MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 14 { In Paris}

Hey guys I am back with the 14th episode of Matsh: Ishveer ( Season 2) . I am so sorry for the late update actually, my school has started on 1st June so I could not update regularly. I will now be udating it on every Saturday, Sunday. I hope its ok with you guys. I am again very sorry for the late update. Thanks all of you for your support. And those who are disappointed with Ishveer returning back to Mumbai, I would like to tell you that I won’t disappoint you at all. I hope all of you have been encouraging me all this time to write this ff are happy with the story. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I know all you were waiting eagerly for the episode. I am really very sorry.

Recap:Ishveer were shown spending some romatic moments together. A dinner was organized by the manager. Ishveer having noodles together and their happy faces shown.

Scene 1
Ishani and Ranveer are shown smiling. Just then the manager comes and asks them wether they want something. Ranveer doesn’t answer. Ishveer are lost in each others eyes. The manager again asks them. They do not answer. The manager waves his hand towards them when Ranveer asks him what happened. The manager says I hope you liked the dinner sir. Ranveer says it was very good. The manager says thanks sir, would like to join us tomorrow as there is a fun fair arranged for couples tomorrow. It’s a famous Parisian fair. The manager says as you know Paris is the city of love so the fair will be very good. Ranveer says sure why not. Ishani says wow Ranveer you remember in childhood Disha, Prateek, Devarsh, me, you and Sharman Bhai use to go to fun fair. Ishani gets emotional while taking Sharman’s name. Ranveer notices it and hugs Ishani . Ishani hugs him tightly, crying. Ranveer consoles Ishani. Ishani breaks hug and says I am sorry Ranveer for breaking your trust. You always trusted me and I always broke your trust. I am sorry for leaving you. Ranveer says no Ishani you did not do anything. Why are you crying. And why are you thinking right now about it. It was past, leave it. Why do you forget every time that we are on honeymoon ( Ranveer says it smiling). Ishani looks at him and gives a big smile and comes closer to him and tells in his ears, I love you. Ranveer says loudly I love you . They both smile at each other. Just then Ambaa calls them and tells when are you coming to Mumbai. Ranveer tells maa abhi nahi, hum 3 din ke baad aa rahe hain, Ambaa says acha dikra, Ranveer says maa tu bata tu kaisi hain, waha par sab kaise hain, Parul ki shadi ki date, Ambaa tells haa baba sab bataoogi, pehle tun mere bahu matlab meri beti se baat kara ( Ranveer tells not now maa,we are coming after 3 days, Ambaa says ok, Ranveer says tell me how are you and all, what about Parul’s wedding date. Ambaa tells I will tell you everything but first let me talk to my bahu I mean daughter). Ranveer says haa maa,lo baat karo( yes talk to her) [gives the phone to Ishani]. Ishani tells Jai shri krisna maa, aap kaise ho aur sab kaise hain, Ambaa says haa main bilkul thik hoon , aur jab mere dono bache mere saath hain toh mujhe kuch nahi ho sakta. Ishani smiles. Ishani says Maa aapko mujhse kuch baat karni thi, Ambaa says Parul ki shadi ka mahurat ek mahine baad ka nikla hain. Ishani smiles and says matlab hume abhi sein hi tayari karni hain. Ambaa laughs and says beta tum dono waha par bohot maze karo aur yaha ki bilkul chintaa mat karo. Ishani says haa maa , aap bhi apna khayal rakho, she ends the call ( Ishani greets Ambaa. She asks Ambaa how is she. Ambaa tells I am fine and till my children are with me nothing can happen to me. Ishani smiles. Ishani says Maa you wanted to tell me something. Ambaa says Parul’s wedding date is after a month. Ishani smiles and says that means we will have to do wedding preps from now only. Ambaa laughs, and says beta both of you have a lot of fun over there and don’t worry about us. Ishani says yes maa you take care and ends the call). Ishani tells I have a good news. Ranveer kya main papa banewala hoon, par itni jaldi kaise ( Ranveer says wat I am going to become dad, but how come so fast){ While their convo goes on thr theme music plays in bg, the funny music}. Ishani pats on his head and says who nahi, itni bhi kya jaldi hain, Main bol rahi thi ki Parul ki Shaadi ka mahurat nikal chua hain. Ek mahine baad kaa. ( Ishani not that, why are you so eager. I was saying that Parul’s wedding date has been fixed after a month. Ranveer gets happy and says wow and kisse Ishani on her cheek. Ishani kya chal kya raha hain. Shaadi Parul ki hain humari nahi ( Ishani says whats happening haa, Its Parul’s wedding not ours). Ranveer says so what. Ishani says acha (oh) and kisses him. Ranveer says Ishani maine nahi socha that um aise ho ( Ranveer says Ishani I did not know you were like this.) . Ishani says tumse hi sikha hain ( I have learnt it from you only). Ranveer says you have learnt little less. You need more training. He picks her up and makes her sleep on bed. Ishani says Ranveer. He clinbs on the bed and comes closer to her and then……

Scene 2
Ranveer and Ishani are shown sleeping intimately. Ishani gets and recalls what happened last night. She smiles.

Guys I would be extending the Paris Honey moon trip for 3-4 episodes. I hope all of you like it. I have a suggestion that why not we all Ishveerans form a whatsapp or a hike grp called the Ishveer Fanclub. I read that telly updates would be soon proving messaging services,where we can message personally. So we can share our numbers over there. I know that there ‘s a fan page already for Ishveer but its made by all Ishveer fans. I am talking about Ishveerans linked with Telly Updates. I hope you like the Idea.

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    Wow dear….please extend……I just want ishveer and ishveer……no one else….really a lovely episode…..

  2. I loved the epi and I am a silent reader can u also add me into your group

  3. Superb episode Palak dear! Loved it.. And now there is going to be another wedding!!! But please extend the ishveer parts!!! And btw AMAZING IDEA PALAK DEAR!! But how will we get each other’s whats apps??? Do you want us to post our numbers? And also I am going to tell your idea in my ff too!!

  4. Sumaiya Sumi

    Love ur ff very much
    By the way I have a doubt parul went somewhere with manas child. Then how there can b parul’s wedding? pls clear my doubt

  5. wow dude really nice episode… r u???

  6. Even I’m ready..
    Dhi it was superrr

  7. It was a Niz epi sis

  8. Sumaiya Sumi actually i forgot to mention that parul actually came back feeling sorry and hence Ishani decided to get Manas and Parul married

  9. I am fine prince and you. Thanks all of you . Where is Neelam di, Tanvi di and rookie rookers. Anyways i think it won’t be safe for us to share our nos on the website. Becoz many people read are comments and some may misuse are number . I did not mean to hurt anyone, Guys we should find some other way.I hope you are ok with these guyzzz. We should search each others name on truecaller and get numbers

  10. Nice episode dear Palak and I agree with your idea? to be a group friends

  11. Guys one thing . We all mist be in some social networking sites. We can share numbers there. I am on Google +

  12. I am on insta, twitter, fb, whatever you name it?

  13. jasmine Rahul

    parul’s wedding after a asking if d gud news is if he is going 2 b a dad was so sweet.rly waiting 4 ishani’s pregnancy track.ishveer romance was as usual sweet

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