MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 15 { In Paris}

Scene 1
The episode starts with Ishani smiling and recalling what happened last night. Ishani gets up the bed when Ranveer holds her from behind and takes her closer. He kisses on her cheeks hard. Ishani shys and pushes him behindon the bed. Ranveer smiles.Ishani goes in the bath room. She comes out wearing a red top and floral white pant . She goes to the dressind table and wears her mangalsutra and ruby earings. Ranveer comes from behind and tells Mrs Waghela apko pata hai na ki hume funfair me jaana hain ( Mrs Waghela you know we have to go to funfair) . Ishani says haa Mr Waghela mujhe pataa hain, shayad aap bhool gaye hain kyunki aap abhi tak ready nahi hoye ( Yes Mr Waghela I know but I think you forget becoz you are not ready till now). Ranveer says Mrs Waghela mere kehne ka matlab hain ki aap itni sundar dikhegi toh mujhe nahi lagta mein control kar pau ( Ranveer says Mrs Waghela I mean that if you look so hot I don’t think I’ll control). Ishani pushes Ranveer towards bathroom and says you will have to. Ranveer goes inside, Ranveer smiles shyly. Ranveer comes out wearing a red blazer whith a T – shirt inside it. Ishani says chale ( Lets leave) . Ranveer holds her hand and says lets leave.

Scene 2
Ishveer reach the Fun fair. The manager comes and greets them. Ranveer tells them that the funfair is arranged very nicely. They enter the fair. Just then the manager comes and announces that there is game for all couples. He tells that the game is all about knowing each other. Its like this , all couples will be given 10 heart ballons and five questionswill be asked to the boy and five to the girl. With every wrong answer a balloon will burst. He tells that the couple whose none of the bubles burst will get a love trophy. He makes all couples sit on a table with 10 ballons around. He goes to the first couple. Their 4 ballons burst, he goes to the second their 5 ballons burst,then third and then he comes to ishveer. He asks Ishani the day when Ranveer first time confessed his love. Ishani says 19th December. He asks Ranveer do you remember the day when you first time saw her. Ranveer says i first time saw her when I was 9 years old and she was 6. The manager asks Ishani the day when you realized the love for your husband. She says I always loved him but never realized. He made me realize that I love him , he taught me how to love, there is no date. He asks a couple of questions to the. He tells now for the last question for both of you. Who is you best friend. They both say each other’s name together. The manager tells wow , congratulations you have won. He tells I have never seen such immense love, you both are made for each other. He takes them stage and gives them a trophy. Ishveer smile and click pics. All clap. The come down and walk around when Ranveer sees someone announcing that who can write his loved ones name on his heart. Who has such immense and deep love. Ranveer goes to that man says I.He tells him are you ready. He says yes. The tattoo man asks him the name. Ranveer says Ishani. Ishani hears it and runs towards the place. The tattoo man makes a tattoo on his chest with a heart with Ishani’s name on it. Ranveer keeps smiling. ( the serial title song plays) Ishani cries seeing the pain of Ranveer and stands by his side . She cries thinking he loves me so deeply and truly. The tattoo man completes the tattoo. Ranveer thanks him. Ishani says tum pagal ho Ranveer , kya zaroorat thi yeh sab ki humara pyar ka kisi ko proof dene ki zaroorat nahi hain ( She says you are mad, what was the need to do all this, we do not need to give proof of our love). Ishani cries hugging him. Ranveer tells her Isahni calm down nothing has happened. She hugs him tightly. The man tells them that she is so lucky to have Ranveer. Ranveeer asks Ishani to smile and not cry, he doesn’t like her crying. She smiles. Ranveer tells her that we are made for each other and this tattoo means that only you have the place in my heart. I am connected to you. If you are there than I am there. Ranveer and Isahni are one soul and no one can separate us. Don’t be sad. Ranveer tells Ishani I have a surprise for you. Ishani asks what. Ranveer whistles and a beautifully decorated horse cart comes. Ranveer sits goes inside and gives a hand to Ishani. Ishani holds his hand and sits . She holds Ranveer’s arm and puts her head on his shoulder. The cart goes ahead. They both have a romantic moment. They both smile at each other.

PRACAP: Ishani tells Ranveer that she will drink if he doesn’t listen. Ranveer says I know you can’t do it. Ishani says I will drink and show you. The serial theme song plays in bg ( the funny).

Sorry guys for the late update actually my server was not connecting to the site. I hope you like the episode.

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