MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 17{ In Paris}


Recap : Ishani gets drunk and does a lot of lot of drama , she dances in the fountain and gets wet, while ranveer takes her from there and changes her clothes , she falls asleep .
Last episode Precap :Isahni gets up and sees herself and thinks who changed my clothes and suddenly remembers something and says ohh shitt.

Scene 1
The episode starts with lights switching off and Ranveer going off to sleep near Ishaani. Its morning , Ishani gets up and sees herself and says who changed my clothes, kal raat kya hua tha, mujhe kuch yaad kyun nahi aa raha, aaa.. mere sir itna kyun dard kar raha hain ( What had happened last night, why cant I remember anything ,,, ouch.. why is my head paining so much). Mujhe yaad hain ki meine kal wo drink pi thi , phir oh shitt maine kal kya kya kiya( I remember I had that drink and then,,, ohh shittt) . Ranveer comes from behind and says tumne aur 4-5 glasses pee aur pagalpan karne lagayi , he shows her the video , in which she is doing all which she did after being drunk ( Ranveer says you had more 4-5 glasse after drinking that one glass and did a lot of madness. ). Ranveer laughs and Ishani says Ranveer tumne mera video nikala , and hits him with the pillow ( Ishani says Ranveer u took my video). Ranveer says haa maa ko dhikane ke liye , aur jab hamare chote chote bachhe ko bhi toh dhikana hoga na unki mammi ka pagalpan, dekho Ishani yeh sab karna padta hain tum samjha karo ( Ranveer says yes to show it ma, and then when we will have small small kids then I have to show them their mom’s madness, I have to do all this you try to understand). Ishani says achaa tum yeh sab karne wale ho, tum dekhana mujhe tumhari kamzori pata hain, Mumabai jake dekhana main kya karti hoon, Mr Waghela aap Ishaani Waghela ke attack ke liye tayar ho jao ( Ishani says ohh you are going to this with the video, I know your weakness , when we will go to Mumbai see what I will do , Mr Waghela be ready Ishaani Waghela is going to attack you). Ranveer says tumhe kya laaga tum mujhe yeh sab kehkar dara dogi, are maine Miss Sunny Deol se shadi ki hain kuch na kuch tayari kar di hain tum mere chinta mat karna ( ranveer says what do you think you will scare me by saying all this , I have married Miss Sunny Deol , I have done a lot of preparations , don’t worry about me ). Ishaani says achaa toh yaad rakho Sunny deol se bach kar rehna kyunki jab yeh dhai kilo ka haat jab padta hain tab sab ka BP badta hain( Ishani says remember to save your self from sunny deol because when this 2 and a half kilo hand comes then everyone become scared). Ranveer laughs and says dekhenge kiska Bp badta hain ( lets see who is more scared) . Ishani syas dekhenge. She gets up and goes to have a bath . Ranveer tells yeh Ishani bhi na, isko dhikhana hi hoga abh toh ki mujhese paanga lene se kya hota hain. ( this ishani na will never change, Ill have to show her that she has challenged me ) . Ishani ( from thhe bathroom ) says mein sab sun rahi hoon, I have heard everything. Ranveer cleans his nose ( remember in the starting Ishani use to touch her while looking towards ranveer and Ranveer use to clan his nose thimking there is something on his nose). Ishani laughs seeing Ranveer doing it. While Ranveer smiles seeing Ishani.

Scene 2
Ishani and Ranveer get ready and go to a park where children are playing and dancing. The kids are all orphans and ishveer have come to play and have fun with them . Ishani goes to the girls who are painting and colouring and draws something on it and tells a girl to give it to Ranveer . Ranveer sees it and cleans his nose ( remember in the starting Ishani use to touch her while looking towards ranveer and Ranveer use to clan his nose thinking there is something on his nose). Ishani laughs seeing Ranveer doing it. While Ranveer smiles seeing Ishani. The paper has something written on it. Ishani tells the girls to go and challenge the boys for a dance . The girls do it , Ranveer tells I am on boy’s side and Ishani says she is on girls side. Ranveer says lets see who wins . it starts raining,while Ishani starts singing and dancing on The song chak doom doom ( dil to pagal hain). Ranveer also starts Singing And dancing. All children dance and are happy. Ishveer are happy are look at each other smiling. All children form a circle around them and dance while Ishveer have an eyelock. Ranveer and Ishani dance together. All children dance . The Rain stops and Ranveer and Ishani are still looking at each other when A girl comes and pulls Ishani’s hand and asks her who won, when Ishani is about to say Ranveer says it’s the girls. All girls jump and smile in excitement. Ishani looks at Ranveer admiringly and kisses him on his cheek and says I Love you. Ranveer smiles and says anything.

Precap : Ranveer and Ishani board the flight and sit on their sits. Their nok jhok continues….
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