MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 19 { Back to Mumbai }


Recap : The caretaker thanks Ishaani and Ranveer for coming and spending their day with the children and blesse them to have little children soon. Ranveer and Ishaani give gifts to all the children and the caretaker. They leave and check ou the hotel and give money to the hotel staff for helping them.

Scene 1
The episode starts with Ranveer and Ishaani leaving the hotel and heading for the airport. They sit in the car. Ranveer tells remember the challenge . Ishaani says yes ofcourse. Ranveer says then what are you thinking . Ishaani says mein soch rahi hoon ki jab tum haroge toh tumhara pyaara sa chehra kaisa hoga ( She says I am thinking that when you will loose how will your expression be). Ranveer says who socne ki zaroorat hi nahi padegi , aur mujhe tumhara reaction dekhna hain , and by the way tumhare paas to proof bhi nahi hain , mujhe haarogi kaise( He says no need to think about it it will not be needed, I want to see your face [reaction], and by the way you don’t have proof against me then how will you win). Ishaani says Ranveer mein tumhe bachpan se janti hoon ,aur mujhe pataa hain ki tumhe kaise phasana hain ( She says Ranveer I know you from childhood and I know how to make you loose). Ranveer says achaa itna confidence hain tumhe apne aap par toh dekh hi lete hain( OHH you have so much confidence on yourself so lets see). Ranveer says toh dhyan se sunna , phir bologi mein yeh nahi karoogi Agar mein jita toh tum mujhe sabh ke samne 3 baar gallon par kiss karogi. Ishani says aur agar tum hare toh tum sab ke samne bandar banke nacho ge .( Ranveer says listen properly , then you will tell that you wont do it if you loose then you will kiss 3 timeson y cheeks in front of everyone. Ishaani says if you lose then you will have to dance like a monkey in front of everyone). Ishaani says toh sharth manjoor hain ( are you ok with the bet).Ranveer says haan manjoor hain, aur tumhe shart manjoor hain(yes I agree, are you ok with the bet). Ishaani says haan, Ranveer tum soch lo phir baad mein bologe ki meine tumhe warn nahi kiya( Yes , Ranveer you think properly then you will say that I did not warn you). Ranveer says tumhe sochne ki zaroorat hain ( you need to think properly not me). Ishaani says dekh lenge kisko kya karna padta hain( we will se who wins). The driver stops the car. Ranveer says what happened. The driver says the airport has come. Ranveer and Ishaani get off the car and the driver gives them their bags. They go inside the airport. Ishaani goes and stands in the ladies line and Ranveer standi in the gents line. While their turn comes Ranveer stares Ishaani and lady attendant ask Ranveer why are you staring her , do you know her . when you people see an alone girl you starting chasing her don’t do it again, Ranveer says I know her. Ishaani hears theirs conversation and says no maam I don’t know him, its good that you noticed it . The lady attendant tells Ranveer why are you lying I will take you come. Ishaani says where are you taking him. She says to teach him a lesson , I will beat him so badly that he will never ever lok at a girl. Ishaani says no maam don’t do it he is my husband. The serial bg music palys. Ranveer stands there looking at her.The attendant leaves Ranveer and smiles. Ishaani runs and hugs Ranveer tightly. She tells him sorry and says I love you.Ranveer tells her I love you tooooo so much that you cant imagine and for you I can die also. Ishaani puts her hand on his mouth and says never say it again, until your Ishaani is with you nothing can happen to you.She hugs him again. All look at them and smile seeing their love. Ranveer says bas everyone is looking at us. Ishaani get conscious. The give their luggage and go ahead. Ishaani keeps her head on Ranveer’s shoulder and puts her hand in his. And goes.

Scene 2
Ranveer and Ishaani board the flight and sit on their seats. While Ranveer is abou to sit Ishaani sits on his seat. Ranveer sits next to her.

Precap: Ranveer and Ishaani reach Mumbai and Ambaa does their aarti. Ranveer says mujhe aapko kuch dikhana hain. Ishaani hears it and drags Ranveer from there.

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