MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 12 { In Paris}

Scene 1
The episode starts with Ishveer waking up with smiling faces. Ranveer kisses Ishani . Ishani says kya kar rahe ho Ranveer , subah subah utkar chaloo ho gaye ( what are doing Ranveer , you have started doing it in the morning). Ranveer says waise konsa mein kisi aur ko kiss kar raha hoon apni wife ko hi toh kiss kar raha hoon, and waise bhi hum dono honeymoon par hain ( Ranveer says I am not kissing any other person, I am kissing my wife, and anyways we are on honeymoon). Ishani kisses his cheeks. He smiles. Ishani gets up the bed and goes to have a bath. Ranveer also comes behind her. Ishani says hello, kaha jah rahe ho, mein nahne jaa rahi hoon ( Ishani says hello where are you going I am going for a bath) Ranveer says I am going behind my wife. She says no you are not coming. He pushes her on the wall and comes towards her. Ishani says not now Ranveer, tum hamesha aisa karte hon,mein nahke aati hoon phir abhi nahne jane do ( You always do this, first let me have my bath then whatever ). Before Ishani could says something Ranveer kisses her. They have liplock. Ishani shys and goes to have a bath. Ranveer smiles. Ishani comes out wearing a pink top and brown plazo. Ranveer stares her . Ishani says Ranveer go. He goes for a bath. Ranveer comes out. Ishani is ready and waiting for Ranveer. Ranveer comes closer to Ishani and says in her ears that she looks cute in western outfit. Ishani says kya (what). Ranveer says kuch aur socha tha ( did you think something else) . Ishani says nahi toh , kyu ( no, why ) She says thanks for the compliment Mr Waghela. He says I know what you thought and he says karu kya. Ishani says no Ranveer. I want to go for shopping. Ranveer says chalo. He says waise bi mujhe Chaitali kaki ke liye perfume kharidna hain.

Scene 2
They come to a mall , A lady asks that what is that black chain ( Indicating towards the mangalsutra ) that she is wearing in her neck. Ishani explains that its not any ordinary chain, its calle mangalsutra which only married women wear in India , It’s a sign of our husbands presence. It gives us strength to fight with evil around our husbands. It is very powerfull. The lady says that good even I want to buy one. Ishani says sure you can. She leaves. Ranveer and Ishani go ahead. They come to a perfume shop, there they take a perfume. The owner tells Ranveer that there is one perfume with him which his wife will like. Ranveer tells him to show it. The shopkeeper shows it. Ishani likes its smell. She tells Ranveer to take it. The shopkeeper says I told you, your wife will like it. Ranveer says pack it. They take it and leave the shop. Ishveer pass by a shop where Ishani likes a dress but they move ahead. Ranveer notices this. Ishani says lets leave. They go to the hotel. The hotel manager says there is a party arranged in your honour by Mr Nitin. Ranveer says thank you Mr Robinson for informing us. He welcomes them and leaves. Ranveer tells Ishani that he’ll come in sometime she can rest. Ishani asks him where is he going. He says I’ll come, bye. Ishani thinks where did he go in so much hurry. Ishani thinks to call Nitin and thank him. She calls him, Nitin picks up the call and says how are you Ishani , Ishani says fine. Ishani says thanks Papa for arranging the party. Nitin says I am your father no need to say thanks. Ishani says how are you. He says he is fine. Ishani asks about Disha. Nitin says you don’t take stress she is normal now. Be happy and enjoy, take care bye. Meanwhile, Ranveer comes in with a bag. Ishani asks what is in it. Ranveer says open and see it yourself. Ishani takes the bag from Ranveer. She removes a gift from it. She opens the wrapper. She finds a box , then she opens it and sees a orange coloured frill frock which she had liked in the mall. She tells Ranveer how do you know I liked this dress, Ranveer says I am your husband Mrs Ishani Ranveer Waghela, he explains how he noyiced her when she liked the dress. She says thank you Ranveer and hugs him.

Scene 3
Its evening Ishani wears the dress which Ranveer gave her. Ranveer wears a jade blue suit. They leave for the party hand in hand. The come to the party. The hall is beautifully in europen style. The manager comes and tells them to come on stage. He thens announces the guests of the party have arrived. He tells Ishveer that there will be a dance where their partners will be exchanged. He says I (manager) will be pleased if you join us. Ishveer say sure why not. They go on the dance floor. Ishani gets guy with blonde hair as her dance partner. And Ranveer gets a lady as his dance partner. Ishani Dance parner keeps staring her while dancing, He hols Ishani tightly , And tries to misbehave with her. Ishani gets uncomfortable and tries to leave. Ranveer sees this and beats that guy. All look at him. Ranveer says if you even look at my wife with your dirty eyes, I will kill you . Ishani stands behind Ranveer. The manager comes and tells Ranveer that he is extremely sorry for what happened. Ranveer says it was not his mistake. Its that guys mistake. You should not be sorry. He tells them to call the police and take him. Ishani hugs Ranveer . Ranveer hugs her back. The song Agar tum sath ho palys in bg….. Ranveer and Ishani reach their room.Ranveer makes Ishani sit on the chair. Ranveer tells Ishani to calm down, nothing has happened. Ishani says mujhe pata hai,kyunki jab tum mere saath hote ho toh mujhe kuch nahi ho sakta ( I know because when you are with me nothing can happen to me) Ranveer hugs her and says you are my Sunny Deol but I think you need to practice. When we go to Mumbai you practice with those dumbbells. Ishani says Ranveer and Runs behind him. They fall on bed . They laugh.

PRECAP : Ishveer are shown in ferry’s wheel smiling . They have cotton candy and spend some time together.

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  1. Awesome episode Palak dear!!! I love how Ranveer got Ishani the dress and then later beat up that idiot… Superb job dear!

  2. Superb episode pakka.ishveer scenes are amazing I luv it?

  3. Oooooo soooo hoott epi

  4. So nice episode Palak I liked that scene where ranveer gave gift to ishani eagerly waiting for the next ?

  5. jasmine Rahul

    1st scene of ishveer was too romantic.loved ishani explaining abt mangalsutra.ranveer gifting her d dress was d party ranveer beats her dance partner who misbehaved with her.the scene after that ishveer talk was lovely.perfect song

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