MATSH: Ishveer (Season 2) Epi 10 { In Paris}


Scene 1
The episode starts with Ranveer singing a song for Ishaani. Ishani smiles seeing Ranveer on stage. Ranveer finishes the song and the hosts says can we know Mr Waghela who is the pretty for whom you were singing the song. Ishani comes on stage and says she is Mrs Waghela. All clap. The host says you will get a chance to dance with your husband. The song Titli plays in the background. Ishveer dance on that song. The dance ends. All clap. They come down the stage and have dinner. Ishveer go to their room. As they enter they see the room beautifully decorated with flowers and candles. Ishani tells Ranveer yeh sab zaroor papa nei kar waya hoga ( this all must be done by papa) . Ranveer says karaya jisne bhi hoga , par tum samaj rahi hona kya hai yah sab ( Whosoever must have done it, but you understand what is it ) . Ishani says naughty. Ranveer says who toh mein hoon ( that’s right). They laugh. Ishani was just going to change when Ranveer holds her hand and pulls her towards him ( The song mere haat mein tera haat ho ), He moves her hair from back and kisses her on her neck. He takes Ishani to the bed and climbs on her. They kiss. They consummate their marriage. In the midnight, Ishani sees herself in Ranveer’s arms and smiles and sleeps hugging him.

Scene 2
Its morning, Ishani is sleeping and Ranveer has woken up. Ishaani wakes up and sees Ranveer ready. She goes to the Bathroom to change. She comes out wearing a red crop top with jeans. Ranveer kisses her on his cheeks and tells her she is looking cute in the attire.
Ishani says abh hum ghoomne chale. He says yes. They leave. They have breakfast and leave the hotel. They sit in a double decker bus on the top floor. They are siting alone up . Ranveer tells Ishani that they shall visit Effiel Tower today. Ishani says no I want to go for a coffee date. Ranveer says first we will go for a coffee date and then visit Effiel Tower. She says yes. They hug each other. They reach to the coffee shop. They take a table. There some girls say (looking towards Ranveer ) he is so cute. One of them goes to Ranveer and says can we have a cup of coffee together. Ranveer is just to answer , when Ishani says no you can’t . As he is on a coffee date with me. He is my husband. She takes Ranveer with her. Ranveer tells her kahi se jalne ki boo nahi aa rahi ( Isn’t it smelling like someone is jealous). Ishani says jal rahi hoon mein, who kitna chipak rahi thi tumse ( why won’t I be jealous, she was so close to you.) Ranveer laughs. Ishani says anb kya hua ( what happened) . Ranveer says kuch nahi ( Nothing). They both laugh.

Scene 3
Ishveer are shown near the Effiel tower . Ishani tells Ranveer lets take a selfie. They both take a selfie. Ranveer asks man to take their pics. They take a pose wear Ishani stands in front of Ranveer with his hand on Ishani’s waist . They take a pose wear Ishaani sits on Ranveer’s lap. They take a pose wear they both make a heart with their fingers.

PRECAP: Ishani and Ranveer Romance.

Credit to: Palak Lunkad

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  1. Soooo great ff dude……fantastic

  2. So nice episode Palak it was just fantastic just keep it up ?

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Ishveer dance was so romantic.They got physically close in the bedroom.perfect was a passionate scene.but ishveer had consummated on d show itself.Coffee date was funny.Effiel tower scene with taking selfies were cute.

  4. FANTASTIC EPISODE PALAK DEAR!!! I loved it! It was so cute and romantic… You are such a fantabulous writer.. I cant wait for your next episode!!

  5. Romantic episode. Loved it

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