MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 16 { In Paris}

Recpap:Ishveer go to a fun fair where they play game and win it. Ranveer makes a tattoo for Ishani, Ishani cries. Ranveer surprises Ishani by a cart and they have a beautiful romantic moment.

Scene 1
The episode starts with Ranveer and Ishani smiling. The horseman tells Ranveer they have reached. Ranveer thanks him and gives a hand to Ishani. Ishani holds his hand and comes down the cart. Ishani hugs Ranveer and says thank you. Ranveer frowns and says Ishani tum kuch bhool rahi ho, ( Ishani you are forgetting something ). Ishani ask what, Ranveer tells we are friends first and then husband wife, aur tum nahi janti dosti mein no thankyou no welcome, tumhari khushi ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon( Ishani you don’t know that in friendship no thankyou no welcome, for your happiness I can do anything). Ishani smiles and hugs Ranveer again.Ranveer hugs her back.

Scene 2
Its evening , Ranveer and Ishani are getting ready. Ishani has worn a navy blue gown and some pearl jewellery, while Ranveer has worn a
Navy blue suit. He hugs Ishani from behind and says my wife is looking super beautiful today and give’s her a flying kiss. Ishani turns to him and tells him you to are looking handsome. Ranveer says Mrs Waghela , aap ne mujhe compliment diya hain who bhi pehli baar wah!mera jadoo aap par chal hi gaya . ( Mrs Waghela you have complimented me for the first time, my magic has worked on you.) Ishani says acha, pehli baar kiya hain, uss din toh bola tha, tum na kabhi nahi sudro ge, She runs behind him ( Oh , that they I had complimented you, you know what you cant understand) Ranveer while running says Smart bola tha tumne, koi apne pati ko smart bula tah hain ,who ek bacche ko bolte hai, utna toh ma bhi bolti hai, tume mujhe hot, handsome bolna chahiye ( You hai said I am smart, does someone call his husband smart looking, that compliment is given to a kid and ma tells I am smart, You should call me hot handsome). Ranveer takes a pillow and defends himself, Ishani while hitting him says maa ke liye tum smart ho, par mere liye dumb ho( You are smart for maa but for me you are dumb). Ranveer says oh so tum sochti ho kit um badi scientist ho, he says this while defending himself ( So yopu think you are some scientist ). She says not a scientist but smarter than you. Ranveer falls on the bed whiling fighting and Ishani falls on him. The serial theme song palys in bg. They share an eyelock. Ishani is lost in his eyes. Ranveer turns Ishani down and himself up and says where will you go now. Ishani says nothing and closes her eyes. Ranveer comes closer and kisse her. They share romantic moment. Ishani gets up and shys. Ranveer hold her hand. Ishani says Ranveer I am hungry. Ranveer says Chalo phir ( lets go then) . Thye go hand in hand. They come to the restraunt. Ranveer orders for a drink( Cocktail) It comes, Ranveer drinks some of it when Ishani says come on Ranveer , idhar toh mat piyo( atleast don’t drink her) He tells Ishani just this glass. Ishani say you will drink and ask more. He doesn’t listen. Ishani asks the waiter to bring one more glass of drink. Ranveer says I told you I will have one only but you want me to drink more than why not. Ishani says not for you. Ranveer says then for whom. The waiter brings the glass. Ishani says for me. Ranveer says what. Ishani says I will drink if you don’t listen. Ranveer says you cant do it.

The theme song plays in bg (The funny one) . Ishani drinks it. She asks for more. She drinks 4 to 5 glasses and Ranveer tries to stop her. She gets drunk . Ishani gets up and stands up on the table and tells Others , you know what I love Ranveer and he top loves me. Ranveer controls her, everyone hear it and smile. Ranveer says sorry . He takes Ishani from there. Thye come agarden where Ishani sleeps on the grass and says Ranveer yeh jagga kitni sundar hai (This place is so pretty) Ranveer says yes, and says chalo ( Come Ishani) Ishani says nahi mujhe yahi rehna hain ( No I want to stay here) Ranveer tells Ishani come and takes her forcefully, Ishnai does drama and cries saying he is taking me forcefully I want to stay here. She hears water sound and sees a fountain and leaves Ranveer’s hand. She dances in the fountain and gets wet Ranveer holds his head , seing it and thinks what is she doing. Ishani holds Ranveer’s hand and dances around Ranveer ( the song tip tip barsa paani plays in bg…..) Ranveer dances with her. The song ends and Ranveer picks her up and takes her. He puts Her on bed and she falls asleep. Ranveer says she is wet and if she sleeps she will catsh cold, I will have to change her clothes , He opens her chain and switches of the lights.

PRECAP:Isahni gets up and sees herself and thinks who changed my clothes and suddenly remembers something and says ohh shitt.


  1. Palak Lunkad(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thanks guys. Are you new to this fan fiction. Anyways thank guys?????

  2. jasmine Rahul

    No doubt.both were looking good in their attire.their funny dialogues n romantic moments were nice.Shocking that ishani got drunk.Tip tip dance of ishveer in fountain was so romantic

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