MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 22


Recap: Ishaani and Ranveer have some cute moments regaurding their challenge. Nitin and Kailash come home . Ishveer meet them.

Scene 1
Its morning as Ranveer and is about to drink Tea when Ishaani says you will not have it. Ranveer asks her why. She says because I have called doctor for you boold aswell as your physical body test. Ranveer says ishaani tum kaun hoti ho mere test karvane wali , abh muje pata chala tumhe pata hai na ki mujhe injection se darr lagta hain isiliye boolaya na doctor ko, mein koi test west nahi karne wala, that’s final( He says ishani who r you to decide whether I will do test or not, ohh I know why you called the doctor because you know that I don’t like injections and I am scared of injections that’s why you did it na, I am not going to do any test and that’s final). Ishaani says kya final Ranveer aur mein kaun hoon? Tumhari information ke liye mein tumhari lawfully wedded wife hoon badkismati se, aur rahi baat injection ki toh tum usse darte ho isme koi badi baat nahi, tumhare darr ki wajah se tumhari so called health ko kuch nahi hone de sakti hoon mein , tumhe pata hain kal raat tum nind badbada rahe the, aur mujhe kya maa ko bhi lagta hain ki tumhe test karva lena chahiye, toh abhi apna muh band rakho aur chup chap nahne jao, get up Ranveer and go chalo jaldi

(Ishaani says What final Ranveer, nothing is final and you were asking me whom am I to do your test them for your kind information I am your lawfully wedded wife unfortunately, and you injection phobia or whatever is nothing big and for that I cant risk your health, do you remember last night you suddenly started talking in sleep I think you are not normal and not only me even mom wants you to do test, so quietly get up and have your bath fast). Ranveer hesitates but Ishaani takes him to bathroom. Ishaani tells him to come down after getting Ready. He goes in. Ishaani in heart says abh fun aayega Ranveer mujhe harana chate thein na abh dekho mein kya karti hoon. Aur yeh baat mere alva koi aur nahi jaanta tumhara injectionophobia ( Ishaani in heart says now its going to fun you wanted me to loose now see what I will do. And nobody knows the secret behind your injectionophobia).

Scene 2
Ishaani and Ranveer come down. Ranveer asks Ishaani where is the doctor, Ishaanis says he will not be able to come and Ranveer says matlab mera test cancel ( That means my test is cancel). Ishaani says toh doctor ne bola hai ki mein tumhe unke clinic le aoo( So the doctor told me to get you to his clinic).Ranveer asks her is it really necessary . ishaani says very necessary and they leave.

Scene 3
IshVeer reach clinic. Ishaani takes Ranveer to blood test area. The doctor relaxes Ranveer and puts the belt and then wipes his muscle with cotton and Puts injection . Ranveer shouts and holds Ishaani’s hand tightly. Ishaani feels his hand and holds him tight relaxing him. Matsh title tune plays in bg…… Doctor takes out the injection and tells them that reports will come by today evening. Ishaani thanks him and asks about Physical body check up. He gives her some details..
So how was it? HOPE ALL OF YOU liked it. Don’t miss next three episodes as there is something going to be revealed and a new story is going to be added so please keep reading and commenting. I am getting really less comments at least I want 15- 20 comments. I know that many of you are silent readers but please comment because without you people’s encouragement I cant write. Thanks all of you.

Precap: A manager tells Ranveer that Yash Raghuvanshi wants to do business with us and wants do a meeting. Ranveer looks on..

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  1. Duva

    Loved it chotti keep it up keep rocking

  2. Nandana


  3. Palak Lunkad (die hard fan of IshVeer)

    Not bro I m a girl

  4. Sparkels

    Hey Palak… are u ??? And what a phobia Ranveer have 🙂 make me laugh…..bichara Ishani ke pyaar se hara…..hope he win 🙂 ‘:0 XD XD

  5. nice episode dr.. keep it up . waiting for next update

  6. Hi Palak bachche the episode was funny I loved it very much waiting for the next episode ?

  7. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Palak ur epis are really superb loved the funny lines u added, want to know what ishani will do next and loved the way ranveer ishanis hand when giving injection and dont worry bcoz of comments we all luv ur ff very much and most of members are not active evryday so they read it late

  8. Jasminerahul

    ranveer is so sccared of injection.ha ha.ishani holding his han while taking injection was nice.what will be the test result?hope everything is normal

  9. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Palak can u please clear my doubt during ishveer 2nd marriage in the show i mean during milan track there was no ishveers haldi and sagaai function? Pls reply me

  10. Thnx all of u and luv ishveer 2 d core can u tell me ur name

  11. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Yaah why not, my name is rochelle. Palak can u pls clear my doubt of my previous comment.

  12. Palaklunkad

    sagaai was der no haldi

  13. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Ohhh thank u very much and i thought i missed that epi but why makers didnt do ishveers haldi function it would have been the last time we get to see them happy with eachother before milan ruined their lives. If the writers were good aaj humara matsh zinda hota aur baki ka kam humare ishveer kar dete.

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