MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 13 { In Paris}

Scene 1
The episodes starts with Ranveer and Ishani falling on bed and laughing. Ranveer holds her face and says I don’t like it when you are sad, I want you to always be happy. Ishani says if you are with me I will always be happy. She smiles. Ranveer says we should sleep now its quite late. Ishani says you really want to sleep. Ranveer says at night obviously sleep. Ishani says lets watch a movie. Ranveer says Ishani I am sleepy . Ishani says fine you sleep I wanna watch a movie , she switch on’s the tv. A horror movie is coming. Ranveer tells Ishani that even I want to watch a horror movie. The movie starts. A part comes where Ishani gets scared and hugs Ranveer tightly. Ranveer says what happened. Ishani says nothing,don’t go from here. Lets see some other movie. Ranveer says fine. He puts other channel and there is no signal. Ishani says lets sleep. Ranveer nods yes. They sleep . While Ishani pretends to sleep. Ranveer comes from behind and sleeps hugging her. Ishani also sleeps.

Scene 2
Its morning, Ranveer and Ishani sleep on bed with Ranveer hugging Ishani from behind. Ishani gets up and sees Ranveer’s hand on her. She tries to remove it but he holds it tight. Ranveer tells kaha jah rahi ho , mujhe sone do ( where are you going, let me sleep). Ishani says Ranveer I am letting you sleep ,I want to go for a bath. Ranveer says no stay with me. Ishani gets closer to him and tells something in his ears. Ranveer leaves her. Ishani goes to Bathroom. She comes out wearing a yellow long floral frock with a red long shrug. She goes towards the mirror and wears long earings. Ranveer goes for a bath. He comes out in blazer and pant. Ishani says lets go out. Ranveer says first we will have breakfast and then we will go out. They have breakfast and leave. In car Ishani sees a ferry’s wheel and tells I want to sit in it. Ranveer says but. Before he says further Ishani leaves . Ranveer goes behind her. Ishani says lets go. They sit in the ferry’s wheel . Ishani says Paris is such a peaceful place, everyone is so good here. Ranveer says you are right. They come down. Ishani sees a man making cotton candy. Ishani tells Ranveer I want to have one , chalo na ( Come plz) They go. Ranveer asks the man to make one cotton candy. They both eat it together while smiling at each other. They ask that man to click their pics. Ishani sees some children playing with bubbles. She asks one of the child to give their bubble bottle just once. He gives . Ishani blows bubbles around children. Ranveer sees this and is happy to see Ishani playing with bubbles. He remembers his childhood moments with Ishani. He then also joins her . While playing ishveer fall on the grass and smile. Ranveer tells Ishani remember we used to play like this when we were children. Ishani says yes and you remember we use to dance in the rain. Ranveer says yes and I taught you how to dance and suddenly it started raining. Ishani nods yes. ( they talk sleeping on the grass).
Ishveer look at each other, Ranveer says I have always loved you and will love you . They both keep their heads on each others and smile.

Scene 3
Its evening , Ishani gets ready wearing a baby pink frock. She wears pearl earings while Ranveer wears a grey suit. Ishani says lets leave ,as the manager told me they have some dinner organized for us. They come to restraunt. Ishani says I want to have spaghetti. Ranveer orders food. The food comes. Ishani tells Ranveer we will have spaghetti in different style. She takes a noodle and gives one side to Ranveer and one side she eats . They keep chewing,when the noodle is just going to end while they just come closer and the noodle breaks. They keeping staring at each other lost. The manager tells them to try something else. Ranveer says the food is nice. They eat food and leave. They smile happily.

PRECAP:Ishveer are shown in Mumbai and meet Baa, Ambaa.

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  1. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    oh no they r back to mumbai ..

  2. Super dhuper hott ff dude

  3. Nice episode dear ? but if they came back to Mumbai then their honeymoon was too short their should be more masti and childish movements of ishveer as they are childhood friends

  4. Ok Neelam i anyways had some plan i ‘ll jUST change it.

    1. Its ok dear you are writer if you don’t want to drag it,it is your choice it is your decision I was just telling you that should better but who knows may be your planning is better than dragging ?

  5. So nice dr..fabulous job

  6. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    guys one of the most wrost and bad news …..
    shakti arora the bday boy spends his vaccation with his GIRL FRIEND nehaa in SINGAPOOR …
    nothing to say more . nothing will happen more. sry guys . really i am feeling the wrost .

  7. jasmine Rahul

    ishveer movie scene where ishani hugging ranveer due 2 fear,sleeping scene,they sharing their past memories n restaurant scene were very nice

  8. Suuuuuuuperb epi…. I loved each and every scene…. as neelam sissy said… I too want some more masti moments… anyway waiting for next epi…

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