MATSH forever Episode 6

Guys sorry for the late update as I was I’m Silvassa. With my family. So let’s come back to story.

Mala takes all of them to their rooms. Ishu was just shocked by seeing her room every where there were pictures of rv. She took one of them n thinks how cute he is looking n goes to kiss his picture but rv came there n saw her n says hmmm kya chakkar chal raha hai? Hmm? She says nothing is going on n leaves. He smiles n leaves behind her.

They all go to dinning room n were having dinner n rv was looking at ishu n smiles. They all finish with their dinner n leaves..

Ishu was leaving rv comes from behind n holds her by her waist n asks her that do you love me? She says no n leaves from there..

In their room both are thinking about each other. Rv takes his mobile n texts ishu hii she sees it n replies him that are u still awake its 11:30? He says you too are awake.. She says yaa n tells that I was working on laptop Bcoz I have not worked from 3 days so.. He says k. But you didn’t replied to my question. She asks which? He says that I have told you in the dinning room? She says hmm n says come n meet me in my room. He says k. He comes to her room n says come on now tell me. She says first you tell he says k n kneels down n proposes her n says I love you n says would you marry me? She says yes I will. He gets excited. N comes close to her but she tells not now after marriage. He gets sad n leaves to his room. N smiles seeing picture. N sleeps.
Ishu smiles n remembers the moments n goes to sleep.

Next morning ishu was watering the plants. Rv comes to her room n finds her in verandah n scares her she gets scared n all water spills on rv he gets wet. Ishu runs for getting a towel but slips Bcoz of waterpoiled all over, she was about to fall but rv holds her. They shared an eyelock. Baa watches them together n smiles..

Precap: suspense..

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  1. Wow superb radhika.ishveer is it.eager to know ur suspense.pls update fast.

  2. Romantic ff . what’s next?

  3. rookey rookers

    so nice radhika . super back . i loveit . it plays just my matsh’s valatine day . . super yaar .

  4. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Oohooo its superb I love it …..

  5. Superb radhika keep going dr

  6. Wow’s amazing..ishveer’s eyelock ..and wat the suspence dr..k..i wait..coz i lyk suspences..and plzz postsoon na yaar..

  7. Yes arham I’ll try but I’m not getting time..

  8. Supera dr.

  9. This eoi is so romantic. ??

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