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Hi guys I am back . So guys I was busy so I could not post my episodes but guess what I will be posting episodes daily and will be entertaining you. So get ready people for daily twists and turns in our loving Ranveer and Ishaani’s life. So as I told that there is going to be a major twist in the story,you have to read my episodes for the twist. Maybe some of you would love the story some wont but I would love that all of you respect my story and keep reading. As all of you have loved me so dearly I have completed my 23 episodes and on completion of 25 episodes I will be giving you a big treat in Ishveer style. So all of you tanvi,neelam di, duva di,harisha,silvy,prince bro, julina di,sparkles, love you ishveer to the core (rochellle), And navigya. Please don’t fell bad if I missed any names. So thanks for youer support.

With that I will give you the links of my last four episodes
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Here is my todays episode:
Scene 1
Ranveer is in office when his manager tells him about Yash Raghuvanshi. Manager tells he is coming tomorrow,so he will prepare presentation. Ranveer says yes. Ranveer thinks that Yash Raghuvanshi wants to meet me , that is weird. I remember that he had rejected my deal because of Chirag but today.. Fb is shown, Where Ranveer , Sharman and Manas are there along with a man and some employees with them in a meeting. The man says Mr Waghela your project is good but it needs some changes, I will tell you about it in our next meeting, till then we our half partners. Ranveer and that man shake hands. The man is shown as Yash Raghuvanshi ( palyed by Barun Sobti). Soon afterwards Ranveer sees Chirag manipulating Yash. Ranveer understands it and tells Sharman that we should cut the deal and presentation. Sharman does so and asks why, Ranveer tells him that he will come to know soon. The next day Yash breaks the deal and rejects Ranveer’s Project.Fb ends. When Ranveer is thinking his phone suddenly rings and its Ishaani. Ranveer answers the call. Ishaani tells him that he has to come home early as there is a surprise for him. Ranveer nods yes.

Ishaani says hello Ranveer kuch bolo ayoge ya nahi. Ranveer says abhi toh sir hilakar haan bola. Ishaani says acha mein kya tumhare samne khadi hoon jo mujhe tumhara sir hilte dhikega, tum bhi na kuch bhi haan. Abh tum sir hilana ban karo aur ghar jaldi ao. Ranveer says tumhe kaise pata ki mein sir hila raha hoon,Ishaani says abhi toh tumne bola ki meine sir hilaya, Ranveer says par tumne toh kaha ki tum mere samne khadi nahi ho jo tumhe dikhega, Ishaani says par chodo yaar tum bhi na mujhe pareshaan mat karo aur ghar jaldi aana,ok bye Ranveer smiles and says suno I love you, aur mein sir nahi hila raha tha. ( Ishaani says tell me something Ranveer are you coming? Ranveer says I noded yes now, Ishaani says oh am I standing in front of you ,that I can see you are nodding yes,what ya Ranveer. Now listen stop nodding and come home fast. Ranveer says how do you know that I am nodding. Ishaani says that now you told me that you are nodding. Ranveer says but Ishaani you only told me that you cant see me nodding as you are not in front of me. Ishaani says but and says leave it don’t trouble me, and come home fast, OK BYE. Ranveer says wait listen na I love you.

And I wasn’t nodding.) Ishaani cuts the call and goes out. In the corridor Parul sees Ishaani walking. She goes andasks her what happened. Ishaani says tumhara bhai na pagal hain kabhi bolta hain ki who sir hila raha hain kabhi bolta hain ki who nahi hilaa raha hain aur kabhi toh bolta hain ki I lo.. She stops and tells mujhe bohot kaam hain . Ishaani leaves. Parul says pata nahi kya hilana aur na hilana bol rahi thi bhabhi, pata nahi par yeh jaroor hain kia agar mein yaha dono ke bare me sochti rahi na toh mein pagal ho jaungi. ( Ishaani says your brother is mad sometimes he says he is nodding and sometimes he says he is not nodding. And sometimes he says that he lov.. she stops and tells that she has work and needs to go. She goes. Parul says god knows what nodding and not nodding , if I keep thinking about them I’ll go mad and she leaves.)

