MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 25

Hi guyzz I am back with the 25th episode of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Season 2. So this the silver jublee episode and as I told you I am going to give you people a treat in Ishveer style so some exciting news for you people is that: Sharman( Gautam Gupta) will be making a re-entry in the story.
Today’s episode:
Scene 1
The episode starts with Ranveer seeing Ishaani smiling and laughing and he also dances and smiles. Ranveer in heart says aaj tumhe aise hasta hoon dekh kar mujhe uss pal ki yaad aa gayi jab meine tumhe pehli baar dekha, tum has rahi thi, tab mein tumhari uss hasrat mein itna kho gaya tha. Fb is shown where child Ishaani is shown laughing and child Ranveer is shown staring at her with love.fb ends, Ranveer in heart says tab tumhari ek hasrat thi jise paane ki meri hasiyat nahi thi par aaj wahi hasrat hain jiske liye mein apni sari jaidat,apne paise apna dil de sakta hoon, I love you Ishaani tum hamesha aise hi haste rehna kyunki jab tum hasti ho na tab sab kuch khoobsurat ho jata hain isiliye Meri aashiqui tumse hi. ( When I saw you laughing today, I remembered something, the day when I saw you for the first time, I remember that moment that time when you were laughing and I was so lost in your smile, fb is shown where Ishaani is laughing and smiling and Ranveer is staring at her,fb ends. Ranveer says in heart That time I could not afford your smile, but today I can give a million dollars for your smile, I can even give away my heart for your smile. I love you Ishaani and you always keep smiling because when you smile everything becomes beautiful and that’s why I only love you, Meri aashiqui tumse hi.) Baa says stop dancing, mujhe ek baat samaj nahi aayi ( I did not understand something). Chaitali says kya baa abh aapko kya nahi samaj aaya. ( Baa what was that you did not understand). Baa says Chaitali tuh agar bolne degi toh mein bataungi na. Haa toh Ishaani yeh Ranveer aisi harkat karne se raha aur nashe mein yeh kuch aisa karega nahi toh tune yeh sab usse kaise karvaya? ( Baa says Chaitali if you let me speak then I can speak right? So yes Ishaani how did you make Ranveer do all of it in the video as making Ranveer do it is impossible and he wont do such drama in drunken state.)Ishaani says baa woh to mein aapko nahi bataa sakti, woh ek secret abh jisse samaj mein aa gaya who samjhe,while saiying this Ishaani smirks at Ranveer. ( Ishaani says baa I can’t tell you as it is a secret and if someone understands it then good for him/her,while saying this she smirks at Ranveer.)Ishaani remembers, a fb is shown where Ishaani says to herself abh aayega maza abh yeh anesthisia dikhayega kamal. Fb ends .(Fb is shown in which Ishaani says to herself that this anesthisia will show its effect, now it is going to be fun). Ranveer while looking at Ishaani in heart says acha bachoo abh isse pata hain ki local anesthisia lete hi mujhpar effect hota hain aur mein aise harkatein karta hoon tumne isi chiz ka fayada uthaya. ( Ranveer in heart says Ishaani you took a lot of advantage as you that when I consume local anesthisia It inversely affects me and I start doing weird things). Ishaani while looking at Ranveer in heart says haa ji patidev tum jaisa soch rahe ho meine wahi kiya aur mera kaam ho gaya. ( Ishaani in heart while looking at Ranveer says yes Ranveer you are right I took advantage and made your video). Ambaa says to everyone that now everyone get fresh and we will have dinner. Devarsh tells Ranveer and Ishaani that agar aap logo ka aankhon se baat karna ho gaya hoga toh chalo fresh hokar aayo kyunki ham sabko toh bhuk lagi hain aur aapka toh ek doosre ko dekhkar hi peth bhar jata hain toh hamare liye jaldi aana. ( Devarsh tells Ranveer and Ishaani that please get fresh and come fast if your eye talking is done and your stomach gets filled by seeing each other but we need to eat so please). All go up. Ranveer and Ishaani go to their room. Ishaani locks the Room. Ranveer says Ishaani tum room kyun lock kar rahi ho abh kya karne wali ho tum. ( Ranveer says why are you closing the room what are you going to do now?)Ishaani says are patidev, and keeps her hands on his shoulders , She puts her hand around his neck and says Thankyou. Ranveer says kiske liye, acha welcome welcome. (For what). Ishaani says for everything for your love, for your care, for your defeat. Aaj tumne dekha hum dono hare, yeh toh wahi hua kismet bhi hum eek saat dekhna chahti hein, isliye toh hum hare bhi ek saath aur jitenge bhi ek saath, aur isliye challenge bhi ek saath.( Did you notice Ranveer today we lost together you know this shows that even destiny wants us to be together that’s why we lost together and will win together and we will walk together).Ranveer holds Ishaani’s face and says agar kismat hamara saath nab hi de toh bhi mein usse ladke tumhare paas aunga, tumhe apne se door nahi hone doonga aur kismat kya bhagwan bhi Ishaani ko uske Ranveer se door nahi kar sakta kyunki Ishaani ke bina Uska Ranveer adhura hain. Ishaani adores Ranveer smiling. The song plays.. Mile ho tum humko bade naseebo se….( Ranveer holds Ishaani’s face and says even if destiny does not support us I will fight with it and come to you,I will never let you go away from me and not only destiny but even god can’t separate Ishaani from her Ranveer because without Ishaani her Ranveer is incomplete. Ishaani adores Ranveer smiling. The song plays.. Mile ho tum humko bade naseebo se…. {I’ve got u with great fortune})

Precap: Ishaani feels uneasy.. Yash Raghuvanshi’s Assistant tells Ranveer that he could not come because of some prior commitments

Sorry for the short update but hope you like it!

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  1. Jasminerahul

    loved ranveer saying that if destiny doesnt support them he’ll fight n come 2 happy that sharman is going 2 b back.his death was unnecessary on the show.waiting 4 his re entry.wonder how he’ll come back alive

  2. Duva

    nice loved it waiting for the next epi post it soon

  3. Loved it Palak it was amazing just keep it up eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  4. Loved it….precap looks really interesting….eagerly waiting for the next episode….

  5. I m Sorry as i am not posting my ff epiosde but noone is comenting and so I m getting very less comments

  6. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Palak sorry for late comment was busy and dont worry about less comments cause now a days most of ishveer fans are not there, if u r on whatsapp then tell them to come here and comment and i can bet u that there will be many silent readers. I love ur ff very much dear and the way u write it and all dialogues, all this reminds me of matsh and thanks for the surprise. Eagerly waiting for next

  7. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Palak congo for silver jublee waiting for many more epis

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