MATSH forever Episode 7

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Baa smiles n asks Ishveer that what’s going on? They told nothing.. Ishu goes n brings towel for rv. Meantime baa asks him that why are you wet he explains the whole story.. Baa leaves.. Rv takes the towel but is stopped by ishu ishu wipes his hair n says sorry. Rv says no I’m sorry. She tells Ok, I hv go n get ready as I have to go to the office. She tries to leave but rv stops her n asks for his gift.. She says which gift? He says that you don’t know? She tells no rv holds her by her waist tightly n tries to get intimate with her but ishu’s dad calls her n she leaves from there. Rv was upset..

Rv n ishu comes down for the breakfast. They had it n leaves for the office. Rv brings the car n asks ishu to come n sit in the car. She sits. In the car ishu told that no masti in the office. K , he says Ok, but.. She keeps her finger on rv’s mouth n said that I don’t want to listen anything.. He says Ok. They both reach office n are questioned by boss that where were you both since so many days. Ishani gives medical certificate as she was in the hospital. Sir says Ok n what about you rv? He says that I was with ishani in hospital n was taking her care. She just got the discharge last night n today she is back at her work. Sir says k now do one thing. You both have to work together on one file which I want tomorrow itself in the morning. They goes to work with the file.

All employees left home only ishu n rv were left. Rv tells ishu that come on let’s go home she tells no we should complete the file n then go he says pls I’m very tired now she says no. Ishu goes to washroom. Rv thinks that I should hide somewhere n when she’ll come back she’ll search for me this will be a good time pass n refreshment. He hides under table of boss’s cabin.. She comes out n gets worried that where is ranveer? She searches for him everywhere except cabin. She gets worried. Rv sees her worrying n comes out n ishu was standing near the cabin. He shuts her mouth n takes her inside. She asks what is this? I told you i n the morning that no masti in office! He it’s ok just chill. She leaves from there n comes out. He comes behind her n hugs her behind. She says leave me. She tries to leave but rv holds her duppatta n stretches it her dress is torn he says sorry. She says what sorry sirf tumhari wajah we meri dress phat gayi.. He removes his upper coat n gives her to wear it. She says no I’ll not were your coat n ties her duppatta. She says come on let’s go home. We’ll complete there now they switch off the lights n leaves they were waiting for the lift. Lift comes n ishu tries to go in but she slips n was about to fall but rv holds her n says sambhalo apne aapvi ko hamesha mai tumhe pakadne nahi aaonga samjhi. They get into the lift.

Rv brings his car ishani sits in it. Rv asks her that everytime you fall like this? She gets angry n starts beating him. He says sorry sorry sorry n drives the car. They reach home. Baa asks them to sit for dinner.They both say that pls send our dinner in ishani’s room we’ll have there only we have complete our file. Baa says ok.

Precap: Ishani is working seriously on file. Rv comes after changing clothes.. Rv sits on the bed n asks ishu to go to sleep as it is too late. She says no n helps him. Ishu is very much sleepy. She sleeps on rv’s shoulder..

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