MATSH : Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 3


Scene 1
The episode starts with Ranveer and Ishani making each other wear rings. After the ring ceremony , Pratik and Parul host the party and say we will have some dance. Krisha and Devesh enter dancing on Meherbaan….. Then Manas and Parul dance on Hume tumse pyaar hain……. Disha is irked seeing that. After their dance Raveer comes and says I would like to call my ladylove on the dance floor . He takes Ishani’s hand and bend’s down on his knees and confesses his love for her and Ishani also confesses her love for him. The song Sab tera.. plays in background and they Dance on that song . In the last part of the song they take a pose where Ranveer holds ishani from back and they keep on staring each other . Just then Prateek comes and tells Jeeju song is over u can leave her. He realizes and they both stand up. Everyone is happy except Disha .Manas comes and tells Disha that Krish crying , I think he is hungry. Disha tells Manas that I just fed him and made him go to sleep . Manas says but he is a child , he must be hungry now go and see please. She goes annoyed . There in the room (where Krish was sleeping) Parul is already there taking care of Krish . Disha sees this and gets irked and takes the baby from Parul and tells her that it’s her baby and she can handle him properly . Parul says but he was crying so I came here. Disha says that now he is with his mother and she can go . Parul is hurt and leaves. Ishani sees this and leaves silently.

Scene 2
After the ceremony Ishani is in her room is lost inn thought and just then Ranveer comes from behind and hugs her and then turns her towards him. He sees Ishani’s worried face, and asks her what happened? She tells him all what happened in Disha’s room and tells Ranveer that I think the decision which we took was right . We should start arranging for Parul and Manas’s marriage. And I think Manas won’t have any problem. Ranveer say’s but what about Disha. Ishani says I will handle her as she is not a perfect mother or wife . I can see she is selfish. Ranveer agrees . Ranveert says chalo abhi smile caro , tumhara aisa udaas chehra acha nahi lagta . She smiles . Disha overhears their conversation and just then Ambaa enter’s the room and Disha hides . Ambaa says to Ranveer you are not allowed to meet Ishani until you both are married and says waise bhi shaadi ke baad ek saath hi to rehna hain , toh Ranveer dikra thoda intezar kar le. All of the three smile. Ambaa removes Ranveer from Ishani’s room. He leaves. Ambaa tells Ishani that she is lucky to have her as her DIL. Ishani smiles and Ambaa leaves.

Scene 3
Disha is shown shouting how can Ishani think of Manas and Parul’s marriage. No I can’t let this happen. She takes Ishani’s pic and burns it. She tell Ishani I won’t let u get your happiness . If you want to break my marriage even I want to save my marriage in any way.
It’s morning , Ranveer tells Baa, Ambaa and Laxmi that we should get Manas and Parul married as it will be better for Manas and Parul. Laxmi says but what about Disha. Ranveer tells that they both are officially divorced. Baa says how Disha and Manas never signed divorce paper . Ranveer calls Ishani and says we both were finding the letter that Disha gave to Manas when she left him and her child. And we found Divorce papers in it . It had Manas and Disha’s sign on it. Disha had hid the papers. Manas comes there and is shocked to hear that Disha cheated him twice. Parul also comes there . Ambaa tells them about their decision. Manas tells Ambaa that he needs some time and let him decide. Ambaa and all agree . After some time Manas comes to Parul and asks her if she is ready to marry him. She says yes. They inform others. All are happy.

PRECAP:Ishani and Ranveer’s Haldi function is going on . There is some Ishveer romace.

Credit to: Palak Lunkad

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  1. So sweet episode of the conversation between ishveer was very good just keep writing like this ?

  2. Superb episode Palak! I loved it! The dance between Ishveer and the smile conversation was too cute! Eagerly waiting for the next episode!!!

  3. Superior epi dude

  4. Very super. Plz continue

  5. jasmine Rahul

    I read all the 3 parts 2gether.I luv Ishveer.But un4tunately I cud watch the show only during my vacation in not familiar with all characters.
    Ranveer peeping in2 ishaani’s room n ishani pretending to sleep,Ranveer trying 2 touch her hand in d jewellery shop,their confession of luv in d engagement ceremony n dance were very romantic.Manas Parul wedding on d way.But Disha is coming btw them,also plans 2 cause probs 4 ishaani.Oh..hope this time Ishveer doesnt separate.
    Glad that u r writing d season2 of MATSH

  6. It’s just suuuperb…. I just loved it… pls update soon…

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