MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 11 { In Paris}


Scene 1
The episode starts with Ishveer clicking picks. Ishani tells Ranveer that she wants to go to hotel as she is feeling a bit tired. Ranveer worriedly asks kya hua (what happened ). Ishani says nothing to worry. I am feeling tired. Lets go. Ranveer says ok. They leave for hotel. They reach hotel. Ishveer go to their room. Ranveer tells Ishani you rest , I’ll go and get medicine for you. Ishani nods yes. Ranveer leaves. Ishani says Ranveer mera kitna khayal rakhta hain, mujhe uske liye kuch karna chahiye (Ranveer does so much for me,he cares so much for me , I should also do something for him.). She calls on the receptions and their conversation is in mute. Then she calls someone and explains them something in mute. Meanwhile Ranveer comes in with medicines and tells Ishani to take them as she will feel better. Ishani takes the medicine and sleeps. Ranveer keeps staring her while she is asleep. He also falls asleep.

Scene 2
Its evening. Ishani is shown getting ready wearig a turquoise blue long skirt and white top. Her hair is open and she is wearing some diamond jewellery. Ranveer gets up and sees Ishani dressed beautifully, he tells her Ishani tumhari tabyat thik nahi hai tumhe aaraam karna chaihye, tum ready kyu ho rahi ho ( Ishani you are not feeling well , plz rest, why are you getting ready.) Ishani says main bilkul thik hoon aur tum jaldi sein yeh pehen ke ao aur jada sawal mat karo , hum bahar jaa rahe hain ( she says I am fine, you wear this suit and come , we are going out) she says while pushing him in the bathroom. He gets ready and comes out wearing a white coat and black pant. Ishani says you are looking smart Mr Waghela. Ranveer says you too are looking good Mrs Waghela, he says but where are we going can you tell me.

She says surprise. She drags Ranveer out with her. She takes Ranveer to a place beautifully decorated. She closes his eyes while taking him to the the place . The place is beautifully decorated with white orchids, net , lights and candles. The palce is glittering.Ranveer says Ishani says tum mujhe kaha lekar jaa rahi ho ( where are you taking me Ishani). Ishani says wait kyunki sabra ka fal mitha hota hai Mr Waghela ( Wait becoz patience is needed for some surprises) She finaly opens his eyes. Ranveer surprised to see the place. He asks Ishani whether she did all this. She says of course Ranveer , agar tum mere liye itna kar sakte ho to main tumhare liye itna toh kar hi sakti hoon na ( Ishaani says if you can do so much for me, then I can do this much for you ). He says wow Ishani , finally you learnt something from me. They both laugh.

Ishani while laughing slips. Ranveer holds her , they share an eyelock. The muscians come from behind and play the music the song janam janam palys in the bg. Ranveer finally takes her up. They both sit on the chairs. There is a candle light dinner arranged by Ishani. She sings the song female sanam re for Ranveer while dancing around him. Her song ends . Ranveer is very happy. Ishani tells Ranveer that there is one more surprise for him. A white sheet slides down the wall and the projector shows all beautiful moments of Ishveer that they have spent together. Ranveer is delighted to see them He tells Ishani Thankyou for rejoicing are love today.I promise you that I will always trust you, always love you like I have loved all the time. I will never hurt you. I will protect you like your shield. He then says Meri aashiqui ab sirf tumse hi. Nothing can come between us ever. They hug. They have dinner. They are shown happy.

Scene 3
Ishveer are shown in their room sleeping peacefully in each others arms. Its morning, Ishveer shown waking up with smiles on their faces.

PRECAP: Some guy misbehaves with Ishani. Ranveer beats that guy. Ishani is shown hugging Ranveer with the song Agar tum saath ho playing in bg

Sorry guys for the late update. As yesterday I was very busy . And guyzz I know I am repeating the dialogue , Meri aashiqui ab sirf tumse hi becoz I love that dialogue and it suited the most for the scene. Thank you all for supporting me.

Credit to: Palak Lunkad

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    why ishani isnt feeling well…hope its not any disease.ishani’s surprise was too good.decoration,jenam jenam on bg.candle light dinner,sanam re song 4 him,projecting pics…too romantic

  2. Awesome episode Palak dear! The surprise was too good!!! I cant wait for the next episode!! It was too romantic!!

  3. It’s too good Palak the episode was so romantic I liked the conversation btw ishveer pls update the next soon

  4. awesome palak I loved the way ishaani gave a surprise to ranveer

  5. I am a fan of ishveer.but this fanfiction makes me happy.nice ff

  6. Suuuperb epi…. u did a great job…. amazing ff…. pls update soon….

  7. Fantastic sissy

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