Scene 2
Ranveer comes home and sees everyone laughing. He thinks aisa kya hua ghar pein jo sab has rahe hain. ( He thinks what happened over here? Why is everyone laughing. ) He sees laptop and gets thinking. When he goes near the sofa he sees a video where he is in hospital clothes and he is dancing and making weird noises and singing nana muna rahi hon desh ka sipai hoon and marching,then he runs around Ishaani making drooom droom sound. Then he sits on the bed and starts making cow noises. He then sleeps with thumb in his mouth. The video ends. Ranveer looks at Ishaani and Ishaani looks at him laughing nd telling that she won the challenge. Ranveer goes behind Ishaani and starts Running behind her. Parul and Krisha do commentary. Praul says yeh bhabhi chali tej rafter se aur unke peeche bhaiya aur yeh kya ho raha hain bhaiya ki speed badhti ja rahi hain aur yeh kay, Krisha speaks Jiju abhi Ishaani ko pakadne hi wale hain aur yeh kya pakad liye. (Commentary; Bhabhi is running fast and bhaiya is behind her, Bhaiya is gaining speed and guess what bhabhi is caught .)

Ranveer says akhir kar chor pakda gaya. He holds Ishaani by her waist and takes her in his arms and makes her sit on sofa.Baa and ambaa say that Ishaani won. Ranveer syas aise kaise picture abhi baki hain mere gharwalo thoda sabra karo kyunki sabra ka fal mitha hota hain. ( Ranveer says wait all of you the movie is not yet done).He removes Ishaani’s drunk video. Ishaani says you cannot do it Ranveer this is cheating. Ranveer tells devarsh and Pratik to close Ishaani’s mouth. Ranveer laughs and tells I will do it. HE shows everyone the video. Everyone see Ishaani dancing and singing in water and then on the table. All laugh. Ishaani bites devarsh and Pratik’s hand and tells Ranveer that what will you do if you win, no one knows about are challenge. Ranveer makes an innocent face. Baa comes from behind and says dikra don’t worry who told you that we don’t know about your challenge, we know everything.

Fb is shown where Parul overhears Ranveer and Ishaani’s conversation. She tells it to baa and ambaa. Fb ends. Ambaa goes to ishaani and tells that you will have to complete the bet as both of you have lost and you have to do your punishments. Ishaani unwillingly nods yes. Ranveer smiles and comes near ishaani and forwards his cheek. Ishaani tells him to come closer. Ranveer goes . She kisses on his cheek three times.. and then slaps him lightly. All laugh. Then Ishaani asks ranveer to dance like a monkey. Ranveer starts dancing unwillingly but when he sees Ishaani smiling and laughing he smiles and dances happily with everyone.

Precap: Yash Raghuvanshi’s Assistant tells Ranveer that he could not come because of some prior commitments. Ranveer looks on.. Ishaani feels uneasy.

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really liked it it was very funny and awesome . The challenge part and the funny videos all was very nice and the scene which ranveer made ISHANI confusing about nodding. And the new character of Barun sobti was very nice as he is one of my favourite after our SHAKT . And u missed my name 🙁 but no problem as u can understand as u can’t remember all the names so no problem dear And hope u will update the next soon dear


    O great episode sissy…..funny & loveable episode….. Glad to c all r leading a happy life…..but those twists r about to come……let’s c what’ll hpn next????
    B safe & stay healthy???

  3. Jasminerahul

    u missed my prob.
    its a surprise that ranveer’s business partner yash is there going to ve a luv triangle of ishveer n yash?ishveer scenes were cute n funny

  4. Duva

    Looked it palak keep it up keep rocking how r u please please post ur next epi soon can’t wait anymore

  5. Palaklunkad

    no guys no luv triangle between yash and ishveer. something unexpected

  6. Rookey rookers

    Super duper . waiting for your ff … And some long gap ya . but on cloud 9 when I know the surprise … Love u sis …

  7. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Hi palak i m so so so happy to see that u have updated i was missing this ff very much and the best part is u will be updating daily oh i m really very happy. The epi was fantastic and superb as usual and im really happy to see a happy family we missed it in the show and yeah what parul said is right, nasha tha unke pyaar mein jisme hum kho gaye, unhe bhi nahi pata chala ki kab hum unke ho gaye! Inhi ke pyaar mei toh puri duniya pagal hain. ranveer in the video was very funny but when and why he did all that in hospital?? Palak really ur ff makes me feel so happy , very excited for the next update soon dr.

  8. Palak very happy and funny update dr. Loved it

  9. Very nice Palak it was funny I enjoyed it very much pls update the next soooo soon ?

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