MATSH forever Episode 8


Recap: rv ishu working on file n their proposal for each other ….

Rv bolts the door. Ishu asks that why did you closed the door? He says why I can’t do it. She says no you can’t bcoz we love each other. Still our marriage has not taken place yet. He says that will be also happened soon. So you don’t worry about it. He comes close to her n closes his eyes ishu does the same. Rv tries to intimate with her but there is a knock at the door. Ishu pushes him. He goes to open the door meanwhile ishu takes the laptop n pretends to work. It was mala rv takes the plate n closes the door in a hurry. He tells ishu that I’m going to change. You start working on our file. She nods.

He comes back after changing his clothes. He comes to room n sees ishani with naughty smile as she was working seriously on file. He comes n tells her to go n freshen up. She tells yes n goes. After she comes from rest room n tells rv to have food. He takes one plate from tray. Ishu was going to take another plate but is stopped by rv. He takes one piece n feeds her. She blushes n feeds him too.

They start working ishu was sleepy. Rv tells her to sleep. But she says no n tells him that she’ll sleep with him. He gets shock. She says I mean that when you’ll go to your room to sleep that time. He gets relaxed n nods.

After some time ishu sleeps on his shoulder. He notices her n makes her sleep comfortably n gets back to work. After some time rv feels sleepy n sleeps beside ishu.

In the morning, ishu n rv both wakes up together n screams but closes each others mouth n are shocked ishu asks him that tum idhar kyu so gaye??( y did you slept here??) He says that he was too sleepy n slept here only. She nods n says next time be careful. He nods n leaves in hurry.

Precap: rv explains the whole story to baa….

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Credit to: radhika

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  3. Oh suuperb … radhika dr ….

    U know shakti loved radz childish nd naughty nature …

    He wants to propose radz … but he thought may be she would feel bad….

    U know radhika …. radz is very dull… in her brother engagement…

    Both have egos … !!

    radz already proposed to shakti 2 times dr ….
    but she didnt openly confessed it ….

    When their reveal their love ….dr …

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      1. IN REAL

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