MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 21


Guyzz it’s been 7 months since our favourite show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi went off air. We all miss it very badly. Don’t know when will we see our lovely ShaDhika on screen again. But I am writing since May 5 and I hope I have not disappointed you with my story. On 19th September 7 months were completed. Thanks all of you for your support and bringing my ff to a good position. I love u all . And here I am back with 21st Episode of Matsh: Ishveer ( Season 2) .

Recap: Last episode we saw that IshVeer return to Mumbai after a long vacation and there is some IshVeer nok-jhok. The last episode with Ranveer carrying Ishaani in his arms and telling her cute.

Scene 1
The episode starts with Ranveer leaving Ishaani on ground and telling her cute. Ishaani says yeh kya tha Ranveer( What was this Ranveer). Ranveer says kuch nahi tumne abhi toh dekha, agar nahi pata chalo toh… are chodd do abhi mera mood nahi ( Nothing much.. you saw na,if you did’nt understand then..leave it my mood went. Ishaani says tumhara mood ho yah nahi par mera mood hai( Leave it I don’t care if you have mood or not but I have mood). Ranveer jumps up and says Kiska( For what). Ishaani says tumhe thapad marne ka.. maru kya ( I have mood to slap you…shall i). Ranveer says mein tumhara pati hoon tum mere saath aisa kaise kar sakti ho ( how can you slap me I am your husband Ishaani). Ishaani says achaa tum mere pati ho toh mein tumhari patni hoon aur agar tum chate ho ki mein tumhe nahi datum toh khana khane aa jaana .. mein neeche jaa rahi hoon ( If you are my husband than I am your wife and if you don’t want to be scolded more come down for dinner fast.. I am going.). Ranveer says are .. are ruko toh Pagal hain yeh ladki..hmm Jo bhi hain meri Ishaani hain.. Meri Jhalli Ishaani ( Ranveer asks her to stop.. and says this girl is crazy.. hmm whoever she is she is my Ishaani my Crazy Ishaani.) Meri aashiqui sirf tum se hi Ishaani..

Scene 2
Ishaani reaches downstairs while Ranveer follows her. Ishaani sees Nitin and smiles , she runs and hugs him. She says Papa aap wapas aa gaye I was missing u soo much, aur itne ache gift ke liye Thankyou ( Y ou came papa, I missed you so much, thankyou for the beautiful gift). Nitin says you enjoyed? Ishaani nods yes. Ranveer comes from behind and hugs Nitin and Kailash and IshVeer touch their feet together.Ishaani smirks at Ranveer. Ranveer says in heart Ishaani ki bachi itna khush kyo ho rahi ho, shayad challenge ke bare mein bhool gayi, abh bata ta hoon.( Ishaani you… why are u so happy, I think she forgot about the challenge, now I’ll show her). Ranveer goes to Nitin and says Papa itna maza aya ki bas aur Ishaani who toh jaise pagal hi hogayi thi, pata hain usne kya kiya ( Ranveer says to Nitin Papa we had so much fun and Ishaani she went mad,you know what she did). Nitin says kya ( What). Ranveer is about to say something when Ishaani comes from behind and says aree Papa apko bhook lagi hogi chalo khaana khaane ayo ( Ishaani comes and says come Papa you must be hungry come lets have food). She tells Ranveer tum bhi chalo shayad peth bharne se tumhe baat pach jaye ( you also come Ranveer, maybe when your stomach is full you can digest what you know). Aura age se itna gyan mat bato( don’t spread so much knowledge). Ranveer smiles at her. Ishaani gives a fake smile to him.They eat food.

Scene 3
IshVeer go to their room. Ishaani says bada muh chalta hain tumhara Ranveer. Humari kya baat hui thi tumhe yaad hain nay a bhool gaye. Agar meine tumhe hara diya toh tumhe kya karna hain yaad hain na..ya yaad dilaoo aur ainda se cheating mat karna ( Ishaani says you talk a lot Ranveer. You remember out chat na or you forgot. If I win then you know what you have to do.. or I’ll have to remind you and next time better you don’t cheat). Ranveer says haan Mrs.waghela yaad hain mujhe par meine socha akhir mein jitney toh meh hi wala hoon toh kyun na pehle se hii….( yes Mrs. Waghela I remember very well but then I know that I am going to win so I thought that why not start now..). Ishaani says in heart tum jitoge tum.. haa kal dekho mein kya karti hoon ( You will win Ranveer you.. you just wait and watch what I will do tomorrow.) Ranveer says kya ho gaya madam kya soch rahi ho( What happen Ishani what are you thinking).She says tumhe harane ki planning kar rahi hoon mein( I am plaaning to win and make you loose). Aur waise bhi hum baad mein dekhege kaun jitata hain. Hmmmmm. Hahahaah ( and as it is we will see afterwards who wins).Good night.

Precap: Ishaani gets the blood test doctor home and tells Ranveer that he has to do blood test as he is not well. Ranveer is surprised as well as in tumult of sadness.

Hi guys I hope you liked the episode,and something surprise is there for all ,the upcoming story is going to be with a lot of twist and turns so keep reading my ff to be updated with.

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  1. Julina

    Very nice episode…. so interesting… and lovely too… hope u post the next episode soon…. again very nice update dr

  2. Jasminerahul

    who will win d challenge…
    precap is shocking.hope there is no serious disease

  3. Sparkels

    Hey Palak…….really an lovely epi dear……and please please please update soon dear

  4. Palak Lunkad (die hard fan of IshVeer)

    Thx di

  5. Duva

    Loved it soooo much post ur next epi now itself please no words to express can’t wait to read

  6. Hi Palak the episode was sooo cute I loved the naughty fight of ishveer eagerly waiting for the next episode pls update the next soon ?

  7. Hi Palak how r u?ur epi was nice eagerly waiting for next epi

  8. Nandana

    Nice episode I really liked it and me too misses ishveer so badly andcwish to see them again in screen

  9. Palak Lunkad (die hard fan of IshVeer)

    Thnx all of you I will update as soon as possible

  10. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Palak i really luv ur each and every epi it was really great. loved ishveer cute fight and yaaah i too missing my ishveer very very very much nd matsh2 is the last hope. So fast 7 months are over without ishveer means more than half a year(cant believe) but i still remember the last epi i saw on 19 feb on my tv for which i was as excited as ever and i still cant get over them. They have something really special in them.

  11. Palak Lunkad (die hard fan of IshVeer)

    Ik and for me it was painful as matlab ended in my birthday

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