy and covering her face , whether she is the bride. She says no , who toh bas dhool mitti ki vajah se. baa tells her to do makeup of Ishani. She nods yes. Baa leaves the room. The lady removes her dupatta . and it’s Ranveer. Ishani says Ranveer tum yaha par . Ranveer says haan toh maine socho ki apni honewali wife ke saath thoda romance ho jaaye. He pulls her towards him . and tells her that it was his plan to become a lady and meet her. She tells acha yeh baat hai. He says haa yeh baat hai . She says then fine what do you want he says I’ll tell u later but for now give me a kiss. She says fine close your eyes . he closes she gives a kiss on his cheeks. She says now go. He says no this is cheating. She says no go. She pushes him out. She smiles and says kuch bhi karta hai yeh.

PRECAP: The mehendi function starsts and the lady asks ishani what is would be husbands name. She says soch na padega. Everyone is shocked.

Credit to: Palak Lunkad

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  1. Didi Superb episode and precap is funny keep updating like this to amuse us????

  2. Fantastic episode Palak!! I loved it soooo much! The ishveer scenes were too cute!! I am so excited for next episode!

  3. Today epi… I just loved it…. Toooooo good….. Just kee it up….. Eagerly waiting for next epi….

  4. So sweet episode and funny also just keep it up Pls update the next soon ?

  5. marveloustic ff dude

  6. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    soo nice dear , bur what is the meaning of precap as i dont know hindi i cant understand that .

  7. Thanks all of u. And rookey rookers for ever love of ranvi the precap means that ishani will have to think about her would be husband

  8. jasmine Rahul

    loved how ishaani made Disha’s plan a flop.Haldi was beautifully described.Ranveer entering Ishaani’s room disguised as make up artist n ishani kissing his cheek was so romantic

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