MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 18 { In Paris}


Recap: Ranveer blackmails Ishaani by showing her the video as to what she did after getting drunk. Ishaani challenges Ranveer as she knows his weakness and he has challenged the wrong person. Afterwards Ishveer go to an orphanage to spend their day with the little children. There ranveer and Ishaani dance in the rain. The girls win.
I am sorry guyzz , I am not able to update daily but I will be updating on weekends. Guyss please do comment because last episode I had got very less comments, if you people wont comment I will have to stop writing. I know its very difficult to keep up with the story because of the weekend gap but I will be updating you with a recap before every episode. Thanks all of u for your support. Because of your support I am writing this ff.Thanks Neelu di, Prince bro, Anamika di, Duva di, Dhruva di, jasmine Rahul, rookey rookers, Harisha, silvy and all of you.

Scene 1
The episode starts with Ishaani saying I LOVE YOU and kissing him on his cheek. Ranveer says anything for you.The children smile seeing it and Ishaani blushes. Just then the orphanage caretaker comes and tells Ishveer that she would like to have a photo together with the children. Ishaani says ofcourse, and says but who will click the photo. Then Ranveer says Selfie naam ki bhi ek cheez hoti hain madam ( There is something called selfie madam). Ishaani says pata hain mujhe ranveer , thumhe kya lagta hain mujhe kuch nahi pataa, mein gadhi hoon. (yes !I know , what do you think I don’t know anything , am I dumb. Ranveer says waise haa( actually yes). Ishaani says kya bola tumne , phir se bolo mujhe shayad sunai nahi diya( what again tell me,I htin I could not hear what u said ). Ranveer says who maine kuch nahi bola, agar tumne suna hain toh tumhe pataa( I did not say anything if you heard anything then you know). Ishaani says achaa toh aise baat hain, tumne mujhe gadhaa bola, tumna hamesha aisa hi bolte ho , mujhe na tumse …. Mujhe tumse baat hi nahi karni, jao( ok so this is the matter, I heard it you said that I am dumb,you do it everytime, I don’t want to talk to you). Ranveer says achaa baba baat mat karna par abhi selfie toh khich lete hain bache aur caretaker weight kar rahi hain aur unko hindi bhi samaj nahi aa rahi ahin,ok Mrs Einstien Waghela( ok baba don’t talk to me but atleast take the selfie everyone is waitng, ok MRS EINSTIEN WAGHELA). Ishaani complies.They take 2 to 3 selfies. The caretaker tells ishveer that she will click their picture with the children. They pose where a boy kisses Ranveer on his cheek and a girl kisses Ishaani on her cheek. The caretaker clicks their pictures.Ranveer and Ishaani smile loking at the children.Just then the caretaker comes and thanks them for coming and spending their day with the children. She says that she is seeing the children so happy and enthusiastic for the first time. Thanks a lot for coming and bringing a smile on the children’s face. I pray to god that you both also get children like them always smiling. Ishaani says its not a big deal, and I love to play with the children. And don’t thank us we should thank you for the permission you gave to us. We lived our childhood with them today. This children are very cute and sweet , looking at them I remember my childhood, she describes her childhood. The lady ahs tears in her eyes looking at Ishaani and her attachement towards the children. They lady hugs both Ranveer and Ishaani and blesses them to have small little children soon. Ranveer says we are forgetting something Ishaani, she asks what. Ranveer goes to the car and gets something from the car. Ishaani goes to him and says oh yes we have brought toys and gifts for children. She gives a bag to the caretaker. Ishaani says this is my and Ranveer’s gift to you. The caretakes smiles at her. While all children surround Ranveer to get their gifts. Ranveer gives a gift to everyone and hugs and kisses them with a lot of affection. Ishaani smile seeing the affection Ranveer is giving to all children. Ranveer while givivg gifts to them sees Ishaani staring him and signs what happened and Ishani smiles and signs nothing , while Ranveer continues givivg gift to them. All gifts are given and Ishveer are about to leave when the caretaker gives her a chain with little heart in it and says this is lord’s gift to you take it . Ishaani says thank you and hugs her. Ranveer says chale ( lets go). She nods yes and both of them wave hands and leave in the car.

Scene 2
Ranveer and Ishaani have checked out of the hotel and are thanking the manager and the staff for their help and give some money to all of them . the manager ( Mr Robinson), SAYS NO NEED SIR THIS WAS OUR DUTY TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. Ranveer says thanks and hugs him. They leave for the airport.

Precap : Ranveer and Ishani board the flight and sit on their sits. Their nok jhok continues….

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    I will try to update tom.

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