matsh ishveer forever (intro)


hi guys i like ishveer pair and hence i am updating tis post, if u lyk i will continue

as u all know, ranveer : ishani (husband : wife)
rishi ( ishveer son)
purvi : ishani’s sister

the scene starts with ishani calling rishi to get ready as its tym to school
purvi says he is ready and not to worry
ishani says its tym i hav to rush to office, plse u drop rishi at school
rishi comez and says mamma i love u ,ishani says i love u beta…

ranveer in his home getting ready to office, he gets a thought abt ishani while seeing the shirt, he burns the shirt and says i hate u ishani and leaves the room angrily

purvi drops rishi at school and says bye to him
rishi goes in and gets worried seeing a father kissing his child, purvi sees this and goes to rishi, hugs him and kisses him in cheeks ,she says bye beta and rishi gets happy and leaves

if u lyk tis ff plse comment so tat i can continue

Credit to: sriti

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  1. Awesome but i want a bigger update than this so that we all cud enjoy
    Sriti it was awesome☺☺☺

  2. Nice I like it

  3. Nice sriti,but pls make story with ishveer together yaar,already in matsh ishveer seperated so we r all depressed a lot dr ,its my request yaar

    1. i agree wid u sathya dr

      1. I am also agree with u arham and sathya.

  4. Hey mam cut that rishi off. It’ll get boring otherwise

  5. Its nice but why Ranveer hates ishani?

  6. it’s awesome! Pls continue..

  7. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    y rishi????? not anyother name???? ff was suspencefull but 1 thng if this ff gonna seperate ishveer than dont make it like this plzzzzzzzzzzz little bit anger will b alright for us but not so much……….anywayz i like it……….

    1. i agree wid u maary..and ff writers plzz post soon guyzz…

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